How to live stream gopro to facebook and periscope?

By Apr 18,2017 11:36 am

Preparation for live streaming

Before you start live streaming from your action camera you will be required to install three apps- the GoPro App, the Live4 App and the Periscope App.

The GoPro App-will allow you to control your cam, watch the photos and videos and share them on the move.
The Live4 App -would allow you to broadcast the action sports videos from your GoPro or iPhone.
The Periscope App -would allow you to broadcast and view what’s happening around the globe through live clips.

Once you have downloaded these 3 apps you will be required to go to your GoPro app and connect it to your action camera.

1. Now you have to choose the device with which you want to connect the app.

click connect your camera

2. Just follow the given instructions.

 Select your device

3. Pair your action camera with the GoPro app

 pair your GoPro

4. Once the pairing is done you need to connect your smartphone to the wifi of your action cam.

camera’s WiFi

How to live stream GoPro to Facebook?

1. Open the Live4 App and tap on the + button. Now log in to your Facebook.

facebook account

2. You will be asked for a number of permissions where you need to click on yes. This would take you to the streaming screen. Now you just have to select the camera as GoPro and then edit the title of your broadcast.

edit your title

3. In the 3rd step you will be required to tap the ‘f’ icon at the bottom of the right hand side of the screen. This would start to live stream your video on Facebook. You can decide if you want to share your location or not. You can also set your live stream as private or leave it open to the public.

click the f

How to live stream GoPro to Periscope

Once you are done with your GoPro settings you can start live streaming via the Periscope app. Just open the app and tap the broadcast icon to start broadcasting

Click broadcast


1. Never exit the Periscope app while you are broadcasting or it will end the broadcast
2. Swiping right during the broadcast will let you choose the camera from which you want to broadcast. When you double tap the broadcast screen you will be allowed to toggle between your action camera and the iPhone camera.


Live streaming your GoPro footage would allow you to share your action moments with your friends and followers at any given time. GoPro cameras are known to capture videos like no other cameras can. Live streaming your action camera footage will let your share those extreme moments no matter where you are.

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