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How to Create Best Instagram Posts for Influencers

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

For an Instagram influencer, a post is everything, as they use it to express their ideas and win over the influencer followers. It greatly influences their desire to have the best Instagram posts. With the right post, an influencer can strike the cord with his/her followers and grow their horizon. If you plan to become an Instagram influencer, then this piece of information is a must have for you.

In this article, we are going to introduce how to create the best Instagram posts and woo your followers. Well! Increased revenues are not bad perks of this trade, right?

Part 1: Don’t ignore the power of Caption

1. Why it is important to create posts on Instagram

Creating a good Instagram post involves the right caption. Though, captions are not that crucial, they play a key role for your post’s overall performance. The impact is not restricted to establishing a community for your brand, but to make it largely visible across Instagram.

Instagram algorithms prefer highly liked, shared and commented posts, treating them high-quality content, because of the large volume of engagement. It pushes your posts up on user’s feeds and lead to explore page as well.

The best Instagram posts need to contain captions with efficient call-to-actions (CTAs) in order to inspire the followers to engage with your posts.

ins captions

2. Put Call-to-Action in your post

As we have just said, CTAs improve followers’ engagement on your posts, they are an integral part for creating the best Instagram posts. The right caption for call-to-action evokes interest among followers to participate in the post. CTAs can be designed in diverse ways. You can create it to guide followers through link in bio, answering questions, buying products, using your brand’s hashtag, tagging their friends, and much more.

Words like ‘Start’, ‘Discover’, ‘Stop’, ‘Learn’, ‘Build’, ‘Join’ have a positive impact on brand promotion, when incorporated with CTA captions.

Include CTAs in the beginning of your post’s caption, so the audience stays engaged instead of jumping to the next feed. Ask them questions, announce a contest and tell them to review your product or it could be anything of that sorts. Make them feel valued and important by talking one to one. Ensure to reply if they comment, so that they are more attracted to stay engaged with your page.

ins call action

3. Mention someone

For creating the best Instagram post, another main important is mentioning people in your post. When you mention people on Instagram, your posts get promoted with each other’s followers. Adding someone’s Instagram handle in your caption would make your followers discover his/her profile and vise-versa.

Part 2: Take perfect photo every time

1. Keep your style consistent

Every Instagram influencer has their posts in a certain fashion. They have a pattern that represents their style. Discover what suites your product or services on Instagram posts and stick to it. Make them to evoke some emotions and response from the viewers to make the post engaging. Editing, fonts, filters, borders with soothing and appealing look renders more admirers and followers for your brand. Like everything else in your life, the best Instagram post also goes by the saying ‘consistency is the key’.

If you feel like changing things a bit, then adapt filters that have similar hues and contrast consistencies. It will make specific objects on your photo pop out and create a little drama. Arrange your photos aesthetically and grab more eyeballs on Instagram.

ins style consistent

2. Trends talk

Well! Life is about setting new trends every day. Photos with a black and white background and colored photos and boomerangs are quite in trend on Instagram nowadays. Though, trends keep coming and going, some of them can be pretty interesting and useful. There are apps that split a single photo into multiple tiles. You can upload them one after another to form a pattern right before a new product launch. At the end, the entire pattern is complete and it reveals the mystery product to your followers.

ins post trends

3. Be creative

Creativity is the essence of creating intriguing and engaging content on any social media. So, your best Instagram posts also need it equally. As we already discussed about learning the above aspects for Instagram post, here we suggest you to have that personal touch of yours on every Instagram post.

Let your creative streak take charge and guide your designer to craft the post accordingly. Be it the caption, hashtags, or photo, you must have a clear vision of the outcome. Try diverse overlays, filters, textures, for that matter.

Final Verdict

After going through the article, we are confident that you got a clear idea about how to create the best Instagram posts for your brand. Make sure to incorporate every little detail and add your own touch for that wow-some Instagram post. Who knows potential influencers and buyers may start enquiring about your services/products right away.

If you want to edit Instagram video, we highly recommed Filmora. Just have a try!

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