Fix and Correction

Action Cam Tool is a standalone toolbox designed especially for action cam users, it offers various practical features such as video stabilization, fisheye correction, speed adjustment, and color correction to help you fix and edit your high resolution videos easily and quickly.

action cam tool entrance

To access this feature, select Action Cam Tool on the interface of Filmora.

action cam tool interface

1.fix and correct video clips, 2.adjust video speed, 3.color correction and effects, 4.Actioncam tool timeline, 5.zoom on timeline, 6.preview

Click on the Fix tab to correct fisheye lens, stabilize shaky video clips and reduce audio noise.

Step 1: Import video files

Click on Import button or directly drag and drop your video clip into the timeline for further editing. If you imported unwanted files, you can just click on Clear to remove it.

Import files

Note: You can only import one clip at a time.

Step 2: Lens correction

Enable Lens Correction option, then from the drop-down lists, select the camera model and the capture mode your video shot with. Once selected, Filmora will correct the distorted video automatically. Or you can manually adjust the correction level by dragging the slide bar:

Lens correction

You can check the real time result in preview window.

Step 3: Video Stabilization

Camera shake causes visible frame-to-frame jitter in the recorded video, with Video Stabilization feature in Filmora, the video clip can be smoothed quickly and easily.

Select Stabilization option, drag the slider to increase or decrease the stabilization level, you will see the image will be zoomed in while increasing the stabilization level.


Step 4: Audio Denoise

Use the Audio Denoise feature to remove the continuous steady-state noises from your recorded video. Enable Audio Denoise option, drag the slider to increase or decrease the level. Make sure to have your headset on to verify the result clearly.

Audio Denoise

Step 5: Preview

Press the Space key (or click the Play button) to preview the video clip. You can set the preview start point by locating the red playhead at any position you want. If you want to preview a specific scene, you can use these frame by frame previewbuttons to preview the video frame by frame.

Step 5: Export

After you finished the editing, click Export button to save your video clip. In the pop-up window, you are allowed to save the video as MP4 or MOV format, change video resolution from 320*240 to 4k, and set frame rate up to 60 fps. Click OK to start the export process.