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DaCast Review and Alternatives

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

DaCast Review:

As a popular service provider, DaCast serves users with two main utilities: first one is its on demand video hosting facility and second is live streaming assistance. You will be glad to know that DaCast offers white label starting content to all users with low price ranges for different packages. Most of the users reveal that DaCast is highly interactive, operational, user friendly, flexible, extremely stable and offers impressive content quality. It is suitable to beginners too due to its quick and simple set up along with affordable services.

Incredible features of DaCast:

  • It offers services with pay-per-view monetization policies; hence is proven to be more flexible and accessible.
  • There is wide range of security options with few geographic restrictions.
  • It assists users to enjoy multi bit rate type content streaming.
  • Possesses large playlist.
  • One can avail easy water marking option on DaCast platform; that is why most of business professionals love to use this platform.
  • There are unlimited channels and this platform never poses restriction on users.
  • DaCast is well known for its impressive analytics.

DaCast serves content on the basis of Akamai Content Delivery Network system; it is imply the highly rated and most useful service throughout the world. Generally, Wowza like popular platforms never integrate its features with Akamai but DaCast follows this support and hence it offers great quality. Embed codes as well as links on DaCast hosted content usually move to Akamai servers so that partial slowdowns can be avoided on network.

DaCast API:

One more interesting thing to talk about DaCast is its API. The best thing to know here is that this system allows complete access to code base of DaCast, even every feature of DaCast is included. Users on this platform can easily control their content as per their needs and they can also have active control on other features like monetization, streaming, uploading etc.

With this API, you can also enjoy integration between online videos, streaming and already existing media workflows. This feature makes DaCast platform ideal for media users as well as for broadcasters. It is also possible to develop customized streaming platform on DaCast system and users can further sell it to other server seekers.

DaCast Pricing:

  • If you pick the monthly plan then you need to pay $19/month and it will allow access to 20GB storage with 100GB Bandwidth.
  • The Pro-Middle Tier plans offer 125GB storage with 2TB bandwidth and users need to pay $165/month.
  • With the Premier Tier plan you can access 250GB storage and 5TB Bandwidth.

Best Features:

  • It offers white labelled services.
  • Intuitive and easy to use platform.
  • Works with Akamai CDN.
  • Provides simple monetization services.
  • Affordable price range.

Ideal Users:

It is well understood now that DaCast offers compelling features with competitive pricing services that is why is it currently serving a large community from every corner of world. Some of the most popular DaCast users are medium and small businesses, entertainment, media, sports, government, education, religious groups and many community groups.

DaCast Alternatives:

1. Ustream:

Ustream is one of the largest and most interactive live streaming service providers. It is commonly used by beginners due to its free live streaming services that are funded via advertisements. Whereas users can also access white label services with pricing plan of $99/month. This network is well known for its extensive monetization offerings, subscription options, pay-per-view deals and advertising splits. Users are also allowed to develop private channels on this network and they can also highlight various scheduled broadcasts.


2. Livestream:

Livestream also comes under the list of highly recommended streaming platforms and it offers competitive features with better pricing deals. Livestream is well known for its impressive technology and intuitive platform that has potential to serve professional users for their specific needs. It offers great services with user friendly environment and company allows discussions as well as feedbacks to improve services. It supports high quality content for live streaming and users can enjoy long hour uploads without any restriction. It helps users to enjoy live events on many big screens like Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast etc.


3. Brightcove:

Brightcove is widely recommended solution for various video systems and it is designed to serve business specific needs. There are so many options for easy monetization and users can follow selections from wide range of platforms or devices. You will be glad to know that brighgrove follows two independent solutions for its clients as: Brand based and Media based. Where first one is dedicated to marketing experts whereas media based tool is commonly used by distributors, publishers, broadcasters and content owners. Some of the most common applications of Brightgrove includes live events and social sharing needs.


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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.