Color Tuning Effect

With the color tuning function, you can use the sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and more on your videos. What’s more, you can apply the 3D LUT effect to map the classic color space to your video clips.

To enable the color tuning function, import the video first, and then select Color Tab on the left control panel.

Section 1: Color Correction


On the Color section, you can drag each slider to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, and vignette. Follow below steps to perform the color correction:

  1. Select the checkbox marked Color.
  2. Drag the Brightness Slider to adjust the brightness of the whole video. Dragging forward (to the right) to increase the light, or backward (to the left, negative values) to darken the frame.
  3. Drag the Contrast Slider to adjust the difference between light and dark areas. Dragging forward to increase the contrast ratio, or backward to decrease the ratio.
  4. Drag the Saturation Slider to adjust the saturation of color. Dragging forward will increase the overall intensity of the color; while dragging the slider backward will make the color towards black and white.
  5. Drag the Temperature Slider to control the color temperature. Dragging forward will create an orange and warm environment; while dragging the slider backward will create a blue and cold looking.
  6. Drag the Tint Slider to adjust the red/green color balance. Dragging forward to add more magenta to the frame, or dragging backward to add more green.
  7. Drag the Vignette Slider to add vignette effect. Drag the slider forward to the right to add a white vignette, or drag backward to the left to add a dark vignette.

The Compare button on the upper right corner allows you to check the segments before & after color correction at the preview window simultaneously. While, with the Reset color-tuning-reset-button button, you can clear all color adjustments at any time.


Section 2: 3D LUT

3D LUT is extensively used in the post-production phrase. Follow below steps to apply the 3D LUT effect.

  1. Select the checkbox marked 3D LUT.
  2. Select a template from the drop-down list.
  3. You can also download and install some free 3D LUTs, and then select Load New LUT to load from your computer.

Click on the Trash 3d lut-delete buttonicon to delete the undesired 3D LUT. With the Reset color-tuning-reset-button button on the right upper corner, you can reset all 3D LUT effects.