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How to Remove Followers on Instagram?

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Not everyone wants uninvited attention on Instagram, and if you are one of them who wants to know how to remove followers on Instagram, you have come to the right place. Instagram is a great platform to stay connected with people you want; however, it is also a minefield because you never know who is following you and for what reason.

So, rather than blocking someone, what you can do is learn how to delete followers on Instagram, and that's what this article will talk about.

Part 1: Which Followers Should You Remove from Your Instagram Account?

If you look at your followers, you may see many people you don't know and have never really talked to. Gone are the days when people used to feel impressed seeing 10k+ followers on their Instagram account. Now, it's more about how much people engage with your account. What's the purpose of having followers on Instagram if they don't like your photos or comment on your latest update? Think about it once. All you are seeing is 10k followers but receiving only 200 likes. This equation simply doesn't complement one another.

So, before you learn how to remove all followers on Instagram, let's find out who these people are that you should remove from your follower's list are?

1. Fake Followers

Whenever someone follows you, ensure to check them by visiting their account. Fake accounts are not difficult to track. We have attached a screenshot to help you understand how these fake profiles look like. These accounts will typically not have any profile photos and updates. They will simply follow people just like that and randomly. Some fake profiles might create an illusion that they aren't fake, but if they only have two or three random photos with no connection to the name and following thousands and thousands of people, these are fake accounts.

These accounts are basically created by people who are later used to follow other accounts and gain points so that they can use those coins to buy followers for their main account. Yes, people do that. Followers can be easily purchased. But you need real followers, not fake ones.

2. Mass Followers

Next up are the mass followers. These are not fake accounts, but they follow thousands of people hoping that they will be followed back. Who will be following 7500 people? Do we even have these many celebrities? You will often see hashtags like #followforfollow #followback, etc. They also join pages that are dedicated to people who want to gain followers. But do so you will have to follow other people and wait for them to follow you back.

So, visit the profile, and even if you see the latest updates on their account, but they have followed 7500 people, then remove them as followers because they are doing that randomly. They aren't even looking at what your account has to offer, and chances are they have not even messaged you.

3. Inactive Followers

Some people will create an Instagram account out of the blue and follow whoever shows up as a suggestion. And once they do, they vanish into thin air and never appear for as long as six months. If you have noticed people like them, they are inactive followers. And if they haven't appeared even once in six months, chances are they won't.

4. Ghost Followers

Ghost followers are pretty similar to mass followers. These are the ones who have followed more than a thousand people and never really engage with the ones who they are following. These followers can be active and inactive, both. If someone has followed you a while back and you followed them as well, but there is no interaction whatsoever, there you go, you have a ghost follower who will never bother to check your latest updates.

Part 2: How to Remove Followers on Instagram from Your Followers List?

Now that you know which followers you should stay away from, let's find out how to remove fake followers on Instagram? Readers may note that you can't remove followers from a web browser. You will first have to access your Instagram account on your Android or iOS app and from there follow these instructions:

Step 1: Go to your profile on Instagram, and then click on the Followers tab and look at the followers you want to remove.

Step 2: The follower's list will show you the name of the followers, and towards the right will be the remove option.

 find the follower on ins

Step 3: Once you see that, click on the Remove option to remove that follower, and it's done.

 remove followers on Ins

Part 3: How to Remove Followers on Instagram From the Follower's Profile?

If you want to check the followers account before removing them, rather than removing them as your follower directly from the Followers tab, you can visit their account and do the needful. To do that, just read the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Open your Instagram account. Click on the Followers tab and find the person you want to remove as a follower.

Step 2: Click on that person's account. You will see three dots on the right side of the profile picture. Please click on that.

Click on the three dots then select remove follower

Step 3: From the pop-up menu, click on the Remove Follower option, and voila!

Part 4: How to Remove All Followers on Instagram?

If you want to mass-delete your followers, then here's what you need to know. First, Instagram doesn't allow anyone to mass-delete their followers. This is because when you mass-delete your followers, you will remove everyone, even the real and genuine ones who engage with your posts and you. You will even end up removing people as your followers who you know.

To save you from this hassle, Instagram only allows the manual removal of the followers. So, you can either remove followers from the Followers tab, else, visit their account to remove them as a follower, whichever option is easy for you.

However, if you no longer want to use your Instagram account or want to start fresh, then you can try some third-party tools to remove all Instagram followers. Indeed, many third-party tools will allow you to do that. However, the most significant danger that comes along with these third-party apps is that you give them access to your account.

If not all, many of these apps can turn out to be dangerous. Just like you should never share your ATM pin with everyone or passwords with anyone, your Instagram account should remain with you and only you. These apps can take over complete control of your app and finally block you out as the primary account holder. And when something happens, you will become helpless.

Another thing is that Instagram has become more innovative, just like its users. Instagram continuously tracks accounts that use third-party apps to auto-generate comments, likes, and followers and even send them a warning message. Instagram can even log you off from your account, asking you to create a new account, and the worst, delete your account. That's why it is better not to use any third-party apps to remove and gain followers. Instead, stay safe and remove followers manually only.

Part 5: What Happens When You Remove A Follower on Instagram?

Do followers get notified when you remove them?

So, once a follower is removed, that person won't be notified about it. However, they can find out that you have to remove them as a follower by visiting your account. If your account is private and a follower has been removed, they won't see any stories or posts. Also, they will see the blue Follow button on your account.

How can I know if someone has removed me as a follower?

To know who has removed you, you will first have to visit the person's account. If you doubt that someone might have to remove you, visit their account, and you will see the blue follow button. If it's there, the person has removed you.

Can the Removed Person See Your Instagram Posts and Stories?

Unless you keep your account public, they won't be. No one can see the Instagram feed of a private account.

When you remove someone on Instagram, do their likes disappear?

No, they only will be removed as a follower. All of their comments and likes will remain.

Can the removed person Request to Follow Your Instagram Back?

Yes, they can again follow you if your account is public, but if it's private, they can send you a follow request.

Bonus: What are the differences between Removing vs. restricting vs. blocking followers on Instagram?

When someone is removed as a follower, they will no longer see your feed and stories. To be able to see your posts, they will have to follow you again. When you restrict someone, they can still send you messages and comment on your recent photo, but Instagram won't show them to you. And the restricted account won't be aware of the changes. Finally, when you block a follower, that account can no longer communicate with you. They won't be able to see your account at all.

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