Filmora9 FAQ

Filmora Activation and Account: How to activate my Filmora9 after purchase

Currently, there are two ways to activate Filmora9 after purchase.

I. Activate by a Wondershare ID

What is Wondershare ID?

It is your Wondershare account. Wondershare ID provides you with an easy way to activate your software, manage your device, access Filmstock (effects store) and more. You can create a Wondershare ID account in the Filmora9 video editor or sign up at or

If you haven't created a Wondershare ID before your payment, the email you used to purchase a Filmora9 license will be your Wondershare ID account. All users should log in to their Wondershare ID first before exporting videos. 

Once you updated your old Filmora version to Filmora9 or your Filmora version is 9.0.0 or above, here are the steps to activate Filmora9:

1. Open Filmora9, select Create New Project to enter the editing mode

2. Click the Avatar icon in the top right corner and a login window will pop up


3. Log in with your Wondershare ID account (the email you used to place the order). You can find your Wondershare account and password in your confirmation email after purchase.

4. Once you log in successfully, click the Avatar icon in the top right corner again, to  check your account activation status in the pop-up account panel.

login panel

Or here is another way to activate Filmora9 by Wondershare ID. You can go to the Help menu – Activate Filmora9.

activate filmora

Then choose "Activate Filmora9", then you will be directed to log in to your Wondershare ID to activate Filmora9.

unactivated panel

After login, it will show your Wondershare ID activation status, including plan type and expires date.

lifetime plan

II. Activate by a registration code

If you have a registration code(The registration code is sent in the confirmation email after purchase. If you don't know your registration code or forgot it, you can click here to retrieve your registration code.

You can also follow the steps to activate your Filmora9 License:

1. Open Filmora9, select Create New Project to enter the editing mode.

2. Go to Help, and click Activate Filmora9.

3. You will be asked to log in with your Wondershare ID. Please click the "click here" link, which will open a window to input your License email and registration code.

trigger code

4. You can copy and paste your licensed email and registration code to the box (Make sure you have entered the right registration code. Please do not leave any spaces; otherwise, it will show your code is invalid.)

input license code

5. Finally, it will show your Filmora9 has been activated successfully.

activate successful

Tips: If you are using a version older than 9.0.0, please follow the steps on the 3rd article How to activate Filmora on an old version (Filmora 8 and 7) under Activation and Account column.