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Join us for a 3 days of games, meetups, and prizes!

Jun 28 - 30
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Let's connect for...


Day One - 6.28

Hang out with Team Filmora.


Day Two - 6.29

Learn tips at the Creator Meetup.


Day Three - 6.30

Enter the video creation challenge.

Connect for fun, empowerment,
and creation!

"Collect the Codes to Win Big!"

We'll start releasing codes before the festival.
Collect them now!
#FilmoraFest 2021

How to Join the festival

There are 6 Gift Codes to earn and redeem up to 10.5 coins for lucky draw prizes.
Each code is worth a different number of coins, more coins equal more lucky draw chances.
Enjoy and Win!

Day 1

JJ and Chloe will host a game show where they answer your questions.

Gift Code 1 - Send your question to JJ & Chloe. If the question is chosen, Gift Code 1 will be sent via email.


click the link below to watch Day1 video
#FilmoraFest2021 Day 1! | Wondershare Filmora X

Gift Code 4 - Watch the Day1 video and answer the question by July 2. If the answer is correct, Gift Code 4 will be sent via email.

Day 2

Register for your seat in the webinar on June 29th to learn from our knowledgeable guest speakers.


June 29th 6 PM (PT) | June 30th 12 PM (AEDT)


Andy Yeh
Senior UX Researcher

Opening Remarks


François Dindin
Director of
Fera Animations

How to create video content that will grow on YouTube

I've been growing YouTube channels since 2013. First I started to learn about the ecosystem of video creation in a European multi channel network, I then went on to grow my own channels for different audiences. In my presentation, I will tell you about the importance of getting involved with video creation and how to grow on different social platforms by detecting and harnessing trends.


Josh Morgan
Founder of
Momentum Productions

How can camera movement affect your story

Ever since the creation of the company, Josh Morgan's goal has been to achieve beautiful and cinematic videography, capturing moments that will live forever. He has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Beginning as an actor, Josh found his passion as a cinematographer and began his journey. Camera movement plays a huge role when telling a story. How? That's what we will be talking about! Camera angles, subtle dolly movements, and fast tracking shots! We will cover it all!


Deanie Levine
Head of Customer Lifecycle

How to use stock media in video production

Deanie Levine is responsible for overseeing Pond5's marketing functions and acquisition channels, as well as managing external partnerships. Pond5’s mission is to enable world-class storytellers by providing the world's largest, most accessible collection of stock video assets, along with music, sound effects, photos, after effects templates, and more. By combining this mission with a holistic approach to customer experience, Deanie and her team aim to introduce Pond5 to creators of all kinds to support their creative vision.


Daniel Batal
Founder of
Creator Consultations

Leverage Simple Editing Techniques In Ways You Haven't Thought of

My mission is simple: I help Creators make better content in order to grow their YouTube channels. My name is Daniel Batal and I'm a Silver Play button Content Creator, Brand Influencer and professional Channel Consultant. I'm on a journey to put a comb through all of the intricacies of video editing and publishing to YouTube in order to help creators create new and exciting content and most importantly.... grow their channels.


Gift Code 2 - Register the webinar to earn a gift code. Gift Code 2 will be sent via email if registration is approved.

Gift Code 5 - Join the webinar to learn video tips and earn a gift code. Gift Code 5 will be revealed during the webinar.

Day 3

Enter the video creation challenge! Winners will be announced on June 30th.

Gift Code 3 - Enter the Slideshow Video Contest to earn a gift code.

click the link below to watch Day3 video
#FilmoraFest2021 Video Creation Challenge Winner! | Wondershare Filmora X


Gift Code 6 - On Facebook, tag @filmoravideoeditor with "#FilmoraFest2021" and describe how you feel about Filmora in a word to get Gift Code 6!

Gift Code 6 will be sent out from July 6. to July14.

Rules of lucky draw & redeem code

Code 1 = 1 coin Code 2 = 1 coin Code 3 = 3 coins Code 4 = 1 coin Code 5 = 3.5 coins Code 6 = 1 coin

6th Prize

Lucky Draw
for a 30-days
new feature pass.

X 10

5 - 5.5 coins

4th Prize

Lucky Draw
for a Zhiyun-Tech
Smartphone Gimbal

X 4

7 - 7.5 coins

2nd Prize

Lucky Draw
for a Nintendo Switch

X 2

9.5 coins

1st Prize

Lucky Draw
for a MacBook Pro 13”

X 1

10.5 coins

3rd Prize

Lucky Draw
for a Zhiyun-Tech CRANE-M23-Axis
Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer.

X 3

8.5 coins

5th Prize

Lucky Draw
for a $50
Amazon Gift Card

X 5

6 - 6.5 coins

Redeem your gift codes for prizes

You can enter your gift codes here to redeem a prize. After the festival (July 1 - 14)

There are 6 codes to collect!

Code 1 =

Code 2 =

Code 3 =

Code 4 =

Code 5 =

Code 6 =



This event is closed. We will notify you of the result by email on July 20th, stay tuned!

Season Preview

2021 - Your year to connect!
This year let's get creative and find new ways to connect!
There's a lot you can do safely at home to make your world feel a little bigger.
Remember, the Filmora Community is always in your corner.

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