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Why You Need Micro Influencers on Insta and How to Find Them

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

The brands keep searching for fresh ways of promotions and with the rise of the social media, more and more prospects are knocking at the door, especially on the lines of Instagram influencer marketing.

This is not really a new method but has got some freshness with social media nurturing the same. But, when you try to collaborate only with the public personalities as your brand influencer, it can skyrocket your budget whereas, the micro influencers Instagram is a cost-effective approach.

With the niche area of expertise and a modest number of followers, the micro influencers on Instagram are inclined to have better rates of engagement and target audience. More and more brands are cooperating with the micro-influencers.

Even the big brands like Coca-Cola and Google chose micro influencer on Instagram as their promotional tool. In this article, learn the secret and how to find micro influencers on Instagram.

Part 1: Why You Need The Micro Influencers

The famous influencers are definitely good but when you have a tight budget, the micro influencers Instagram has can turn out to be more profitable. Here are the benefits of micro-influencers.

1. Most direct - save money

It becomes very difficult to hire celebrity influencers like Selena Gomez who charges around $550,000 per post. In such situations, micro influencers are the best and however, small their follower count is, compensating them can always be rewarding.

The micro influencers can be compensated financially or otherwise, and they get various offers according to their follower count. The micro influencer Instagram collaboration can be on an average fee of $271 per post or you may publish their posts and tag them, such shoutout can help them gain followers.

You may also send the micro influencers free products of your brand as if they like it, they talk about your brand.

save money influencer

2. Deeply connect with followers

The trust building is an important factor. As the micro influencer’s number of followers is less, they are able to connect with people more and this builds an extremely trustworthy relationship.

The feeds of the micro influencers are not crunched with sponsored posts because it may divert the interest of the users. Any unauthentic posts from the micro-influencers can make their followers disengage and unfollow them.

In order to remain loyal to their followers and keep the relationship with their followers intact, the micro influencers always remain honest with their feeds. The recommendations made by the micro influencers don’t seem to be a forceful push, instead it is more of an insider’s recommendation.

connect followers

3. They are easily reachable

The macro-influencers are flooded with brand requests each day whereas, the micro influencers are involved in a very little sponsored posts.

This might make the communication with the micro influencers much each and they might respond to your emails for a possibility of collaboration. Therefore, reaching out to the right influencer is highly essential to match their aesthetics and get into an association with them.

The macro influencers are also tied up under contract with particular brands that make their work scope limited when it comes to working with many brands. On the contrary, the micro influencers are not under such contracts which makes it easier to partner with them or reach them.

4. Get loyal customers

The Instagram influencers have a strong influence on their followers. This helps them to earn money by promoting several brands and products on their social platform.

Often the authenticity is questioned when the post from the influencer includes the #ad hashtag. The sponsored posts reliability is often under question. In the case of the micro influencers, their fan base is limited which helps them to connects with their followers and make a strong bond.

The followers of the micro influencers are usually their friends and family and a study reveals that more than 92% of the people trust the recommendation from their peers when it comes to an advertised product. Connecting with the micro influencers is one of the best ways to attract loyal customers.

loyal customer

5. In the long run, micro influencers are worthier

When your brand goes live on your micro influencer’s profile and starts generating comments, likes, and followers you think of thanking your influencer and wrap up. Isn’t it?

But, do think again before taking any such action. The influencer marketing includes reaching the right influencer, connect with the influencer, and discussing the product in detail.

To make the most out of your influencer micro influencers Instagram program, keep nurturing your relationship with the influencer for further promotions in the future.

Part 2: How To Find Micro Influencers On Instagram

Here are some of the best ways to find the micro influencers-

  • Search the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Search relevant locations, hashtags or macro influencer’s profile to find if any micro influencer commented on their posts or are amongst their followers
  • Check your tagged posts on Instagram to find out if any micro influencer is already a follower of your product
  • Use apps that can help in matching the right account for your brand


Are you looking to invest your money on Instagram campaigns or reach out to the right micro influencer on Instagram? Consider the above benefits of collaborating with the micro influencers for your brand and find the right micro influencer to drive sales. If you are considering making video, why not to use Filmora? Check this video to find more.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.