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Twitch Music: Where to Find Copyright-Free Music for Twitch Streaming

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

A common struggle amongst Twitch streamers is that most often un-authorized songs are muted during their on-demand video. For those looking to add or even listen to background sounds during their live-gaming stream, vlog, or tutorial – this can be extremely annoying and irritating. With more than 15 million daily active users, we understand just how important it is to ensure your “real life” stream stands out from the rest. To help users battle unwanted DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedowns and confrontations, our handy guide is here to suggest some Twitch/Stream-friendly music applications.

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Where to Find Copyright-Free Songs for Twitch Music:

As a video streamer, it’s paramount that you are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding media distribution – this includes audio. The best way to avoid infringing penalties and muted streams/VoDs is to opt for royalty-free music. Although not all music sourced from popular “royalty-free” sites is totally free, it’s worth noting that a small attribution (link within your video stating where you got the audio) is less hassle than having your live-streams and broadcasts muted or worse, removed. Below we have listed a number of popular Twitch-friendly platforms that are designed to help you add royalty-free music to your streams.

Disclaimer: Always read the terms and conditions of each website before downloading, streaming, or sharing their songs within your videos.

1. Twitch Music Library

Working in collaboration with both artists and labels across the globe to help streamers add royalty-free and globally-cleared tracks and audio files to their next live-stream, the Twitch Music Library is a great catalogue to opt for. Certified safe for use in not only live broadcasts but also VoD’s (Videos on Demand), tracks chosen are only to be used alongside a Broadcasters stream on Twitch. With a wide range of genres to choose from, the Twitch Music Library is designed for streamers of all tastes.

2. Monstercat

With 2 options available, Monstercat is a fun and easy-to-use platform for those looking to add an array of tunes to their next VoD or live-stream. Allowing streamers to use their music without a license simply means users will inevitably receive a “copyright claim”, however this only means that any advertising revenue obtained from the video will be distributed to both the company (Monstercat) and the artists involved. Alternatively, with a Twitch Content Creator License available to purchase for only $5/month, users are then offered the opportunity to keep 100% of the revenue created via advertising and by-pass the copyright claims.

3. Pretzel

Offering live-streamers and keen vloggers a wide range of DMCA-safe music that’s even suitable for use in monetized streams, Pretzel is guaranteed to stand out. Frequently updated to include the latest tracks, Pretzel erases the need for excessive downloading with a helpful integrated player. With a built-in chat-bot that’s designed to announce playing tracks, and even an easy-to-toggle music filter, this popular stream-friendly platform is perfect for content creators.

4. Spotify Music Library

Perhaps one of the most popular platforms for streaming music, Spotify is another great option for live-streamers. Although most songs available on Spotify are not copyright-free and are unsuitable for use within VoDS, live-streams, and broadcasts, it’s important to note that Spotify does offer a Twitch Music Library. Within this library there are a number of approved tracks and songs that are cleared for use within live broadcasts on Twitch. Find it here:

5. Incompetech Music Library

Similar to Monstercat, there are 2 options when it comes to streaming music from the Incompetech library. For those that don’t want to purchase a music license, streamers that opt for the royalty-free music available are required to credit their source. This simply requires inserting the name of the piece, link to the source, and statement that you are utilizing a Creative Commons License within your live stream. For streams where attribution is not wanted or even impossible, then there is the option to purchase a Standard License at $30 per piece (2 for $25 each and 3 or more for $20 each).

6. MachinimaSound

Just like Incompetech, Machinima offers 2 simple options when it comes to sharing downloaded music. Users are only permitted to “listen” or “share with other listeners” a recently downloaded free track under the Creative Commons License (with credit). This does not allow them to use it in public projects without purchasing the additional “Project” License available across all genres and tracks.

7. Popskyy

A desirable “Mega Pack” of 106 electronic/chiptune songs, Popskyy is perfect for a wide range of live-streams and VoDs. Similar to MachinimaSound, Monstercat, and Incompetech, Popskyy offers a range of additional albums for live stream usage but these all require credit/link attribution when inserted into a broadcast.

Rules for Playing Copyrighted Music on Twitch Streaming

To help keep things simple, always remember that if you don’t hold the rights to play copyrighted music, then it’s probably not safe to include it in your next live-stream or on-demand broadcast. Although in most cases an entire stream won’t be taken down, if it infringes DMCA regulations, it is most likely that part of your video will become muted. Automatically muting sections of archived videos that contain copyright audio, Twitch is pretty sharp with spotting illegal music distribution, so our Top Tip is to always double check a sites Terms and Conditions before downloading or streaming!

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