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How to Use IGTV Hashtags to Gain More Followers

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Posting entertaining, informative and captivating content on your Instagram TV channel is simply not enough to secure a large audience, even if you already have a significant amount of followers. Hashtags enable you to discover new content, but they also provide you with an opportunity to make your posts on IGTV much easier to discover by the people who have never heard of your brand before. However, the hashtags you add to your IGTV videos have to be relevant, since there’s not much sense in using a popular hashtag that doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of your video. So, in this article, we are going to show you how to use hashtags to attract more followers and boost the number of views your videos are getting.

The Benefits of Adding Hashtags to IGTV Videos

As the second decade of the 21st century draws to a close, it is becoming apparent that the video content and more specifically mobile video is going to become even more popular than it already is. The current numbers show that as much as 90% of consumers find videos helpful when choosing a product they would like to purchase. IGTV offers a huge opportunity for marketers as it enables them to reach their ideal customers directly and to offer them products or services through video content. What’s more, the vast majority of marketers think that videos increase sales, improve engagement rates and extend the reach of their marketing messages.

IGTV is still a relatively new platform, but starting to develop a presence on it can prove to be quite useful especially if you already have a sizeable following on Instagram. Hashtags simply make all content you upload to your IGTV channel easier to find, which is why you shouldn’t skip adding them to all your videos if you want to reach new followers.

How to Use Hashtags on IGTV Successfully

Before you choose the hashtags you would like to add to a video you intend to share on your IGTV channel, you must first do proper research in order to find which hashtags are the most popular for that type of video. There are four different hashtag categories you can choose from, and hashtags in each category serve a specific purpose. Content IGTV hashtags indicate what your video is about, while the industry hashtags are always related to the type of business you’re running.

Branded tags on IGTV refer to your brand and they can contain the name of your company or anything else that relates directly to your brand. The fourth category of hashtags on IGTV are targeted hashtags that are directed towards the audience you would like to reach. Each video you upload to your IGTV channel is slightly different, so you should choose the hashtags you add to an IGTV video carefully. Furthermore, you can’t add more than thirty hashtags to a video description which makes picking the right hashtags even more important.

Adding hashtags to the description of your IGTV video will make that video more visible to other users of the platform and it will enable the users of this platform to easily discover the content on your channel that they are most interested in. Moreover, IGTV has a ‘For You’ category where video suggestions are displayed based on the accounts and hashtags you follow, and if you want the platform to suggest your content to its users you should include hashtags in the description of each video you upload to your IGTV channel.

In addition, you can post a photo or a short version of your IGTV video on your Instagram account and use the same hashtags you used in the description of the video you posted on your IGTV channel. This is a great way to boost the number of views your IGTV videos are getting and to reach new people who can potentially become your followers.

The Most Popular IGTV Hashtags You Can Use in 2019

Even though there are no strict rules regarding which hashtags you should and shouldn’t use, there are still a few hashtags you can include in all videos you share on IGTV. So, let’s take a look at hashtags that are currently among the most popular on IGTV.

#igtv – Undoubtedly one of the most frequently used hashtags both in regular Instagram posts that promote IGTV videos and posts on IGTV. Variations of this hashtag such as #igtvchannel, #igtvcontent or #igtvcreator can also be used in all videos you add to your channel on this platform.

#igtvfollow – Encourage the people who interact with your videos to start following you, by adding this hashtag to all your posts on IGTV. Alternatively, you can also use #seemyigtv or #followmyigtv hashtags to gain more followers.

#igtdaily – Posting new content to your IGTV channel regularly is essential if you want to let people know that they expect a new post from you each and every day.

#igtvart – In case you are producing content that is artistic in its nature, then perhaps this is one of the best hashtags you can use. Furthermore, if you are a musician you can rely on the #igtmusic hashtag to attract new followers.


Even though there is nothing complicated about running a channel on IGTV, you still need to dedicate some time to figuring out how your posts can reach a large audience. Adding hashtags to your IGTV videos is probably the easiest way to increase the number of views they are getting, but hashtags can also help you to grow the number of followers organically. That is the reason why all hashtags you add to your IGTV videos have to be carefully selected, since choosing a hashtag that is no way related to your video will not produce the results you are hoping for. Do you think that using hashtags can boost the amount of attention videos on IGTV are getting? Which hashtags do you commonly use to promote the content you share on your IGTV channel? Leave a comment and let us know.

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