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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Add AR Stickers

Filmora comes with a library of AR stickers that can be used to enhance emotions, emphasize reactions, and add personality to your video. The face-tracking AR stickers are image-based effects, with cute and fun elements such as cats, bears, pandas, koalas, bunnies, glasses, and much more.

For example, you can apply the Heart Eyes AR Sticker and it will be added to the person’s eye area automatically and move with them.

Heart Eyes Sticker
AR stickers work best when applied to a person facing the camera. If there is more than one person in the frame, the AR sticker will be applied to whichever face it detects.

Open AR Sticker Window

You can add AR stickers to the video the same way as other filters. Click the selected video clip in the timeline and go to the Effects tab and select AR Stickers.

AR Stickers Option

Preview and Add the AR Sticker Effects

Double click the AR Sticker to preview it. Then you can drag it to the video track to add the sticker to the whole selected clip. The effect is successfully added when there is an AR Sticker icon appearing on the left side of the video.

AR Sticker Icon

If you only want to add the AR Sticker effect to a small part, you can drag it to the track above the video in the timeline. After that, you can drag the edge of the effects to adjust the duration.

Now, you can play the video and you will see the AR sticker effect. You can repeat the steps above to add multiple AR stickers to your video.

Remove AR Sticker

To remove the applied AR stickers, double click the selected clip, go to the Video>Effect. You can both untick the check box or close the AR Sticker effect.

Delete AR Stickers
If you right-click the selected video clip and click Effect>Delete Effect, all applied AR stickers and other filters or overlays will be removed from it altogether.
Delete All AR Stickers