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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Latest Versions and Features: V11

Filmora's spring update to Version 11 is now officially live. V11's big update arrives with nine new features to try. New features include NewBlue FX and Boris plugins, preset templates, and more.

It is an unparalleled version that first cooperated with the world-famous 3D Title Tool - NewBlue Tilter Pro 7 and transformed from a tool-based product to a SaaS-based content service co-creation product.


Filmora will push the new features to your PC/Email via the Message Center Check for Update. You can also download it directly via our website.

Here's what's new within the new Windows experiences for February 2022:

Effect Plugins

V11 is bundled with Hollywood Style NewBlue FX and Boris Continuum Complete(BCC)effect plugins, including the world-famous 3D Title Tool-NewBlue Tilter Pro 7.

Preset Templates

You could use the template presets to quickly complete the video creation and save your projects as templates for reuse.

Auto Synchronization

Automatically synchronize audio with video and make it easier to synchronize the audio recorded with different devices.

Stock Media

With the new integrated Stock Media library, you can get tons of fancy high-resolution photos, videos, and GIFs or stickers in Filmora, which are all royalty-free.

Wondershare Drive

You can transfer your files(project files, templates, and videos)to a cloud drive, use them anytime, anywhere, and share with others.

Speed Ramping

Speed Ramping helps you master the time of your clips. Fast-mo or slow-mo is all in your control.

Auto Beat Sync

Analyze music and automatically generate highlight videos for you.


The masking tool allows you to cover up all parts of a video and create fantastic effects.

Instant Mode

Instant Mode provides complete video templates. You can quickly get a nice video within your media.