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Wowza review and alternative

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Wowza Review:

Wowza offers two service elements: Wowza Streaming cloud and Wowza Streaming engine. Here Streaming Engine works like a specialized software package that is popular by the name Wowza Media Server. You will be glad to know that this server based package can be utilized to deliver audio/video content over Web and it also supports Audio/Video chat features. Wowza media server is capable enough to provide content with 4K Ultra HD resolution and it can be easily accessed over wide range of devices like set-top boxes, computers, mobile devices and on TVs.

One the other side, Streaming cloud of Wowza is a highly interactive cloud based version of already discussed media server. It is sold using SaaS model and it assist users to host as well as deliver various live streams, on demand videos as well as interesting audio content.

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Here are few incredible features of Wowza Streaming Cloud:
  • It comes with White Label Service that offers custom branding.
  • Offers multi bitrate type live streaming.
  • Assists in live stream recording.
  • It never posses any limit over channel.
  • Follow classic content security services.
Wowza Pricing Details:

There are three attractive plans offered by Wowza for its users with feature rich platforms. The first plan is named as “Live Events” that offers four plans:

  • Starter Plan with 500GB bandwidth and 10 hours processing limit: $49/month.
  • Standard Plan with 3TB bandwidth and 50 hours processing limit: $199/month.
  • Plus Plan available with 7TB bandwidth and 150 hours processing hours: $499/month.
  • Premier Plan: 15TB bandwidth with 350 processing hours and $999/month.

Second plan comes with two offers:

  • Passthrough Plan that offers monthly single bitrate type streaming with payment of $60/channel.
  • Transcoding Plan that offers multi bitrate streaming with $500/channel.

Third plan is based on API based video processing and it is priced in usage basis.

Best Features:

Wowza offers wide range of features where white label branding is considered as most valuable and useful. Further, it allow users to work without posing channel restrictions and there is a specialised streaming engine option for those who want to enjoy self hosted streaming services.


Wowza is commonly used by organizations that are interested to develop customized solutions for streaming media needs. Wowza services are actually highly scalable so they become suitable for media, universities as well as for large business houses.

Wowza Alternatives top 4:

1. DaCast:

DaCast is wekk known for its two popular offerings: on demand video hosting and live streaming. Complete content on DaCast platform is white labelled and it provides lowest price offers. Reviews love this platform because of its easy interface, flexible platform, user friendly services, high stability and impressive quality. You need not to spend more time to set up DaCast as it comes with intuitive setup options and the best part is that it is affordable option even for beginners too. DaCast account pricing starts with $19 only and it offers 100GB bandwidth with 20Gb storage.

Wowza review and alternative-2

2. Kaltura:

Kultura was established in year 2006 in New York City and it offers wide range of products and services for videos. Two major and most useful offerings of Kaltura includes: VPaaS that means Video Platform as a Service and KMC that stands for Kaltura Management Console. Here, the first option works around a fixed set of APIs and it has major focus on media companies, enterprises and on educational institutions whereas KMC is suitable for distributing, publishing, managing, ingesting and monetizing needs of media.

Kultura services are charged on the bases of average usage and live streaming works with flat rate of $0.25/minute.

Wowza review and alternative-3

3. Brightcove:

Brighcove video cloud is widely used to showcase books and products and is preferable for ecommerce stores. It ensures awesome playback experience to professionals as well as beginners with highest quality of content. This platform is able to improve monetization and engagement for clients where client side interactivity is boosted via companion ads, trick play and countdown timers. It ensures fast increase over organic traffic and professionals love to work with it due to its flexible control on marketing tool. It supports web based devices, iPhones, iPad and android platforms.

Wowza review and alternative-4

4. Ooyala:

Ooyala is currently serving like one of the biggest premium video platforms that is leading its services throughout the world. It is developed with superior analytics abilities so that it can easily address the needs of rapid transformations occurring in the word of viewers. It helps users to stay connected on the basis of their interests and can generate impressive revenues for videos. The excellent work culture along with dedicated team of professionals is the major reason behind its fantastic services. Price range of ooyala begins with a package of $500/ month. Packages are mostly based upon license pricings as well as on other useful resources like storage and bandwidth.

 Wowza review and alternative-5

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