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How to Convert Video on MacOS Sierra

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

MacOS Sierra allows users to establish an easy connection between their Mac systems and Apple devices where data transfer becomes much simpler.

macOS Sierra comes with so many interesting features like universal clipboard, direct control from apple watch, iCloud based easy access, Apple pay facility and storage optimization possibilities. With advanced tools of macOS Sierra, it is possible to scale videos to any size and access old photographs in much easier manner.

Youngsters these days are more interested to collect videos from different sources but sometimes file formats create compatibility issues. Some video file formats as like WMV, FLV and MKV etc. are not supported by Apple devices but still most of videos online are found with these extensions; it causes the trouble to video lovers and they need immediate solution for video converter.

In some other cases when people need to transfer videos from personal device to DVDs or other devices like smartphones or tablet etc. then also Apple devices do not allow direct connectivity.

How to convert video on MacOS Sierra

To fulfill all such needs, it is good to use an effective solution for conversion and Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best solution for such situations.

Experts suggest using this efficient converter tool on Mac devices because it is able to support more than 159 file formats and result in fast conversion without quality losses. If you are new to the video editing world then it is good to use the trial version of Wondershare Converter Ultimate for some time so that you can avail the basic information about editing and how to use this tool for your needs, after that go for buying the full version of video editor that is available online at a reasonable price.

Steps to convert videos on macOS Sierra:

Step 1: Download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

First of all, you need to visit the official website of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and download this software tool for your Mac device.

This software works like a complete video toolbox that can convert, enhance, edit, burn, download, capture, organize and watch in more than 159 file formats. It can be accessed for free as a trial version from the official website and users are also able to buy it at a low price for long-term usage.

Due to the number of incredible features, Wondershare converter tool has been rated on top by professionals as well as beginners.

Step 2:Import files to the program

Once you have downloaded and installed your software tool on Mac device then next task is to select the file that you need to convert and directly import it to VCU. It is possible to convert almost all available video file formats using Wondershare with ease and it takes very less time to complete this task.

Step 3: Basic editing

If you wish to create customized results using editing tool of Wondershare video converter ultimate then it is possible to use its built-in advanced features that are accessible to professionals as well as beginners.

The built in editing tools allow addition of watermarks, subtitles, adjustment of videos or still images and additional effect creation to make videos more entertaining whereas this software tool also allows users to edit multiple files at a time that can also be downloaded from websites directly.

Step 4: Converting

Once you have edited your video files to your desired level then next task is to select a suitable output file format from list of formats over VCU and hit the convert option.

The software will initiate immediate conversion and results will be in front of you within few seconds. It will ask you to save the converted file that can be placed to any folder on your system and it is also possible to burn these videos directly to DVDs.

Few users also wish to upload their edited videos on Facebook or YouTube; you will be glad to know that this facility is also provided by VCU.

These simple steps allow professionals as well as beginners to create new wonders on videos with advanced editing features.


Converting the videos you collect into the desired format can be achieved through the methods mentioned above. It is efficient and convenient. Of course, if you want to merge all the videos or have other video editing ideas, don't forget to use Filmora to realize this idea! With Filmora, you can splice and cut videos, speed up or slow down videos, and add animations, stickers and subtitles to it.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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