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How to Choose a Live Streaming Platform with 10 tips?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

You can easily find so many live streaming platforms over internet such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Ustream, Livestream etc but the selection of right one as per requirements of users is really an difficult task. If you are a beginner and finding trouble in your selection process then the article below will help you to narrow down your list of preferences. There is no need to pay for features that you don’t even want to use, simple pick the suitable and useful tools for your needs and enjoy your live streams with friends.

Consider the CDN:

Here, CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network.

Speed Matters:

When we talk about video streaming then speed plays major role. Size of video files use to be much larger as compared to other data files so they demand faster internet connection for transfers otherwise you may face an error. Now as during live streaming process, data is transmitted on real time basis so users cannot recover the losses in between. Direct video streaming from a server is easier only when you have to focus upon localized area or small number of viewers.

CDNs offer reliability and speed:

This speed issue is well treated by CDNs. Actually, CDN acts like a global network where all servers are linked together. During CDN based streaming, the data is automatically copied and transferred over all available servers. All viewers will be able to access videos from servers that appear closest to their location. Hence, overall speed gets maximized and the buffering issue is eliminated. With the distributed CDN network, it becomes possible to share huge load over server and millions of viewers can stay tuned at a time.

Ease of Use:

There is no doubt to say that streaming is a highly complex technology. The live videos are usually developed in different parts and they are linked together using multiple hardware and software tools. The streaming process may become easier only if users have access to right equipments and modern advanced platform.

The best trick to test reliability of a specific platform is to start with free trial. Use broadcaster API that means users can work with their personalized web, desktop or mobile application which can assist in fast streaming. In case if you start live streaming from studio platform then it can be easily integrated with other live streaming projects available on API. The code based structure of software helps in easy integration of various parts of videos in order to present complete details on single network.

Tech Support:

Most of video hosts have limited customer support via mail or using support forums but you must choose for one that offers 24x7 supports via phone. Every second of your stream video is crucial and users cannot take a risk to miss any of these sections. So if anything goes wrong, you must get immediate assistance from support team.

More useful Tips:

1. Focus on your Goals:

Usually, every liver streamer start with a different target; few are interested to generate money while others just count on numbers of followers. Ensure that you have clear idea about your future plans as it will help you to make better selection for your needs.

2. Size of audience:

Your position on live streaming network depends upon size of audience. Prefer to pick a network that assists you to catch millions of viewers and followers so that you can create a big list of viewers soon.

3. Internal or public streaming:

Your selection of stream target audience creates much difference. With your public and private content you need to work on other features like password protection etc. It also focuses on white label service which is often used in customized manner.

4. Structure your budget:

Money is a role playing element everywhere. However, the video streaming process is much affordable but the activation of plans and service completely depends upon your budget. Very few of you might be interested to pay those monthly bills at this stage.

5. Future Plans:

Ensure that your selected plans can give you right opportunities to grow and it has capabilities to bring success for you. If you are planning to expand your live streaming idea in future then it is good to start with right efforts in positive direction from today.

6. Free Trial:

There is no doubt to say that a free trial for live video hosts is essential to grab idea about quality of their services. Try multiple platforms and compare their performance, check their complexity levels and prefer to choose the best one for your live streaming needs. The free network will help you to know that how your system supports your live streaming process and is it reliable for your future needs of not.

7. Get Started:

If you are a beginner, then there is no need to feel confused about what should be your live streaming platform. The best option is to start with a free trial first and then choose your results carefully. You can easily find thousands of live streaming software tools but the technology behind their development makes real difference. Even if you are selected any one of these advanced tools due to lack of information then also it is possible to switch on other platforms to improve your gaming experience.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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