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How to Get Covers for Your Instagram Highlights

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

From filters to gifs and everything in between, Instagram has revolutionized the way we can express our creativity. Among these creative outlets is the Instagram Highlights feature, which allows users to organize and pin stories to their profile that allows their content to live permanently. In order to make your content attractive to your audience, it must not only be named appropriately, but given a sensible, thoughtful and engaging cover image. This article will teach you not only how to get an Instagram Highlight cover, but one that is interesting and click-worthy to engage your followers.

Sandiego Zoo IG highlight

Part 1: What is an Instagram Highlight?

Instagram Highlights are the small circles that appear under a user’s bio and serve a simple purpose - extending the life of an Instagram Story.

They can be used on both personal and business accounts and when created thoughtfully, can help boost one’s personal and professional brand. Instagram allows each highlight to store up to 100 stories, each having its own name and cover image to correspond with the content. Users can change the content in each highlight as necessary, making it easy to keep your profile up to date and accurate.

Part 2: Why Should You Create a Cover for Your Instagram Highlight?

Branding is everything, and so are first impressions. Whether you are running a personal or business account, what your viewers see on your profile is the first impression they are receiving about your brand. Highlights are a great opportunity for users to extend the life of their stories and organize them in a visually engaging, easy-to-digest fashion.

A cover for your Instagram Highlight could determine whether someone clicks through to valuable information you have emphasized on your profile, and it’s imperative to utilize this function in a way that maximizes your potential viewership. The cover image can incentivize more clicks, and more clicks means more opportunities to generate a sale.

Another key reason to create a cover for your Highlight is to convey additional creativity. Making thoughtful covers that are aesthetically pleasing and on-brand will give your audience another reason to keep coming back for content.

Part 3: How to Get an Instagram Highlight Cover?

There are a few options for creating a cover for your Instagram Highlight. Choosing the kind of cover(s) you use will determine how you add it to your Highlight. For the purpose of a business account, creating your own unique and branded cover image is the best way to gauge interest and engagement from your audience. The options include:

  1. Using an existing image from a Story included in your Highlight
  2. Designing your own unique, branded cover image

Using an existing image from a Story included in your Highlight

To create a highlight cover using an image from an existing story:

  1. Click on your story and find the slide you want to create the Highlight with.
  2. In the bottom right corner select Highlight, and then select New to create a new highlight

create highlight cover from story

  1. Add a Highlight name, and make sure you name your highlight something informative and short, so it is viewable in full on your profile.
  2. Hit Add. Your Highlight Cover will then be selected as a still image from that Story.

If you’re not satisfied with the cover image selected from this story, you can choose an image from another story in that Highlight.

  1. Go to your profile, and select the Highlight you’ve created, and select More in the bottom right corner, and then select Edit Highlight
  2. In the middle top of your screen select Edit Cover, and a still image from all the stories in your Highlight will appear. You can choose which image you want as your Cover image.

Designing your own unique, branded cover image

One of the best ways to get your audience to engage with your profile, specifically your Instagram Highlights, is generating a Highlight cover that is unique to your brand. There are a variety of online highlight cover makers you can use to design your own cover image. Canva, Adobe Spark, PicMonkey are all among the resources you can use.

Here is a simple tutorial that shows you how to create an Instagram highlight cover. If you want to create a highlight cover image on mobile, check these highlight cover apps for iOS and Android.

 highlight cover images

Once you’ve created your own branded Highlight cover, export it to your device and save it to your camera roll. From here, the steps to uploading the image to your Highlight cover are simple, and similar to the previous instructions.

  1. Go to your profile, and select the Highlight you’ve created
  2. Select More in the bottom right corner, and then select Edit Highlight
  3. In the middle top of your screen select Edit Cover.

 change highlight cover images

  1. On the far left side, select the image icon, and you will be directed to your Camera Roll where you can import your unique cover image

 select highlight cover images

Part 4: What Makes for an Excellent Instagram Highlight Cover?

If you want to maximize the benefits of creating an Instagram Highlight you need to spend some time considering the role of the Highlight cover (and title). Instagram is a visual platform and therefore the visual you use for your cover can help determine the frequency with which people view it.

Use images that represent your brand. Using the image on your cover that best represents your brand and the content in that highlight will give your profile an organized, cohesive look.

Be strategic with your content. You’ve gotten people to click on your highlight, and the last thing they want is unorganized, repetitive material. Be sure that you pick the most important stories when creating your highlight.

Experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different images when putting together your Instagram Highlights. Some brands find it useful to use muted colors, others profit from bright imagery. Take some time to swap out your cover image and track your data (via insights) to see how your engagement changes over time.


Your personal and business Instagram can benefit from using the Instagram Highlights feature, though you will gain more from taking the time to curate a cover that is thoughtful, on-brand and engaging.

There are a few options when it comes to importing a cover image, such as choosing from an existing image in a story, creating your own image, and choosing a pre-existing cover image and uploading it.

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Shanoon Cox
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