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How to Easily Make a Music Video on iMovie?

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Nov 26, 2021• Proven solutions

“Can I make a music video with iMovie?”

Making your music videos with grooves, swings, or jams isn't a thing to worry about when you have a list of professional video editors available. It is a unique guide structured on how to make a music video on iMovie. Well, also discuss corresponding vital aspects along with it. So, let's dive into this amplified subject journey where Music defines the avenues of satire, artistic expression, and social commentary.

Be a bit more professional and start with how to make a professional music video on iMovie.

Part 1: How to Make a Professional Music Video on iMovie on Mac?

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a pro with how to make a professional music video on iMovie.

Step 1: Import Media

Begin by clicking the File > Import Media tab to upload a video you want to add music to. Here, you can add that professional video and then go to include the background music in it.

Step 2: Add audio & music effects

Go to the Audio tab in iMovie and choose from different music files.

Use the drop-down box to pick music from the iTunes library, as shown below.

Step 3: Drag music to the timeline

Select music, click it, and drag to the timeline editor after releasing.

Here is how you add transitions. The transitions are to blend or smooth the changes from one scene to another. You can apply various sets of them, including the dissolve, fade in or fade out, zoom in, zoom out, and so on. Yet, you can also add transitions manually.

To set the duration of transitions, go to iMovie > Preferences. Double-click the Transitions field and type the number of seconds you want to set.

Step 4: Save & Share

Click three dots beside the name and hit the Share Project tab. Now, you need to select File as shown below.

Afterward, you are required to select the resolution and proceed with the Next > Save As button.

To know how to make a music video with lyrics on iMovie, select the Text and make a Title Slide.

Part 2: How to Make a Good Music Video on iMovie on iPhone?

We will show you similar-looking yet different steps on making a good music video on iMovie on iPhone.

Open Project in iMovie and follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click the plus sign button on the top-left of the timeline.

Step 2: Choose the Audio tab.

Step 3: Choose from options like Sound Effects, Theme Music, Playlists, or Songs. You can also browse the Search bar.

Tap the Use tab to insert the audio into your iMovie project.

At last, you need to save the project and further select a platform for sharing purposes.

Part 3: Make Music Videos with Ease: Wondershare Filmora

How do you make a professional music video without getting into so much trouble?

The answer is easy as you have to use a beginner-friendly yet modern-day video editor that fulfills the video editors' present requirements. The Wondershare Filmora is one such intuitive video editor that sets apart a large audience base to create pro-looking videos with ease. Before we tell you the steps on how Wondershare Filmora makes music videos, it's crucial to look into the critical aspects of Filmora. These aspects are also known to make it a bit exclusive from the iMovie video editor.

Key Aspects/Specs of Wondershare Filmora in comparison to iMovie

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • User-friendly editing interface
  • Readily accessible features with comprehensive edit panel
  • Motion Tracking
  • Color Matching
  • Inbuilt Text Editor
  • Keyframing
  • Split Screen feature
  • Easy export settings

Now, all these specifications of Wondershare Filmora come with easy availability than in the iMovie. The iMovie barely fulfills the beginner's editing requirements. Thus, you can consider using the Wondershare Filmora to know how to create professional music videos.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Professional Music Videos via Wondershare Filmora

Step 1: Launch Filmora

The very first step is to install and launch it. Click the Try It Free button according to your OS to download Filmora directly.

Then select the aspect ratio and hit the New Project tab to confirm.

Step 2: Import Media

Then, hit the Import Media Files tab to easily upload your raw video files where you want to add background music.

Add background music using Filmora's royalty-free audio library. The best part of the inbuilt audio library of Wondershare Filmora is the availability of different sound effects and genres.

Click Music in the media pane and use the drag and drop feature to add to the editing timeline.

Step 3: Edit & Export

Before you are about to export the music video file, it's essential to know how to edit audios. Below is an editing interface that allows you to add fade-in/fade-out effects, tune pitch, adjust volume, set up an audio equalizer, etc.

The last step is to check the Export settings and hit the Export button after completion.

Part 4: Tips on Making Music Videos

Here are tips on how to make a music video on iMovie! These are expert opinions worth considering for creating a professional music video.

  • Decide your type of video

First, decide the type of video you want to make. It can be performance-based, visual, or narrative video. Decisions of these types will let you better determine the background music.

  • Know your target audience

Knowing the audience is another vital factor in making an ideal content that further feels best-suited to music lovers.

  • Add overlay texts

You can add text overlays if you have wondered how to make a music video with lyrics on iMovie.


So, this was all on how to make a music video on iMovie along with the beginner-friendly alternative by Wondershare Filmora. Check all the aspects and then create professional videos with a feature-rich video editor much like the Filmora than Apple's iMovie.

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