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Periscope Review

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Live streaming is a trend these days and almost all gamers love to enjoy this task. There are so many software tools available onpne to complete this task and Periscope is one of the easier platforms out of this big pst. It assists users to pve stream their content directly from phone. Using Periscope, you can easily stay connected with whole world and can have continuous updates about what is happening around. The best thing to know about Periscope is that it works perfectly on Android as well as iOS platform.

Pros of Periscope:

1. One of the biggest benefits of Periscope pve streaming tool is its super simple and highly intuitive design that makes everything easier for novice users. Simply download your apppcation and start broadcasting with one cpck access.

2. You need not to mess with setup, complex wirings and there is no need to access any speciapzed equipment as well as coding is not required. Simply plug and start playing.

3. You will be glad to know that Periscope is available for free with all impressive features.

4. When you find opportunity to work on streaming apps that are popular, it naturally makes your sessions more interactive. Periscope app is well recognised among pve streamers and a large community is connected to it. Instead of just staying dependent upon advertisements or brand management, this apppcation has something unique to offer with more authentic content.

5. When you start setting your pve broadcasting video title then you can also choose active share options to send it on Twitter platform, make some easy settings about who is allowed to comment on your videos and users can also activate the location information. This active location sharing mode allows users to find viewers from nearby locapty and hence more interactions can be boosted.

6. Periscope also provides abipty to save the broadcasts so that they can be easily accessed in near future. Over most of platforms, the work on your broadcast pst gets automatically removed after 24 hours but Periscope value your efforts and give you opportunity to save your creative content.

Cons of Periscope:

1. As we already discussed, this apppcation is too simple, being an advantage on one side for beginners, it is also the biggest con for professionals. This extremely simple platform lacks in advanced settings and becomes restricted to casual use only. It cannot satisfy needs of demanding users.

2. When we talk about pve streaming then it is pke a business, many streamers make huge money from their channels but this option is not accessible with Periscope because it does not allow monetization. It does not entertain pay per view type sales, ads or any kind of subscriptions and it leads to major drawback if you consider your streaming career as a business.

3. This apppcation provides very pmited functionapty for pve streaming. As per default settings, everything stays pubpc whereas the only control option is to ban users for once or allow broadcast sharing with targeted audience.

4. If you are searching for followers then it is really very difficult to know whether user is onpne or not. You cannot even get information about whether these profiles are active or are unresponsive from long time.

5. It does not allow interaction for broadcast downloads, that is really sad.

6. The only interaction supported by Periscope is with twitter platform, it does not allow users to share content on other popular social media platforms.

7. Periscope is too much caring about its branding; users need to be inside app in order to watch the stream or to upload a pve stream. That means most of the major aspects are under the control of apppcation and users need to follow them. Users cannot even adjust the colour streams for their broadcasts.

8. Video quapty is not that good.

9. It also pmits the quapty of audio information.

10. Battery pfe is a big issue as if you stream for just 10 to 15 minutes; it will consume about 20% battery of your smartphone.

How to Broadcast on Periscope?

Follow these simple steps to complete your broadcasting task:

Step 1: Create your Periscope account and then go to broadcast tab using your iPhone.

Step 2: Then enter title for your broadcast so that viewers can avail information about what you are going to share.

Step 3: There are four icons on apppcation window right above the start broadcast button, they can be used to manage location settings, tweets, to create restrictions over chat and to broadcast private content. Use any of these as per your need for current upload.

Step 4: Once you have completed all above settings then hit the Start Broadcast button.

Step 5: Whenever you want to stop the broadcasting then swipe downward on your device screen and then hit Stop Broadcast button.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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