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Tone is a mixture of pure colors to which only pure gray is added. You can set up the brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Adjust Tone in Color Correction

1. In the Color tab, check the box next to Tone.

2. Use the slider to adjust contrast, saturation, and brightness.

Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the selected video. Drag the slider forwards with a positive value will make the video brighter, and dragging the sliders backward with a negative value will make the video darker.

Contrast: Adjust the contrast between lights and darks in your image. Drag the slider forwards will make dark areas darker and light areas lighter, while dragging the slider backward will make darks lighter and lights darker.

Saturation: Adjust the saturation of color in the video. Drag the slider forward to increase the color intensity, which makes the video more intensely colored. Drag the slider backward to reduce the color intensity, which makes the video fade or desaturated and look gray.

adjust tone in color correction
Adjust Tune in Color Correction