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A Useful Guide for Minimalist Design

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

The substantial growth that the design industry has shown in recent years has been greatly affected by the respective trends of the domain. For a design to be successful, it is necessary to craft it in accordance with the relative themes that are in trend at the time.

A thriving design trend these days in the design industry is minimalist design. If you are looking for a guide on accommodating the minimalist style in your designs, below is a detailed compendium on the subject, which includes everything you might need to know about the minimal theme.

Part 1: What is Minimalist Design?

The word minimal has been around for a few decades now. Like most other design trends, the style took off first, predominantly in minimalist art and minimalist drawing, and found its way to graphic design over the course of the years. These days, elements of minimalist design are spread in numerous ways around us.

As the word suggests, the term minimalist design refers to a simple design theme and the point. It uses essential elements to highlight the central theme of your content. The utilization of plain and simple tools enables minimalist style to bring the focal point of your content into the limelight while at the same time diverting all the attention from the unrequited parts.

what is minimalist design

A simple way of understanding minimalist design is by the phrase "less is more." The expression explains the main theme behind minimalism, which is doing more with less. It is a means of being effective and impactful while being simple and unpretentious.

Part 2: Ideas for Minimalist Design

Before starting a design based on the minimalist style, it is necessary to look at all the details to get the job done productively. For your assistance, here are a few ideas, inspirations, and techniques to check out before setting on to your minimalist web or logo design.

1. Suitable Typography

First and foremost, choose what type of typography you wish to set for your design. Generally, a minimal design features simple and bold lettering in plain colors. Try to avoid curvy and overly stylish fonts, which will ruin the overall concept of minimalism. Stick to the old-school typography and feature your words out on the main where they can gather attention.

suitable typography

If you wonder where to find such fitting fonts for your designs, particularly in your videos, Wondershare Filmstock has the answer for you. Go to Filmstock and try the Real-Time Typing Pack to get a hold of some of the best-suited minimal fonts for your designs.

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2. Choosing the Minimal Color Palette

This might be the most crucial step while designing a minimalist-themed post. The color theme is probably your most influential tool in setting the mood and gathering attention. Having a small and simple color palette is usually ideal when composing a minimalist design. However, there have been instances when a diverse color palette still qualified as minimal in retrospect.

choose the minimal color palette

Contrasting colors have proven to be the most successful trick in passing a design as minimal. Most of the minimalist designs feature a monochromatic or a contrasting color theme, which works like a charm. The consistency in your color theme will help your design stand out among the rest.

It is important to note that though plain old black and white is quite a common theme among minimalistic designs, it is not the only contrasting color palette available. Try and mix up colors to see which ones go together well, and avoid using more than three colors in the same design.

3. Icons and Imagery

The next most important detail to look at while creating a minimalist logo design is the appropriate icons and images. If you look at major brand logos that feature a minimalist style, you will notice that most of them have an icon or a symbol that became a trademark.

icons and imagery

Like Apple or Nike, the trademark logos in minimalist designs are plain and simple. Make sure to be relevant when choosing an icon or image for your design. The use of icons and imagery can be highly impactful in your minimalist design if you know how to use it. You can head over to Filmstock and try the Viewfinder Pack to get the apt image for your design.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

4. Utilizing Space

When designing a minimally themed post, the apt utilization of negative space is a skill that will come in handy. The entire theme of minimalism revolves around doing more with less, so your design will involve many empty spaces.

utilizing negative space

Ensure that you leave plenty of white space between consecutive elements to get that minimal effect. This can often be seen in minimalist paintings, where a lot of space surrounds the main content. Use it in your designs, removing unnecessary items and adding more space between elements.

5. Balance and Alignment

A key feature in all minimalist designs is the balancing of the grid. A design that involves imbalance and slant features is less likely to get passed as minimal. The alignment of elements is an important factor to consider when designing a minimalist post. Just like contrast, the balance between various elements adds an overall levelness to your designs.

balance and alignment

You can use grid lines and rulers to align the elements in your post. You can also add a symmetrical features to some of the icons or text, which will add appeal to your minimalist design. This feature is often visible in minimalist fashion, particularly accessories.

6. Purpose and Practicality

When designing your post around a minimalist theme, an important thing to consider is the practicality of the elements being used. Functionality and purpose are big components of a minimalist aesthetic. Center your design around the main theme and stick to it. Avoid adding irrelevant remarks or elements in your minimalist design.

purpose and practicality

Strip down the elements to the bare minimum, only leaving out what is necessary. Try to get the point across the table, saying as little as possible. When adding icons and images, remember to keep them relevant to the topic.

7. Doing More with Less

As repeatedly mentioned above, designing a minimalist post is all about making it less and doing more. Adding simplicity to your design might at times prove to be a bit difficult than it looks. The entire theme of minimalism revolves around the "less is more" mantra. It is important to note here that less does not mean less meaningful or less impactful.

design more with less

While making a minimalist design, it is advised repeatedly to take out everything, stripping the elements to the bare minimum. Use fewer words, fewer images, fewer colors, and fewer mayhem while ensuring that the overall look remains impactful. You can try the Minimal Titles Pack offered by Wondershare Filmstock to acquire some minimal and clean title templates for your minimalist design.

8. Creativity with Skill

Though minimalist designs revolve around the simplicity feature more, that does not indicate there isn't room for creativity here. Minimalism does not simply represent the absence of complex elements. It is a way of expressing your creative skills by saying as little as possible.

creativity with skill for minimalist website design

It is important to remain plain and simple while designing a minimalist post, but it does not exclude one from all the creative judgments. You can still make use of symbolism, scalability, and authenticity to make an impactful minimalist design in a clever way that nourishes your creativity.


The minimalist aesthetic is a flourishing theme in the design industry, gaining rising fame by the passing day. The great appeal of the minimalist style lies in its simplicity and intricacy. For your designs to rope in that appeal, they should also feature these attributes.

Now go conquer the world with your designs! Follow the ideas and techniques mentioned above to incorporate the minimal theme in your designs effortlessly. You can also make use of the video effects by Filmstock, as mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is minimalist graphic design?

A minimalist graphic design uses basic elements and textures without complexity to focus on the main content straightly. It features plain and simple tools to make the most important content the focal point of attention, putting all else away.

2. What is maximalist design?

Maximalist designs are loud and extreme designs that use various patterns and elements of multiple designs. As opposed to minimalism, a maximalist design is a large and bold design style featuring an excess of, well, everything.

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