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Ideas for Creating the Maximalist Design

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Today, graphic designing is among the emerging fields. People are investing both time and energy in graphic designing because they know they can create something that can catch the viewer's attention. Designing is not at all easy because it requires focus, patience, and a lot of creativity. Only a free mind can think openly and sketch the thoughts to make a beautiful design.

Designing means mixing colors, adding patterns, repeating things, and creating unique figures. Things can get a little easy for you if you follow some specified design schemes. For instance, you can follow minimalism or, else, stick to maximalism. These terms might be new for you but not for those who are linked to the designing world. Let us share about maximalist designs so that you can learn the most.

Part 1. What Is Maximalism in Design?

In the world of décor and designing, maximalism and minimalism are commonly used techniques. In the past few years, people focused on minimalism and simplicity but now, the trend has changed as people are moving to maximalist decor. Maximalism in design means embracing the concept of ‘Excess.' It never means to overstuff the design platform.

what is maximalist design

Maximalism needs a great sense of designing to add more and more but in an ordered manner that nothing looks messy or unorganized. It promotes the boldness of colors, repetition, and the use of patterns, etc. It is opposite to minimalism as; modern maximalist design means to utilize the space smartly and boldly. The use of rich and bold colors mixed and paired with different textures is what maximalism is.

Part 2. Ideas for Maximalism in Graphic Design

Maximalism is widely adopted these days because it is new and trending. People prefer to follow the trend before it gets fundamental. Designers are using a maximalist design approach in graphic designing. This design approach is made from a mixture of boldness and richness of colors combined with multiple textures that catch attention instantly because of the uniqueness in work.

Using maximalism in graphic designing means that the designer has great knowledge regarding colors, patterns, and textures. This is because maximalist designs are loud, and they are composed of excessiveness and mixed patterns combined with saturated colors and a variety of textures. Allow us to share few ideas with you that will aid in creating maximalism in your design.

1. Impressive Motifs and Patterns

Using patterns and motifs in maximalist designs is highly encouraged, yet it is not easy to play with both patterns and colors. A pro tip for everyone who aims to use patterns is that there should be consistency in the design. Either the color scheme should be consistent or else, the pattern that you are making should have an element of consistency.

impressive motifs and patterns

Patterns and motifs ask for special attention because they should look like they belong to the same family, either by their colors or designs. When it comes to achieving impressive patterns and creating an excellent maximalist design, harmony and consistency are the key elements that you should focus on because the patterns and motifs should belong to the same family.

Suppose you are editing a video, and your target audience is children, and your target product is candy. You are looking for the perfect video effect to complete the video editing, but sadly, you can't find anything. Wondershare Filmstock offers you an effect named as 'Candy Dream Pack.'

This is the best effect you could ask for. The video effect has a colorful environment. It will attract the kids towards the candy product easily. The fun in this effect, the different candies visible, and the sweetness this effect has will help you achieve your goal easily. Like patterns in maximalism, this effect also has consistency and harmony. You can try these video effects in the Filmora video editor.

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2. Optical Illusions

Another idea that will help you achieve maximalism in your designs is by creating optical illusions. Optical illusion means that whatsoever you can see and perceive, the reality is far beyond that. It means that the visual perception of anything you see in the design is different from the actual objective. This is not to annoy or irritate the viewer, but instead, it has a logic behind this.

optical illusions

Using optical illusion means that you want the viewer to focus on the design you are creating. You want the viewer to soak in the design, take a few minutes and let the brain process it. This tip is beneficial to convey a deep yet hidden message because not everyone can understand the actual objective. Optical illusion has its own beauty because you can convey the deepest message most crazily.

Wondershare Filmstock offers you a video effect that uses shapes and geometry. You can use the video effect to create your own illusion in the video. The amazing effect is the 'Isometric Cube Pack.' This video effect has shapes like squares. Patterns like geometric patterns, polka dots, pop art, and a lot more.

You can use the video effect in Filmora video editor to create craziness in your video through shapes, squares, geometric figures, and whatnot.

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3. Boldness of Colors

You can easily identify maximalism by just looking at the colors used. All the rich and bold colors are best for any maximalist design. While using colors, you should be fearless. If you truly want to achieve maximalism then, you should focus on what colors are being used in the design.

boldness of colors

Using bright, courageous, and saturated colors is the forte of maximalism. Hot red, bright pink, and oranges are the best to use in maximalist designs. The boldness of any maximalism depends upon the choice of colors. The vibrant the shades, the more it will attract the viewer. Using purples, blues and greens can also create the fearless bright maximalist design.

What if you are not creating any design but instead editing a video, and you want to use the same maximalist effect in the video. What will you do? For such situations, Wondershare Filmstock is here to take all your worries. The brilliant website offers you so many different video effects, animated packs, audios, and whatnot.

It is a one-stop-shop, more like a dream come true because everything is available on one website. If you want to add colors and pop effects to your video, nothing is better than using Retro Pop Pack. This video effect is full of bright and rich colors that actually symbolize maximalism. You can use the pop art from this effect to show your lifestyle.

The brightness and boldness of the colors add life to your content. This instantly catches the attention of the viewers because the effect adds pop to the video.

4. Layering

Layering is an essential tip and idea if you want maximalism. This is because, in maximalism, you have to cover up space smartly and efficiently as maximalism is described by 'more and more' so you can add as much as you want to but smartly. After all, you don't want the design to look messy.


Adding and filling up the spaces is essential in maximalist design. It is best suggested that you layer the things up. Making collages and layering can create something aesthetic and unique because not everyone can layer and mix different textures to utilize the space.

5. Modernize and Fantasize

Being realistic is important, but it is okay to be a little unrealistic in graphic designing and maximalist designs. Designing is all about creativity and uniqueness, and hence, that can be achieved from a little fantasy. Another pro tip to master maximalist designs is to adopt the habit of adding fantasy to your designs.

modernize and fantasize

Move ahead of the world. Think about the modernization around you. Take that as an inspiration and create your maximalism based on the modernized world. Being expressive and fearless is what maximalism is, so when creating a maximalist style design, ignore the conventions and traditions around you.


The article aimed to share the most knowledge with you regarding maximalism. Many ideas have been shared so that you can be creative with maximalist designs. Also, we talked about different video effects offered by Wondershare Filmstock and Filmora video editor that you can use to enhance the quality of your video.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the differences between maximalism and minimalism?

Both maximalism and minimalism are design methods yet are extremely opposite to each other. Maximalism grabs your attention because of the excessiveness you see. In contrast, minimalism is all about using just what you need and getting rid of the excess.

It respects space, and things stand out more in minimalism. Minimalism focuses on 'less is more,' but maximalism is best described as 'more and more.'

2. What is the difference between minimalism and essentialism?

Minimalism and essentialism might sound similar, but there is a slight difference in both approaches. Minimalism means to remove the excess; for instance, anything that serves no purpose should be removed. In comparison, essentialism means focusing on quality instead of quantity. It means to have less but have better.

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