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What Are The Best Settings For Live Streaming on OBS?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 23, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

OBS Studio is the most preferred software for live streaming. Not just because it is available completely free of cost, OBS Studio is capable of allowing users to live stream on almost all online platforms from your computer. However, getting OBS stream settings absolutely perfect is essential for a live stream to go smoothly without compromising with quality.

OBS Studio lets you live stream from your computer irrespective of your computer configuration. However, if you have a low-end computer, you have to get the right OBS stream settings for low end PC so that your system can handle the live streaming session perfectly. In this article, we will see the best OBS Stream settings you should set on your computer.

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How To Change OBS Studio Stream Settings?

Here are the steps to change the default OBS Studio Stream settings and customize based on your system configuration and requirements.

Step 1: Launch OBS Studio.

Step 2: Go to Controls tab.

Step 3: Click on Settings button.

obs click on settings button

Step 4: You have to deal with Output, Audio and Video settings which are available on the left side.

The General tab is for changing the appearance but it does not affect the settings of streaming as such. The Stream tab is where you put Stream key to live stream on any selected online platform. Output tab is the most important tab in terms of getting the right OBS stream settings Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or any platform for that matter. The Video tab is setting video resolution and FPS while the Audio tab is for setting sample rate and channels.

Output Settings –

Go to Settings> Output and set the Output Mode from Simple to Advanced in order to customized the settings. Here are the parameters whose settings you have to get right under Output tab.

Encoder –

Under Streaming, Encoder comes first and depending on your hard configuration, you have to choose Encoder. Encoder reduces CPU usage and hence, the live stream can go smoothly without consuming CPU resources heavily. However, it brings down the video quality. But if you want high visual fidelity, you can opt for x264 encoder.

Rate Control –

Rate control determines how consistent your bitrate will be. If the bitrate stays consistent, the visual quality will be better. The most preferred option is CBR or Constant Bitrate. But you will need higher bandwidth. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a high-speed internet connectivity through Ethernet cable before live streaming. If your internet speed fluctuates a lot, you can opt for VRB or Variable Bitrate for Rate Control.

Bitrate –

The bitrate of a stream in OBS is determined by video resolution setting, video frame rate setting as well as available uploading bandwidth of your internet connection. The following table will help you understand bitrate requirement.

Video Resolution

Video Frame Rate



60 FPS

9000 kbps


30 FPS

6000 kbps


60 FPS

5000 kbps


30 FPS

4000 kbps


It is recommended to keep bitrate above 6000 kbps as OBS stream settings Twitch live stream as Twitch can throttle down bitrate and that can affect the video quality.

Keyframe Interval –

Keyframe interval determines after how many seconds your video frame will be rendered during live streaming. The ideal computer and laptop OBS stream settings for keyframe interval should be 2 seconds.

CPU Usage Preset –

CPU usage determines how much CPU power is used during rendering and encoding process. The higher the preset, the lower will be the CPU power usage. “Veryfast” is an ideal setting but you have to set it to Ultrafast as OBS stream settings for low end PC.

obs cpu usage preset

Besides, you can go to Recording tab to the location where the recording will be saved. You can also go to Audio to change the audio bitrate. The ideal audio birate is 128 but if you have a high-end computer, you can set it to 192 and even 256.

Video Settings –

Base resolution - When you go to Video tab, you will find base resolution and output resolution options. The base resolution is the resolution at which you want to capture. For example, if you are playing a game at 1080p, the base resolution should be 1080p.

Output Resolution - The output resolution is the resolution at which you want to live stream. Even when you have 2K or 4K resolution screen, you should keep the output resolution at 1080p or 720p for smooth live streaming. Ideally speaking, you should have matching base and output resolution.

Downscale Filter - You can set Downscale Filter to downscale resolution so that the output is sharp and the system resources are not over-utilized. For high-end computer, Lanczos filter is preferred while others can use Bicubic filter.

FPS Value - Now, coming frame per second value, 30 FPS is the minimum you should target if your internet speed is not superfast or your computer has low-end configuration. However, if you have high-speed internet and high-end computer, go for 60FPS for better output.

obs fps value

Audio Settings –

The most common problem in live streaming is generally the audio. On Audio tab, you will come across Sample Rate and Channels. Keep the sample rate at 48kHz and channels at Stereo. Under Global Audio Device, you can set the external microphones you can using so that all the devices work in sync.

obs audio settings

Conclusion –

The default OBS stream settings are set for regular configuration of a computer. However, you need to get the best OBS stream settings as per the configuration of your computer as well as internet speed to get a smooth and high-quality live streaming experience. We have stated all the possible parameters that you can adjust and ensure that there is no issue when you live stream on any online platform.