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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Adjust Audio

Access the Adjust Audio Interface in Filmora

To adjust your audio clip, you can try the following three ways:

1 Double click on the audio clip.

2 Right-click on the audio clip, then select Audio>Adjust Audio.

3 In the top navigation bar, tab on Tools> Audio>Adjust Audio.

Absolutely, the first method is easier than the other two. After your operation, the audio adjusting interface will be aroused.

Adjust the Parameters

In the audio adjusting window, from left to right, you can see:

Adjust Audio

1 Balance/Pan Control: Panning audio means directing a sound signal to a different part of the stereo field. In other words, the pan controls how each track is balanced between the right (R) and left (L) sides of where the audio is being heard from. For example, if you move it all the way to the right, you can hear the audio showing only on the right side of your headphones.

Balance Control

2 Volume Control: By dragging the bar on the volume slider, you can easily heighten or lower the average volume of the audio.

Volume Control

3 Volume Keyframe:Adding a volume keyframe enable you to heighten or lower the volume of a specific audio point.

4 Fade in:Fade in means that the volume is gradually increased from zero at the beginning of the audio.

5 Fade out:Fade in means that the volume is gradually decreased to zero at the end of the audio.

6 Pitch:Pitch controls the highness or lowness of a tone. By dragging the slider from left to right, you can hear the audio changing from thick voice to shrill voice. It is usually used to change the human voice to make a funny effect.

7 Equalizer:You can use Filmora equalizer to manipulate the frequency of the mix so that everything is balanced and clear. Here you have some popular preset equalizations, such as classic, dance, pop, country, folk, and so on. You can also customize your equalizer.

Customize Equalizer
Knowledge Class:
EQ (equalization) is the process of changing the balance of different frequency components in an audio signal. Our ears can detect a huge range of frequencies-roughly 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Each element of the mix has energy in different parts of that range.

8 Denoise: Denoise enables you to automatically and intelligently remove background noise in one click. There are three options for your choice: weak, medium, strong.

9 Ducking:Filmora audio ducking helps to lower a specific sound when a second main sound exists. The algorithm can intelligently analyze the decrease the background music when you are talking.

10 Volume: The function allows you to recover the average volume to 0 dB in one click.