Speed Effect

With the Speed Tab, you can adjust the playing speed of the selected clip of video, and replay or reverse it. What’s more, you can add a freeze frame to pause a frame and then set the duration of the paused frame.

Section 1: Speed

Under the Speed section, you can speed up or slow down the selected segment. Also, you can replay and reverse the segments to make your video more interesting. To apply the Speed effect, please follow below steps:

  1. Import the video to the Timeline.
  2. Select the Speed Tab, and then drag the Playhead to the position where you want to add speed effect.
  3. Click on the Add Marker button under the Speed section. On the timeline, click and drag one of the Speed Markers on either side to select a range of clips on the timeline.
  4. Note: The length of the original range is dependent on the zoom-in level on the timeline.


  5. Select the checkbox marked Speed to adjust the speed settings. Drag the Speed Slider forward to the right to speedup up to 20X, or backward to the left to slow down up to 0.1X.
  6. Select the checkbox marked Replay if you want to loop the selected clips of video. You can replay the clips up to 10 times.
  7. Select the checkbox marked Reverse if you want to reverse the looped clips. You can keep the original audio or just remove it.

Note: The Reverse option is available only with the Replay effect applied.

Section 2: Freeze Frame

In the Freeze Frame section, you can add a freeze frame to pause a frame for a specified duration. Follow the steps below to apply the Freeze Frame effect:

  1. Drag the Timeline Playhead to the position where you want to freeze. Use the zoom controls above the timeline to zoom in to find the frame more precisely.
  2. freeze-frame-zoom-in-control-button

  3. Click on the Add button. A yellow indicator will appear on the selected freeze frame.
  4. freeze-frame-add-icon

  5. In the Duration filed, enter the desired pause time for the selected frame.

You can add more freeze frames with the above steps.

In the Apply to dropdown list, select First Play, Last Play or All Play to apply the freeze frame effect to the first/last/all play of the selected segment.

Note: The Apply to option is available only with Reverse and Replay applied.