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Analytics Tools For an Improved Tracking of Your Instagram Metrics

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Each like your Instagram post gets is a bit of valuable information that can be used for planning future social media campaigns or attaining your social media goals. Paying attention to every detail and monitoring every Instagram metric available to you is going to help you increase the sales of your products through Instagram and it will help you build a successful Instagram profile with thousands of followers.

People who use Instagram just for entertainment don't need to pay attention to statistics, but businesses that want to reach new markets, increase the number of followers or improve engagement rates, will definitely benefit from using analytics tools for Instagram. Gaining an insight into the numbers behind Instagram posts will put you one step closer to the social media goals your company is trying to achieve. If you would like to find how you can enhance the performance of your Instagram posts by using Instagram analytics or which tools you should use, you are at the right place. Let's have a look at how you can use Instagram analytics to your own advantage.

Why Should You Use Instagram Analytics

The importance of knowing your audience can't be emphasized enough, simply because knowing who the person you are trying to reach is, will enable you to find the best way to approach that person. Instagram metrics can be used to better understand what your ideal Instagram follower likes or dislikes, at what times they are most likely to use Instagram or what products they are going to need.

An insight into the habits of your followers is just one of the things Instagram analytics can provide you with, while measuring the success of your posts or your Instagram strategy, planning campaigns or gaining an advantage over your competition is also on the long list of things Instagram analytics can be utilized for.

There are two types of metrics you can monitor with analytics tools on Instagram. The account metrics keep track of all your Instagram activities, since the moment you created the Instagram account until the present day, while the Individual metrics shed light on how well your posts on Instagram are performing.

There are several account metrics, such as top posts, top mentions or top followers that provide you with information that is essential for growth of every Instagram account. Individual post metrics measure Instagram reach percentages and engagement rates, or in other words statistics that help you create better Instagram posts.

Comparing the data gathered from the account and individual metrics will provide you with a clear picture of how successful your Instagram account really is, and it will point out which areas of your Instagram strategy you can improve.

7 Best Analytics Tools Every Successful Instagrammer Should Have

Choosing the right analytics tool for the job of monitoring the metrics that are vital for the development of your Instagram account will take you a step closer to your goal. Here are some of the best analytics tools you can use to measure the Instagram metrics.

1. Simply Measured

Obtain brand awareness data or find out what the trending topics on Instagram are, with this easy to use analytics tool. Simply Measured is designed to help you define your target audience and design a viable social media marketing strategy that will take Instagram by storm.

You can use it to produce detailed reports your marketing team can utilize to determine how popular a brand or a product is. This Instagram analytics tool has proven to be quite effective for understanding the audience behavior. The information about pricing plans are not available to the public, but you can request a demo, and decide if this Instagram analytics tool is the right choice for you.

2. Iconosquare

Choosing to purchase this Instagram analytics tool will provide you with statistics for Instagram stories as well as for the posts you share on Instagram's main feed. Iconosquare makes monitoring statistics much easier, than most of its competitors, through its Chrome extension that gives you instant access to all the Instagram analytics data you may need.

Tracking and moderating comments on all of your social media posts is yet another amazing feature offered by this powerful cross-platform tool. Iconosquare is available in several different pricing plans that range from $7 per month for a Starter package up to $59 for Advanced packages aimed at high-end professionals.

3. Instagram Insights

If you would like to keep track of all the most important metrics on your account for free, then Instagram's native analytics tool is the right choice for you. However, you need to have a Facebook Business account in order to use all the features this tool has to offer. Besides providing the insights into the metrics of your Instagram posts and stories, Instagram Insights also allows you to see how well your ads on Instagram are doing. You can only access this Instagram analytics tool from your phone, and you won't be able to keep track of posts you shared before you converted to a Facebook Business profile.

4. Owlmetrics

A quick look at the list of features Owlmetrics provides is enough to explain why this Instagram analytics tool is regarded as one of the most advanced tools on the market. Measuring the audience growth, keeping track of the users who stopped following your Instagram profile or knowing how much traffic the links in your Bio are driving are only a few commodities you'll be able to enjoy if you choose to utilize this analytics tool. Tracking and analyzing hashtags that generate the best response from the audience is easy with Owlmetrics.

5. Union Metrics

You can identify the most relevant influencers for your brand with this easy to use and highly efficient tool. Furthermore, Union Metrics will enable you to monitor social media campaigns and create presentable reports that contain all the information essential for the assessment of a social media campaign.

If you can't really decide whether you should purchase one of the tool's pricing plans you can analyze your Instagram account for free and see just how efficient Union Metrics is. Over 280.000 marketers that are already using this Instagram analytics tool serve as a testament to its quality.

6. Keyhole

Understanding what types of content will attract the most attention from your Instagram followers is easy with Keyhole. The suite of optimization data this Instagram analytics tool offers will enable you to time your Instagram posts perfectly and it will also inform you which hashtags are best suited for your Instagram posts.

Although the free trial is available, the pricing plans for this Instagram analytics tool start at $179 per month. Keyhole may be expensive, but its features make it a great option for big agencies and large social media marketing teams.

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social combines analytics tools with the tools you can use to schedule posts on several different social media platforms, including Instagram. It is probably not best suited for small marketing teams because its features were designed to improve the workflow of large companies and teams that need to manage large databases. Its price suggests the same, since the cheapest version of Sprout Social you can get costs $99, while the most expensive option for enterprises costs $249.

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