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Tips For Beautiful Rain Photography

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

The most artful and dramatic of all photography types is 'Rain Photography.' A highly experienced person with excellent skills can manage to take good and impressive rain images. Special gear and settings are needed if the photographer aims to capture wet subjects. Such pictures convey a poetic message. For breath-taking rain photos, low light, unsaturated colors, gray sky, and a lot of water are the best.

In today's world, people are far away from each other, distances can make anyone homesick but sharing pictures and living moments can help overcome the sadness. People are adopting photography professionally. It's not just about fun anymore, but it's about career and work for many people. The tricky pictures are rain pictures whereas, the one with risk is wildlife photography.

Taking pictures, saving memories means reliving that moment. Today people are highly skilled that they capture the sunset, sunrise even rain is being captured. Photographers who take rain pictures focus on wet subjects, and that enhances the beauty of the picture. If you want to learn more about rain photography, then fasten your seat belt and let the ride begin.

Part 1: 6 Essential Rain Photography Tips for Shooting in Rain

Among all the professions, photography seems the most fun-filled work to do. Photographers get to work with new people and in a new environment every time they work. Whenever a photographer captures an image, they try new tricks, and every day they explore new techniques that can help them improve their work.

The following section of the article will provide tips that both professional photographers and beginners can use because they are essential for rain photography. As rain photoshoot is tricky and needs significant attention, so the following tips will walk you through the various ways that, if they are adopted, your rain photos will look 100 times more attractive.

1. The Right Rain Gear

Covering the lens and choosing the right gear is the best investment one can make as a photographer. Purchasing a waterproof camera case can protect your camera from all weather changes. It is an all-weather helper that releases your stress at once and gives you peace.

right rain gear

When we are talking about covering material, a lens hood is essential. It has many benefits and among all those, let us share the most important reasons why a lens hood is needed. For rain photography, protection from raindrops is really essential, and for that lens hood is used as it prevents grazing the lens due to raindrops. The other factor is to protect the lens for if in case it falls.

2. Basic Settings for the Camera

If you want to capture a single raindrop then, the faster shutter speed will do the job. But it doesn't need to work this way; you might have to make several adjustments with the speed and style to get the best shot. It is recommended to start from 1/250 seconds or lower for rain photography.

Adjusting the aperture stop is essential for rain day photos as it controls the amount of light reaching the film or the camera's sensor. The shutter speed and aperture adjustments determine the degree of light that your image is exposed to. As rain sessions have low light, it is suggested to stay between f/8 and f/4 to shoot a broader subject.

camera settings

For good rain pictures, you can also take help from flash. The artificial light can be used in a dark environment or shaded scene. It is suggested to use proper reflectors on the image subject if you use flash for rain photography. Also, the subject should catch the rain from the right angle. If you want a blurred image, then your focus should be on aperture and shutter speed instead of flash.

3. Perfect Shot Through Background and Angle

Rain images need your attention because once you analyze the subject, the angle, and the light, the job gets very easy. A lot of the time, this has been mentioned that rain photography is done best in a darker and shaded environment. The reason behind this is that the darker background will not overexpose your image, and instead, the raindrop is captured perfectly.

photo with good background and angle

After you have got the darker background, it's time to focus on the angle as the rain never falls in one direction. Your camera is very versatile in capturing raindrops from various angles. It's essential to do a few test shoots to check the reflection of light, the angle of rain on the subject, and how the overall composition of the image looks.

4. Creativity and Lenses

Getting creative with your pictures is really essential as creativity makes the image unique. For such unique and attractive shots, you need patience. It would help if you played around with the subject; you can work with flash to add a little light. You can play with the shutter speed and aperture, do several test shots to see what aids to get the best picture and amazing resolution.

different camera lenses

Creativity can also be added by using a different lens. Always taking pictures with the same lens will give the same result. But if you want to add some newness and uniqueness to your rain photos, try using a new and different lens. This is because the different lens has another resolution and different results. The view of the raindrop will be changed with variation in the lens.

5. Light and Reflection

On a rainy day, light is the most significant advantage one could ask for. The shining raindrops in the sunlight peeking through the dark clouds are the ideal scene someone can capture. If you are shooting in the evening, then the light from the passing vehicles, landmarks, street lights, etc., can help you get stunning dramatic photographs.

image with light and reflection

Another beneficial factor that a rainy day has is reflection. People generally don't realize this, but reflections are very aesthetic and artistic. The lighting might seem dull and faded to you, but the reflection from surrounding lights will bring life to your dark photo. For such images, look for an empty road yet drenched from the rain outside any restaurant or café to get the best shot.

6. Manual Focus and Subject

It is highly recommended to focus manually. Never risk your rain photo by letting the camera select the focal point. The camera might focus on the insignificant scene. Whereas, if you focus manually, you have complete control over the brightness and darkness, focusing on your desired scene.

image with light and reflection

Kids are the main subject in the rain as they enjoy it the most. They run and jump in the puddles. Kids stuck their tongues out to get the raindrops. They are the best subject one could capture. Because adults are covered with gear and long rain boots. Most people don't like to get soaked in the rain, whereas kids are drenched from head to toe in the rain. Hence, kids are the best opportunity for rain photography.

Part 2: Idea for Videos about Rain

Good lens, favorable lighting are crucial for good pictures and videos, but instead, sometimes the idea, the composition, and the video effects really change the entire result. For the ease of the video editors, Wondershare developed a full-packed store called Wondershare Filmstock. It's an amazing website with numerous footage, video effects for Wondershare Filmora video editor. It has various visual effects, which helps the video editors uniquely edit their videos. It delivers high-resolution videos and has a library full of different sounds, sharp images, many effects, and whatnot.

Download Filmora X Win Version Download Filmora X Mac Version

Let us share some video effects and ideas that will help you modify your video to another level;

Rain Pack

The fantastic video effect 'Rain Pack' can add rain to any scene. No matter if it is bright in the original video, the effect will change the entire environment to dark and rainy. The video effect seems very real.

Doodle Weather Icons Pack

If you are looking for something related to weather, then here is this stunning pack from Filmstock. The pack offers you different icons like bright shining sun and moon. It also has icons for wind and lightning. You can also find doodle icons for rain and snow.

Weather Forecast Pack

If you want something that is forecast-related, then 'Weather Forecast Pack' is the best option. The pack offers you motion graphics of shinning sun and moon. It provides you animated doodles of extreme weather like wind and lightning, rain and snow, and more.


The article aimed to provide the reader with the most information that they can use to get the best rain photos. Some brilliant tips have been discussed so that users can master their rain photography and can capture aesthetic photos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What shutter speed should I use for rain?

If you are looking to capture the falling raindrops, then the suggested shutter speed is 1/1000 seconds. But if you want to get the movement of falling drops, then use a slower shutter speed, like 1/60 seconds.

  • How do you capture raindrops on a camera?

If your camera offers the Macro mode, then switch to that to get good rain pictures. Also, it is recommended to use a large aperture with a shutter speed of 1/1000 seconds.

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