Filmora9 FAQ

Creative Edit - FAQ: How can I add a watermark/logo(PIP) to my video?

Sometimes you may need to add your own logo or watermark to your video. This also refers to overlay some smaller videos on a background clip, which enables you to simultaneously display two or more videos or images to on the screen.

You can follow the steps below to make it:

1. Open Filmora9, select Create New Project to start a project

2. Import both your background video as well as your logo image to the media library

3. Drop and drag your background video to the video track

4. Then add your logo image or video to the track above the one that places your background video

place video

5. Resize and Reposition your logo: Click your logo on the video track, and you will be able to resize the clip by dragging the resizing handles on the clip in the preview window, or you can also drag it to any other place on the screen as you want.

resize video