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Everything you need to know about Fortnite Car Parts


Find car parts Fortnite is a name of the game, to help sparkplug out. In a short while of the new season proceeding, seemingly dummy is up to his old practices, knocking down further vehicle dispersing into chunks in the action. This establishes Week 2 quests, and off on archives run down. Not knowing the exact location of Fortnite car parts makes it precarious.

However, the quests at first glance look slighter challenging, the scavenger-hunt nature of them may need some of a time investment if you are unknown with the Fortnite map. 

Challenges while finding Fortnite Car Parts

The challenge requires players to Find Car Parts Fortnite dispersed around the Fortnite map. Although it should be easy to find, not very difficult due to the structure it can be very easy to miss them. The trouble comes here when a particular part of Fortnite is found at a different location, and that makes finding parts unclear. It’s not similar to the items which we have found in past, the Fortnite Car parts are in different sizes, being tiny they require proper guidance and way to find them. Here we are helping you find all three parts. 

Reward of finding Fortnite Car Parts

Here, we are telling you the reward for getting the parts. Once you have got the car parts Fortnite., you will be rewarded with 20,000 XP, which is a satisfactory amount for every Fortnite player who wants to unlock their new favorite skin at the speed of light. We all must have been in search of these automobile components, so below is the detailed information about where we can find all of the Fortnite Car Parts with their locations. Read it below: and get all the parts in the Fortnite car.

We have to find three car parts in Fortnite entirely, which are Split up into two different locations which I have mentioned below:

  • Compact Cars (the junkyard west of Dirty Docks)
  • Dirty Docks itself

We have here specified each part's location with pictures which makes it very clear and easy to find all the parts. By carefully analyzing it, it will not be a difficult task.

Car Parts in Fortnite

As Dirty Docks is a location that can be located effortlessly – towards the east of the map, the junkyard outside of it is not to Find Car Parts Fortnite. The rough area can be found by passing towards the challenges screen and click on the task to discover the locations in question, it is important to go towards the west out of Dirty Docks. The Fortnite car parts will be close to the river.

  • Initially, the player requires to drop into the Dirty Docks in Fortnite.
  • After reaching the location, at the position they require to glance for a semi-opened storage container that is holding the first car part, Grab Fortnite car parts.
  • The second car part is located in a nearby Junkyard.
  • The third part is also located in a nearby junkyard.

Fortnite Car Part 1 

It will not be much difficult to Find Car Parts Fortnite. To find the first Fortnite car part, first, move towards the southwest side of Compact Cars the junkyard, then further travel towards the wall between the orange crusher and a wrought iron fence. This is where you’ll find the first part.


Fortnite Car Part 2 

The good thing is you don’t have to move further away to Find Fortnite car parts. You will find the 2nd car parts Fortnite somewhere in the same location where you found the first part. Travel towards the northeast side of Compact Cars – the opposite corner of it. You will find the car parts Fortnite between the pile of compressed cars and some channels.


Fortnite Car Part 3

Now, let’s get you the final third Fortnite car part. This one can be a little sturdy to found car parts Fortnite but not impossible to Find Car Parts Fortnite. Start the mission and move towards the southeast side of Dirty Docks, close by there is a parked lorry where you'll find a stack of blue and green shipping containers there will also be a yellow container nearest. Your destination is in the green container.


As, all the information regarding car parts Fortnite how you can Find Fortnite car parts, where you will find them, what will be the reward of it, what are the challenges can be faced while finding them? It is very clearly described above. Now we can be assured that by all the information we have shared above you will easily find out all three parts of the car in Fortnite.


So, we have got that the car parts are available in Dirty Docks and a Junkyard right outside of it. You are required to keep your eyes open to find them in a better way. Due to some challenges, car parts in Fortnite can be difficult to find but keeping focus and carefully moving towards the location mentioned will make it easier to find.

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