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How to Create a Video Slideshow on MacOS Sierra

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Nov 26, 2021• Proven solutions

Everyone can create a highly marketable slideshow that is fun and easy to share on MacOS. If you have ever wanted to make a slideshow for an anniversary present, birthday gift, or for showing off some of your memories from vacation the new system for creating these videos will be easier for you.

Here we will introduce an easy way to help you make a beautiful slideshow that is very simple to share with YouTube, on your webpage, through e-mail, and more.

How to Create a Video Slideshow on MacOS Sierra

If you want to get started with creating a professional slideshow the following steps below will teach you just how to do it with Wondershare Filmora on macOS Sierra:

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Wondershare Filmora comes with a number of huge features which can make it very fun to use and offer huge advantages to individuals looking to create slideshows online:

Create a professional slideshow: with plenty of editing features, professional theme templates, music files and easy use for introducing transitions/more you can enjoy a huge degree of personalization available in the format. Through a massive array of effects and touches, you can end up creating something very professional in the end.

Easy sharing options: it becomes much easier to share all the content that you create in iTunes, YouTube, iPad format, DVD, Idvd and more. With so many different video codecs available from the slideshow output format you can easily share any of the files that you create to multiple programs across your computer. Easy sharing means easy uploading and no need to worry about conversion later after you have created the files.

Full compatibility with Mac OS sierra: Wondershare Filmora is one of the very few slideshow creators that has full compatibility with the new operating system. Developers have completed full testing on Wondershare Filmora to ensure that it’s compatible with not just the beta version but the full version of the upcoming macOS Sierra release.

Because of all of these benefits and the overall ease-of-use with this system, Wondershare Filmora stands as the best possible program for creating slide shows on Macintosh Sierra.

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The steps for how to create a video slideshow with Wondershare Filmora

Step 1. Download the program

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

After installing the program and activating the license code for Filmora you can get started with the conversion process.

Step 2. Import videos and photos

The second step is to import photos and video files into Filmora. After importing beef photo and video files to the platform you can start with the process of editing and converting them into a slideshow which can then be changed into a compatible video format.

Step 3. Personalize your imports

You can customize the files you have imported with transitions, captions, and music files. Editing all of this content together will help you create a beautiful slideshow that can be set to music, carry various effects and present a number of different video and photo formats in a fun to watch slideshow presentation. With plenty of different transitions, animations, and music files to use with Wondershare Filmora, you can really let your creative vision take off!

Step 4. Preview and publish

Once you are happy with the slideshow that you have created you can generate a fully created video of the entire experience. Be sure to preview the video at least once or twice so that you can make sure all the transitions, the areas where your videos and photos are and that the transitions synced up well with the music.

Then select an output option from Wondershare Filmora's massive amount of video codecs. You can have your output file in MKV, MP4, WMV and more.

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