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How to live stream game to Facebook via Xsplit?

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Those who want to Livestream their video content on facebook to entertain their friends are advised to use XSplit platform. When XSplit is used to stream game on facebook then first of all system creates a RTMP over XSplit. But the process demands an authentication code; so let us use another software like wirecast to generate that authentication code. You can easily copy and paste the authentication code on XSplit in order to finish all the required settings and then users can enjoy life streaming on Facebook via XSplit.

How to stream game to facebook with Xsplit:

Step 1: Preparation: During this first step you need to visit the official website of XSplit and then download your software. Install it on your system. Next go to the official website of wirecast and get your software program from their; install it using basic settings.

Step 2: Once Installation process is completed then open Wirecast on your system and from the toolbar that appears in upper portion of screen, select output settings.


Step 3: It is time to select the destination for your media file; enter Facebook from drop down menu.


Step 4: Now you need to click on authenticate and sign in option for your facebook account.

facebook account

Step 5: Your device screen will now open the facebook login window, enter you facebook login id and respective password in provided space. Press Log in option.

Log into

Step 6: As soon as you are logged in via your facebook account then you will find a create button on your device screen. Press this button and soon you will have the information about location of your content on facebook.

 create button

Step 7: After these steps, you need to go back to the XSplit platform. From the top most toolbar, choose broadcast option and then from drop down menu select Add Channel. Finally you will have to switch to Custom RTMP option from available drop down menu.

custom RTMP

Step 8: One more window will appear on your screen and it will ask you for pasting RTMP URL in provided space. Simple copy your RTMP URL from wirecast and paste it here.

paste RTMP

Step 9: Now you need to copy all required information from wircast platform (It is defined in the location section). Pick it from wirecast window and paste on XSplit at specified locations. Ensure that numbers do not have space between them.


no spacing

Step 10: Finally you need to select your encoding type and enter bit rate as 2500 KBPS. Then you can start the streaming

bitrate max

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Richard Bennett

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