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The Most Popular Color Trends of the year 2022

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Jan 19, 2022• Proven solutions

Colors are everywhere around us. Even if we close our eyes, it is not just the dark; it's a color. We play with different colors every day. Living a colorful life, yet the decision of color combination takes the most time. Choosing the most popular colors might be less time-consuming.

Not everyone is good with color contrasting. Just a few people out of hundreds can mix and match to get the best. The decision gets tougher due to the changing color trends. The article will walk you through the Pantone Color of the year so that you can learn about the newest trends.

Part 1. What are the Pantone Colors of the Year 2022?

What could be better than having a combination of colors declared as the color of the year. Knowing something is better than nothing. Hence, having an idea about some popular colors can help people in deciding what they want. Pantone Colors bought ease in your life by declaring different colors as the color of the year. Those colors then become trending and popular.

Pantone colors have been announcing beautiful color combinations every year, and so they have announced the color of the year 2021. A beautiful color combination that can give you resilience and hope. Colors that are optimistic yet warming at the same time.

Pantone Color of the year 2021 is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The combination of PANTONE 17-5104 is a warm gray tone like a concrete slab, and PANTONE 13-0647 that is a soft yet warm sunset yellow, has been chosen as the color trend for this year.

pantone color of the year

Illuminating is a bright yellow shade. Yellow is always cheerful, filled with sparkling brightness with vivacity. It also has a warm touch of yellow shade that is imbued with solar power. On the other hand, comes the Ultimate Gray shade, which is emblematic of dependable and solid elements. These elements are everlasting, and moreover, they provide a firm foundation.

Both the colors go very well together as Pantone says that these colors are independent, yet they come together, and as a pair, they aspire and conjoin deeper feelings of thoughtfulness. The shade has an optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day. The shades have a very different nature, but together they give the message of hope and strength that is enduring and uplifting.

grey and yellow pantone colors of the year

Colors are generally recognized as a critical way to communicate or symbolize someone's thought and idea. But the emerging concept adopted by many designers and brands is that color is the language needed to connect and engage. Yet, the warm gray and yellow shade encourage you; they uplift you. A spark of hope shines in your eyes from these shades. They built positivity in you.

If you are attracted by these popular colors and want to make a video using them, what else can be better than using Wondershare Filmstock. It has a massive library with a variety of sound effects, visual effects. All the videos are in high resolution. It offers you a video effect named 'City Pack' that uses both gray and yellow colors. Filmstock lets you play with these colors and use them in your video.

Part 2. 7 Popular Color in the World in 2022

Different shapes and unique colors surround human life. We don't even bother to notice when we are interacting and playing with those colors. The bright, warm, light, and dark colors, not only appeal to us visually, but these unique colors support our life. The bright yellow sunlight, the white moonlight, colors complete us.

Pantone Colors have declared two shades as the color of the year. In the following section, we will discuss 7 popular color trends of the year 2021;

1. Fortuna Gold

The Roman goddess for good fortune is Fortuna. Some people might even recognize her as Lady Luck. This is a warm and deep tone gold color like the sunlight dapples at the golden hour or like the leaves of autumn that are lining the city streets. The beautiful and exquisite yellow color can be seen everywhere, in every shimmering moment of this brief life.

fortuna gold

Fortuna gold is an attractive dark yet rich shade of yellow. The spectrum of this color has variations of gold, from shimmer pastels to dark like almost metallic golden browns.

The bright golden yellow color looks even attractive when it is paired with other intense colors. Its combination with other jewel tones makes a striking palette. The palette embraces its amber qualities. Shades like turquoise green and amethyst purple go very well with Fortuna Gold.

2. Super-Saturated Juicy Colors

People will see this year a popular color trend is the combination of juicy, saturated colors paired with a much paler shade in the background. Such a combination makes the intense colors pop. The emerging color trends aim to have positivity and a cheerful punch. The juicy colors are refreshing and uplifting. They are warm but not hot, nor brash.

juicy colors

Colors like magenta, orange, vivacious corals are needed now to spread the freshness and juiciness. Contrasting these bright colors with pale pinks and cream shades creates an attractive and beautiful environment, and both types of shades work with each other. The lighter background makes a perfect base for the bright color so that it can pop and shine.

3. Harmonious, Analogous Palettes

Colors are considered as a language. They can be used to express yourself in a silent yet colorful way. People in today's world need harmony. Unity and positivity are much needed to live a happy life. Harmonious colors will be among the trending colors this year. Analogous color palettes will be seen. Such palettes will have shades that can blend and mix with other shades easily.

analogous palettes

As harmony means unity, so these shade palettes do not look for a perfect match. Such colors are mixed with other colors. This mixing of colors makes a soothing gradient-like effect but remember; they are not perfectly smooth. This transition is not like others that we usually see around us. The harmonious palettes don't have perfection, yet they are colorful and soothing.

4. Rust

A real-life problem for most people but an exquisite shade in the color world. You ever imagined that the rust color would gain this much popularity that it would make to the popular color trends on Pantone Colors one day. If not, then let us tell you, it's happening. The rust color is among the popular colors of 2021.

rust color as the most favorite color

This shade is very earthy, inspired by the emblematic brown autumn leaves. This shade is not seasonal. The neutral rust shade works all year. Rust is in reddish or yellowish-brown tone. This shade goes best when it is paired with more earthy shades like terracotta or something peachier like blush pink. It can also be paired with another most common favorite color, burnt coral, to make things dreamier and aesthetic.

5. Green Light

Green, the color of positivity, will be trending in 2021. Its color spectrum ranges between green hues from bright to blue. The spectrum covers many beautiful shades through sea blue and cobalt onto purple and fresh lavender. The green shade brings serenity to space. The green shade isn't overpowering; instead, it can make a small room seem more spacious.

green light

Among many other cool colors, Green is a very versatile shade. This color connects closely to nature, and it evokes a feeling of balance and vibrancy. Green can be paired with blue as a base. Or else, soft tones of white clay, chalky grey can also be combined to balance the bright with a calm feel. Green goes well with a yellow undertone like olive, gold, or bronze, enhancing its warmth.

6. Neutral Territory

Another new trend that will be seen in 2021 is to combine different colors with neutral shades that could be white, beige, ivory, khaki, or grey. Such shades do not appear on the color wheel. The neutral colors are very calming and easy to use as they can go with any other shade. The only thing that needs to be considered is how the pigments are affected by the light.

neutral territory

Working and decorating with neutral shades demands the user to focus on textures and layers. Neutrals can be mixed with warm metallic shades like brass or bronze. At the same time, the wood can be paired with linen, velvet, or chunky knits. These combinations tie the look together with neutral shades.

7. Powder Blue

A color that has always been popular in the world of interiors. No matter what the season is, this color shines among other colors. Soft blue is referred to as springs color 'du jour.' The beautiful shade of Powder blue has the quality of being soothing and invigorating at the same time. This shade offers plenty of design versatilities.

powder blue as the most popular favorite color

It can be paired with a crisp white shade to create a calm coastal feel. Powder blue is mostly seen with pastel shades like a delicate pink or barely-there lemon color. But, its combination with rust or terracotta will make the Powder Blue pop. Not only that, but also because this combination seems earthier and close to nature.

Part 3. How to Match the Color on Wondershare Filmora?

Have you ever heard about Wondershare Filmora? If not, then fasten your seat belts because we are going to tell you about this miracle. In the editing world, Filmora is at the top of the list. Its outstanding features like audio ducking, motion graphics, and keyframing help it to take the lead.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Besides editing, it is also widely used for color match purposes. If you want to color match from one scene to all the others, nothing is better than Wondershare Filmora. Let us take you through a step-by-step guideline that will help you use it;

Step 1: Select the Video/Photo

To start the process of color match, the first step demands the user to drag the photo and video clip they want to use to the timeline. If the user wants to do any custom color correction, then after choosing the video clip or the photo, they can proceed with the process and make the changes they want to do.

select clip or image

Step 2: Select the Clip/Image to Match

Now, the user is requested to move the play head to the frame that you want to match the rest of the clip to. After that, you are supposed to select the rest of the clip and images and then do right-click and select 'Color Match.' Or else, the user can also click on the color icon from the toolbar and choose 'Color Match.'

select the option of color match

Step 3: Match the Color

After that, the user is supposed to select a frame that will be the reference page. Once that is done, the user can now click on 'Match.

tap on match button

Step 4: Final Adjustments

The final step for matching color asks the user to adjust the degree of color to which the other clips are being matched. The adjustments can be made by using the slider. Then, from Preview, the user can view the final result by clicking on 'Comparison View.'

adjust your video color


Bringing ease, help, and knowledge altogether to people who are always confused regarding color scheming. The article has shared a lot of information regarding trending colors of 2021 and also about Pantone Color of the year. Other than that, the best color match tool has also been discussed for if someone wants to match the color of one shot with the others.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the 2021 color of the year?

According to Pantone, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are the color of the year 2021.

2. What is the color for spring 2021?

Colors for spring 2021 that will be seen everywhere are; Striking Silvers, Yellow and White.

3. What are the colors of each month?

Every month has a different way to celebrate it, yet the different colors for each month are;

    • January: Dark Red, Dark Blue, Blue
    • February: Purple, Light Blue, Yellow
    • March: Light Blue and White
    • April: White, yellow, Red
    • May: Green, Yellow
    • June: Light Purple, White
    • July: Rust, Red, Green
    • August: Light Green, Orange, Red
    • September: Brown, Dark Blue
    • October: Pink, White
    • November: Yellow, Red
    • December: Blue, Greenish Blue, Indigo Green

4. What color represents each season?

    We have 4 different seasons that have 4 absolutely different vibes. Colors that represent each season are;

    • Spring: Pastel Yellow, Pinks, and Blues
    • Summer: Shades of Green with Blue and Yellow
    • Autumn: Shades of Red, Brown, and Grey
    • Winter: Pale Blue, Orange, and Black
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