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How to Livestream PlayStation 4 Gameplay on Twitch

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Do you want to share your gaming experiences with the world? Broadcasting your PlayStation 4 gameplay to Twitch for others to watch, follow and interact with in real-time has never been easier.

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Twitch has become the most popular game-streaming services, with 355 billion minutes spent watching in 2017 alone. And while some pro-streamers invest in the most expensive tech out there, it’s possible to start streaming the most popular PS4 games like Resident Evil or Grand Theft Auto with what you’ve got at home! Here's how to get started:

What You'll Need to Stream on the PlayStation 4 to Twitch

If you’re a PS4 gamer and want to become a live streaming on Twitch, you don’t need much to get started. If you’re a PS4 gamer you’ll already have the necessities at home, because most basic streams on Twitch stream directly from a PS4 console. So, here are the essentials you’ll need to start live streaming:

1. A PS4 console for processing the video and stream. PS4 Pros, PS4 Slims and the OG PS4s are all fine.

2. A television or monitor set-up for watching or editing the streams.

3. At least one PS4 controller.

4. Twitch’s official PS4 app, which is available for free.

Downloading the Twitch PlayStation 4 App

The Twitch PS4 App can be downloaded through the PS4 home screen or online on a PC—both will work fine. Here are the two installation methods:

  • From the PS4 home screen navigate to the store. Now, use the search option at the top of the screen and search for “Twitch”. Then, select the Twitch App from the listings and download.
  • Or, follow this link, which will take you to the Twitch App’s product listing on the PlayStation.Store. Next, select the sign in option in the top right of the page and either sign in or create an account. You’ll then be redirected back to the Twitch App’s product listing where you can download the app for free. Twitch will begin downloading when you next turn on your PS4.

Once it’s been downloaded, the Twitch App can be used to either watch other broadcasters’ streams on the PS4 or stream your own videos. So, if you’ve downloaded Twitch on the PS4 before to watch streams there is no separate app to download for streaming.

Optional Accessories for Streaming on the PlayStation 4 to Twitch

Streaming directly from consoles is the easiest and cheapest mode of live streaming. But for those who want more customization options for their streams or streamers looking to upgrade their content and go pro, here are some optional accessories:

1. A Powerful PC

Twitch recommends streamers go with a computer with at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor and 8GB of RAM running on Windows 7 or newer—those with macs are also fine.

With a PC, streamers can make use of external software, customize their videos and set up live stream notifications to appear on the screen—like donations. It’s also recommended to have an internet connection with an upload speed of at least 3MB per second.

2. Microphone and Camera

This is essential for streamers who want to incorporate footage of themselves and voice narration to their streams. PlayStation recommends their PlayStation Camera, which has both a camera and a built-in microphone—it’s also possible to combine the Camera with PlayStation VR to enhance the gaming experience.

But while the PlayStation Camera has a microphone, recordings can also pick-up background noises that reduce the quality of live streams. For those looking to branch out, the favorite external mic amongst streamers is the $129 Blue Yeti. It’s a USB microphone that creates unparalleled recordings and has adjustable pick-up modes.

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How to Stream from the PlayStation 4 to Twitch

The most essential part of all pro-streamer's arsenal, the broadcasting software allows gamers to customize their streams. The two most used streaming programmes are Open Broadcasting Software (OBS), which is free, and XSplit, which has an intuitive interface but requires a paid subscription.

Before you can start streaming, you've first got to connect your Twitch account to your PlayStation account. Once the first connection has been made, you won’t need to go through this process again. Below we’ve broken down exactly how to this:

  • On your DualShock controller push SHARE and then select Broadcast Gameplay. The PS4 is the easiest console to start streaming on because each DualShock controller comes with a dedicated share button.
  • Next, select tv and follow the link to the Twitch website where you’ll be prompted to either sign in or create a new account. You’ll then be presented with a unique code.
  • Go to this dedicated Twitch Page and enter the code.
  • Back on the PS4, a window will now pop-up. Select OK. Both accounts are now connected.

How to Start Streaming and Adjust the Settings

It’s essential that before you start streaming, all your settings are optimized for your internet connection and home set-up. But don’t worry, you’ll only need to adjust these settings once, because they’ll then save automatically to your PS4. Here’s how:

  • On your DualShock controller push SHARE.
  • Then, from the options that appear choose tv.
  • A screen will then pop-up with an option to Start Broadcasting. But Don't select Start Broadcasting right now.
  • As well as the option to Start Broadcasting, other options will also appear.
  • From these options, select the first if you’re using the PlayStation Camera to incorporate footage of yourself while streaming.
  • If you’re using audio either through the camera or an external mic, select the second option.
  • For notifications from those watching the stream to appear, select the third option.
  • Next, using the Title option, choose and create a new name for the stream.
  • Then, choose the image resolution for the stream. For most streamers, 720p is the best choice because it provides both good sound and image resolution. It’s important to note that for high-resolution options like 1080p, the higher the internet speed needs to be—choosing 1080p whilst using a lower-speed internet or broadband connection will make the stream lag. It’s a good idea to do some test streams at other resolutions prior to broadcasting, to see what the connection can manage.
  • Once you’ve chosen all your settings and you’re ready to start streaming, then select Start Broadcasting. Then, to conclude the stream, push SHARE on the DualShock

I hope this information helps and encourages you to start streaming on Twitch. For casual gamers, it’s a fantastic way to connect with communities of like-minded individuals. For those looking to make a career as a streamer, it’s good to know that in 2017 223% more streamers were earning their cash through Twitch!

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Richard Bennett
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