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20 Stunning Graduation Cards and How to Turn Cards into Slideshow

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 10, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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If you know a graduating student, help them mark and celebrate their important occasion by sending your sincere congratulations in graduation announcement cards. Your words should help give them the courage they need to start the next chapter of their life's journey.

With a perfect graduation card, you can send your congratulations to all graduates from kindergarten, high school up to your school, college, and beyond. Your words should help give them the courage they need to start the next chapter of their life's journey.

Part 1: What does Include in a Graduation Invitation Card?

Graduation in a person's life marks the accomplishment of outstanding achievement, the end of one era, and the beginning of another. There is no stronger way to celebrate a graduation than throwing a graduation party.

Graduation is a huge achievement, and the first thing you will need to organize a party is to send out graduations. Today, we will share handy tips on what to include in a graduation invitation card this 2022.

Note: The following cards are from Walmart and other websites.

best graduation card

  • You should consider the card font and color scheme in a graduation card. Make sure your background color, fonts, and contrast are easily readable, including essential details.
  • Choose a good-quality photo for your graduation name card. You can decide to take a professional photo shoot but make sure the pictures are taken two to three months before graduation to ensure plenty of time to get the photo prints back and choose the right one for your invites.
  • Your graduation invitation card should include inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, and encouragement. You can also let out the poetic side by using flowering language, imagery, and metaphor as you see fit.
  • Lastly, you can complement your graduation thank you card with a thoughtful gift that you know the graduate will enjoy. Family and friends can decide to put spending money inside a graduation card, either cash or check, which can be a great idea if the graduate plans a summer trip.

Part 2: Top 20 Stunning Graduation Photo Cards of 2022

Graduation photo cards are a perfect way to allow friends and family to know about your celebration. Here are the 20 best graduation photo cards for 2022:

1. Well Deserved Success

graduation photo card success

Well, Deserved Success is a custom photo card perfect for sending a personalized announcement greeting or invitation. With this photo card, you can send varieties of card stock, finishes, and genuinely unique conner trims for any occasion.

2. Simplicity Photo Graduation Announcements

simplicity photo graduation announcements

Simplicity Photo Graduation Announcements is a modern photo graduation card that helps broadcast your still personal accomplishments to your families and close friends. This best graduation photo card stands out as the background of every card

3. Gold Graduate

gold graduation card

Gold Graduate is a perfect custom photo card with various card sizes styles. It offers professional designs and beautiful cards for all types of milestones and important events like weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc.

4. Marbled Photo Graduation Announcements

marbled photo graduation announcements

With Marbled Photo Graduation Announcements, share your upcoming graduation with your family and friends. With marble photos, you can celebrate your achievements as a student surrounding a picture of your graduate, complemented by shining gold foil.

5. Journey Begins

graduation card journey begins

Journey Begins is a custom photo card for designing your graduation invitation. With this photo card, you can create a customized photo design according to your desire or need

6. Circles Year Graduation

circles year graduation card

Circles Year Graduation makes you stand out with its unique design features, allowing you to choose a perfect graduation photo of your choice, and cyclones on the right alight a class year, and the left is devoted to all your details.

7. Script Graduate

script graduate

Script Graduate is a perfect custom graduation announcement card for sending personalized announcement greetings and invitations, allowing you to choose a variety of unique finishes and card stocks for any occasion. It comes in different styles and sizes and also offers professionally-designed and beautiful cards for all types of milestones and important events.

8. Photo Play Graduation

photo play graduation

Photo Play Graduation is a clean and straightforward graduation card for multiple photos made in stacked text adornment.

9. Framed Graduate Monogram

framed graduate monogram

Framed Graduate Monogram is printed on high-quality photo papers and cat stuff and is available in various sizes. It is a professionally designed and beautiful photo card for all types of important events like graduation, wedding, birthday, etc.

10. Soccer Star Graduation

soccer star graduation

Soccer Star Graduation is perfect for sending broadcasted astonishing achievements to your family and friends. Most cards display your name, picture, and class directly below in modern, French grey typography.

11. Ripped Paper

ripped paper graduation card

Ripped Paper allows you to personalize your text and image to create unique graduation thank you card. This custom photo card is perfect for sending announcements, customized invitations, and greeting.

12. Musical Graduate Graduation

musical graduate graduation

Musical Graduate Graduation informs your friends and family about your outstanding achievements with a modern look. Your photo is stamped on the top half of the card, and your name is directly below in a black typography modern ecru background.

13. Swirling Class Of 2021

swirling class of 2021

Swirling Class of 2021 offers you a variety of finishes and designs to create a unique and straightforward graduation name card. They are perfect for sending announcements, greetings, and invitations.

14. Proper Type Graduation

proper type graduation

Proper Type Graduation can help announce the significant achievement by featuring your photo as a background and writing with simple text professional typefaces on the right side, with a slight shadow to emphasize your message.

15. Falling Sparkles

falling sparkles graduation card &rdquo

Falling Sparkles is a custom graduation photo card that allows you to choose the size and the type of paper you want.

16. Important Year Graduation

important year graduation

Important Year Graduation is the perfect graduation announcement card to ensure everyone knows about your special graduate day. It comes in different styles and makes sure that everything is easy to read and guaranteed to pair with your chosen photos.

17. Tassel Worthy Invite

tassel worthy invite

Tassel Worthy Invite is a square-shaped graduation photo card that is perfect for sending invitations. This is a beautiful graduation photo card engraved in gold on a black background.

18. Finally Done Graduation

finally done graduation

Finally Done Graduation is the best graduation invitation card to announce your considerable achievements. This photo card features a collage of your photo on a white background and any color of your choice written in bold "finally" in an energetic script across the top.

19. Glittering Confetti

glittering confetti grad card

Glittering Confetti is a lovely graduation invitation photo card. It is a square-shaped card with your image engraved mainly on the body of the card and your name written broadly with the location, date, and phone number for the invitation.

20. Football Star Graduation

football star graduation

Football Star Graduation is a rich Persian-colored background that creates a beautiful contrast and allows the gold foil football illustrations to shine genuinely. This photo card lets you share the joy of your upcoming graduation with your text written in vivid white and three of your favorite graduation photo cards to thrill the guest of your achievements.

Part 3: Use Graduation Slideshow Maker to Romanticize Your Celebration

If you are hunting for the best graduation maker for your graduation thank you cards, Filmora has proven to be the best due to his exclusive features:

best graduation maker

  • With Filmora, you can export and exit video in 4K format
  • It gives you the best possible video editing with its built-in video effects
  • It allows you to create a Hollywood like graduation photo cards video with color grading effects
  • Filmora can customize your video to fit any social media platform

Wondershare Filmora

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filmora box


We have carefully explained what you should include on graduation name cards. This article also listed the top photo cards you can use as an inspiration to create your photo card. Lastly, we also give a bonus tip on the best graduation cards video maker to romanticize your graduation celebration.

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