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How to Get More Likes on Instagram (Free and Quick)

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Jun 02, 2021• Proven solutions

Instagram, being the most popular and the largest social networking platform, helps you to obtain a number of followers and new customers to your business. Whichever way it is, getting engagement is vital in order to become successful on Instagram.

The best way of creating engagement is to post images and garner more and more likes on your posts. Likes is almost everything on Instagram. Influencers want to get more likes, hoping followers are happy with the content. Even regular users are happy to receive more likes.

But, do you know how to get more likes on Instagram? In this article, learn the ways to acquire more likes on Instagram.

10 Tips to Get More Likes

1. Always Create Great Content

Any kind of cringe-worthy content can turn off your followers. Instagram believes in great content and content is the Czar. So, ensure to create high-quality content for your Instagram posts.

Checking the content itself, you may say the amount of effort and time spent on generating the idea for the content. The better efforts reaps in more engagement and likes. In order to create good content, try to focus on a particular niche to avoid confusing your followers.

You must also use a better resolution and high specification camera to click high resolution images. You may also look for the upcoming trends, a good color scheme and theme and one most vital point is to be consistent with your posts. So, now you know how to get more likes on Instagram by creating great content.

2. Focus Image Wisely

Instagram images are one of the most shared and liked ones. So, you know how important are high-quality images for Instagram. Before sharing an image, you must think twice and thrice about what drives your followers to like an image post.

Evaluating your old posts that got the most likes to see what made your followers like that image can be of help. If you are a new user on Instagram, try to check your competitor’s account to analyse which kind of images are fetching them more likes. Once you understand the kind of images that works, create same sort of images and share it on your platform.

ins focus image

3. Consistent Image Style

When you decide to build your brand on Instagram, sticking to same style for your images can be helpful. People love consistency when it comes to image style. In order to create a visual recognition amongst your followers, try to use similar filters and stick to the same one or two filters. It helps your images to be recognized instantly when it appears on your follower’s feeds. It increases recognition and fetches more likes.

4. Use Popular Hashtags

When you use popular hashtags on your Instagram posts, the reach of the people is more. Although, popular hashtags do not help people to reach you, but when used to reach a big group of Instagram users, popular hashtags help your images to garner more views and likes. These are not high-quality likes but a simple way of boosting your Instagram accounts credibility.

right hashtag

5. Be Local

Sharing information on local events or images from the places or events locally can help in attracting likes from your followers. Check out the the events or local neighborhood where your ads are targeted by going to the search page and clicking on the place tab and then, entering the place name. This can help you to find out all the geotagged posts for the searched location.

6. Add Call to Actions

Call to action is a vital message that needs to be mentioned clearly when you need it. When you want more likes on your visual content, don’t forget to mention it clearly within the caption like “please like the post”.

You may also add overlays on the text or image you wish to post, to make it clear for your audience. A study says that more than 11 hashtags fetch more likes on your posts but it shouldn’t exceed 15 which may appear to be spammy. You may also use various tools to decide on your call to action and find the most relevant ones.

ins call to action

7. Cross Sharing

Sharing your post on your other social handles like Tumblr, Facebooks, etc, at the time of publishing can help in multiplying the likes. When you cross-share your post on other social networks, the friends and followers from those sites are redirected to Instagram. So, keep sharing your posts on all your social handles.

8. Work Together with Brands

How to get more likes on Instagram? As you collaborate with an influencer, collaborating with any of the brands that offer the complementary product, relevant to your niche industry can help you reach a number of traffic within your targeted market. Partnering with other brand and sharing a prize package consisting products from both the brands can engage and share followers, garnering more likes on your posts.

ins work with brands

9. Create Video

The power of video is still being explored hugely in the recent times. Just a mere image cannot attract the number of likes that you wish to see. Trying video content like how to use a product or upcoming product previews can engage the audiences more than that of a simple image.

So try out video content on your Instagram post but remember that your video does not rely on its audio as at many locations, the Instagram feeds are browsed without audios. Filmora can help you edit Instagram video so easily.

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10. Tag Influential Accounts

Tagging influential account within your niches on the visual content after searching for the right one can let them know about your posts and help your post to show up on their feeds as well. It is one of the best ways to probably get featured on the influential accounts and reach your target market.


Try considering the above steps, next time when you think about how to get likes on Instagram. These are not only effective but also tested ways to garner more likes on your Instagram posts and increase your follower base.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.