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YouTube Gaming Vs Twitch - Which is Better?

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

1. Difference on the basis of interface and user experience:


The impressive user interface of twitch allows users to access everything to watch with ease. Homepage of this classic tool consists of six broadcast options that users can select as per their need; one can also create a mixture to impress viewers. The user interface consist the list of all popular channels and games below the player whereas if you want to get information about titles and broadcasters that you follow then you can access it from a separate tab.

It also possesses few downsides after all above incredible features, the biggest one is that it uses few vague terms at different instants like for selection of videos one need to choose between source, mobile and medium. Quality will vary as per streamers specifications.

The pause and rewind features are absent.

YouTube Gaming:

There is no doubt to say that YouTube gaming platform offers a simple and intuitive user interface but it consumes more space on device screen and usually clutters the display. The homepage of YouTube Gaming platform possesses large size icons so that users can make easy selection for their channels.

This platform is able to handle quality video content. The real world resolutions offered by YTG range between 480p to 1080p and streamers can select specifications as per their needs.

YTG also offers DVR feature that was missing in Twitch; hence users can easily switch to dedicated parts of their content at any time.

Although, both these platforms offer dedicated pages for games still YTG is considered to be more comprehensive solution. With Twitch, users can just enjoy live streams and list of top videos whereas YTG can be used to get filtered content as per need.

2: Chat Management:


You will be able to access so many moderation tools with Twitch and even bots such as NightBot. Thus chatting sessions can become more interactive over Twitch.

Offers wide facilities for audience interactions and allows higher audience retention rates.

YouTube Gaming:

Here you can access few moderate features along with few special incentives.

In simple words, Twitch wins this factor.

3: How can Creators make Money using Both Platforms:


Twitch extends its support to a useful advertising partner system. Although the entry barrier is higher but at the same time it also offers great revenues from ads.

Twitch users are able to enjoy regular subscriptions as well as donations from various followers. Generally, the active subscription pays an amount of $2.50 to Twitch platform as well as to the streamers per month. Other then this streamers can earn from donations where at an average every twitch user donates $5/month. Although few users do not donate anything but you will also find many who donate hundreds and thousands.

The overall revenue on Twitch platform is observed to be much higher as compared to YTG.

YouTube Gaming:

YTG is an integral part of YouTube thus it accesses same advertising model and partner program. Hence, people find low entry barrier for participation and it is proven to be useful for small channels.

Donations also happen on YTG platform but the amount use to be lesser then Twitch.

The YTG streamers avail lower amount as overall revenue when compared to Twitch.

4: The Audience:


Twitch possesses massive audience size as compared to YTG but the alerting techniques on Twitch are not much good as that of YTG. Streamer need to utilize his channel to get alerts.

YouTube Gaming:

The general size of audience on YTG is smaller comparatively but it helps streamers to catch pre existing followers. The subscribers can avail notifications via phones as well as subscription feeds about live streaming.

5: The Mobile Applications:


The Twitch apps are available on so many platforms like Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, Ouya, Fire Tv, Xbox360, Xbox One, Mobile and Web but the mobile application is not rated to be as smooth as that of YTG app. But at the same time, Twitch apps possess so many advanced features to assist live streamers.

YouTube Gaming:

YTG can be easily accessed on Android, iOS and web. The mobile application is called as more slick that offers highly customizable interface like desktop platforms.

6: Conclusion:

If you are a beginner to the streaming world and have not gained any YouTube Experience till now then Twitch can serve you best for all your needs. It will help you to climb up basic levels easily with consistent growth but at slower pace. People enjoy high quality streams on Twitch.

On the Other side, YTG is good option for pre-existing user base of YouTube. It keeps on growing continuously and offers better reach to pre-existing audience as compared to Twitch.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.