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Infographic - Marketing Tips for Live Streaming on Social Media

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Live streaming is one of the fastest-rising tools of the social media trade. After Twitter acquired Periscope back in 2015, it propelled live streaming at the top of the freshest social media features with thousands of users being attracted to it as both viewers and creators.

Originally, live streaming was merely a feature for end-users who created amateur content on the spot. It was supposed be a new way to share our favorite moments with each other and it worked very well in this regard.

While that part of the feature is still true today, live streaming has evolved much further than that. Nowadays, it is a powerful marketing tool as well used by thousands of brands all over the world as part of a wider effort to become more engaged with their target audiences.

And, as we have seen, live streaming works extremely well for that. For instance, 80 percent of customers have said that they would much rather watch live videos than simply read posts about any particular brand.

Reinforcing that point is the fact that live videos are watched up to 3 times more than traditional ones on platforms like Facebook. While a percentage of those videos comes from friends and family, the majority of it comes from other sources like music videos, news stories, and entertainment clips.

Live streaming is everywhere you look today and the industry is only going to grow. Customers have been very receptive to live streaming across pretty much every platform which means that marketers, influencers, and everyone else in the industry should continue to invest in it.

A wonderful infographic by Filmora has a lot of very interesting facts and stats about live streaming in social media. If you are at all interested in it, you should take a look at the infographic right away.

live streaming on social media

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Liza Brown

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