FilmoraPro 101 Video Tutorials

Bring up your video editing skills.

Getting Started with FilmoraPro

FilmoraPro is here. Check out FilmoraPro's key features!

Editing Essentials: How To Edit, Merge, & Stretch Videos

In this video, we show you some editing essentials with FilmoraPro including how to edit, merge, and stretch videos.

Animation 101: A Guide to Basic Keyframing

In this video, we show you some animation basics including how to work with keyframes, the value graph, smoothing and more.

Audio Editing 101: How to Edit, Detach, & Layer Sound

In this video, we show how you can edit and mix audio, how you unlink and sync your audio with footage as well as how you can create split edits.

Advanced Color Grading & Color Correction

In this video, we go over FilmoraPro's precise color correction tools, how to use scopes, and how you can put together an awesome color grade!

Add Cinematic Text & Titles to Your Videos

In this video we will be going over how to create cinematic text and titles for your videos.

Make EPIC Lyric Videos with Motion Graphics

This video will show you how you can make your own motion graphics with Filmora9 AND FilmoraPro so you can go out and make your very own lyric videos.

Speed Control: Slow/Fast Motion Effects, Freeze Frames, and Reverse Videos

In this video we will be covering how to adjust the speed of your clips.

Compositing 101: The Art of Seamless Visual Effects

In this video we will be taking an introductory look at compositing in FilmoraPro.

The Plane: Create Shapes, Backdrops, Black Bars & More

In this video we will be covering all the cool things you can do with The Plane.

Animation 201: Anchor Point, Stretch Keyframes & More!

In this video we will be giving you more tips and tricks on animating objects in FilmoraPro.

Animation 301: Advanced Keyframing

In this video we'll be covering different ways you can curve your motion in the viewer panel and in the value graph.

Compositing 201: Key Out GREEN SCREENS & More

In this video we'll be covering how you can key out backgrounds with black backdrops as well as green screens.

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