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How to make an Instagram Intro/End Video on Mac

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

So you've shot and edited your Instagram video on Mac, but in the back of your head, you keep thinking it looks a little empty. After replaying it a thousand times, it suddenly hits you – there’s no intro for your Instagram video! 

Having a good Instagram opening video is important if you want to grab your followers’ attention. The average human attention span is only eight seconds so a good intro gives you an opportunity to hook your viewers and stand out from the competition.

Part 1: What are the necessary effects of Instagram Intro video
Part 2: Instagram Video Editing Software for Mac

instagram reels

Part 1: What are the necessary effects of the Instagram Intro video

  • Intro Video Elements – Text

To make an Instagram intro video, there are plenty of video elements you can use. Text is probably the most important one. On Instagram’s IGTV, videos often play with the sound muted, so if you have catchy text written in the intro of your video, there’s a good chance viewers will continue to watch the rest of it. 

You can write something about your brand or describe the topic of the video in a few words so your viewers know what it is exactly they’re about to watch, but you have to make sure that the text you write is short, attractive, and relevant to the video. 

ArtsyCity on Instagram, for example, made an Instagram story in which they welcomed new followers and wrote “We share unique and inspiring art on a daily basis”. This is a great way to introduce people who might have stumbled upon their Instagram through the Explore page or ads. 

  • Background Color

Adding a background color is also an important part of making a good Instagram intro video. You should choose a color that best represents your brand or one that’s pleasing to the eye.  Many people use Instagram at night in the dark and looking at bright, vivid colors can easily turn them away. 

Look at this Instagram ad by 'drinkbai' for instance. It has a simple color scheme that’s also pleasing to the eye. 

  • Animation

Another important video element is the animation. There are so many things you can do with Instagram animation that it would be impossible to list all of them here. It’s a great way to make your Instagram intro video look fun and inviting. It’s a powerful tool that you can use to deliver any type of message. 

Your video doesn’t have to be entirely animated. Integrating even just a little bit of animation into your otherwise normal videos can make them unique. 

This ad by Lemonade is a great example. Lemonade uses animation to highlight, in hot pink color, the products their services include. It’s a great way to draw the viewer’s attention towards what Lemonade wants them to see.

  • Filters

You can add filters to your InstagramIGTV stories to make them look different. Filters change the colors, texture, contrast, and brightness of videos. If you’re not in the mood to edit your Instagram videos, just slap a filter on them and watch as their entire feel and vibe get transformed into something completely different.

There are many Instagram bloggers that have made some really great opening videos. The beauty expert Huda Kattan made an intro video in which she combined text and animation to introduce her brand. The personal trainer Kayla Itsines also uses text right in the beginning to describe the exercises she teaches in her videos. 

Kylie Jenner's videos often have openings that use a filter that gives them a grainy look, which makes them stand out from the rest of the bright and colorful content you usually see on Instagram. 

kylie jenner

Part 2: Instagram Video Editing Software for Mac

So how do you make Instagram intro videos on Mac? There are video editors available that you can use to create them. Here are the three best video editing apps for Instagram:

1. Intro/End Video Maker: Wondershare Filmora X 

Filmora X is a free video editing software that you can use to add filters, text, audio, pictures, and even animation to your Instagram intro videos. It has animation templates that you can use in your videos. It also has transitions that you can use to make your videos look smooth. 

It's packed with tons of cool features and it makes the whole process easy and fun. Filmora supports every major video file format and you can easily export your videos for Instagram by changing the settings in the export window. 

It has features like color match and elements which let you color correct your videos and add stickers and other graphics to them.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Intro/End Video Maker: Animoto

Animoto is another free video editor that lets you make Instagram opening videos and IGTV stories. It gives you the option to make your videos using storyboard templates or to start from scratch. 

You can upload videos or photos from your gallery and then edit them by changing text, colors, and sound and adding a logo that represents your Instagram page. 

It's great if you just want to make a quick video by adding text and pictures, but other than that, there's not much that it offers. 

3. Intro/End Video Maker: iMovie 

iMovie is a simple video editing tool you can use to make Instagram videos. It has a user-friendly interface and it has 30 video filters and 20 audio filters that you can add to your videos. 

Its simple interface means it's not meant to be used for advanced video editing but you can rest assured that it will get the job done. You can change the white balance and match the color of your videos so they look more consistent. With iMovie, you can share your videos directly to Instagram.



Whether you're a brand or someone who's aiming to be an influencer, having a good Instagram intro video should be an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy. 

You need to capture your viewers' attention quickly and the only way that'll happen is if you have an attractive opening video. Download Filmora X for Mac so you can start editing your Instagram videos like a pro without putting in too much effort. You can use text, transitions, and the 150 elements that come with the free download to make your videos look more alive. 

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