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All New Features on MacOS Sierra You Should Know

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

It is time to look ahead into an advanced future with Apple’s iOS10 release that is going to serve as a flagship operating system but ahead of this now discussions are turned around to the latest desktop offering of apple that is believed to fulfill all demands of crazy Apple fans. The macOS Sierra is going to mark a powerful entry with all new features as well as improvements embedded to it and the best things to know is that as like previous software updates, this one is also going to be available for free to users.

Below are few details about all interesting facts related to the latest 11 features of macOS Sierra that you must know:

1. Siri is going to be your companion now:

The biggest news related to macOS Sierra is the inclusion of Siri Virtual Personal Assistant that was originally launched in year 2011 where Macs are going to be the last platforms to be included in the Siri compatible device list. This advancement to Mac systems platform will allow users to talk to their personal computers and you will often observe these portable devices reminding about routines tasks to their owners. This is going to be a great addition to technology where you will also be able to get regular weather updates as well as reports regarding movies nearby.

Learn how to use Siri on macOS Sierra >>

2. Fast Copy paste supported with the universal clipboard:

The wonders continue here with the universal clipboard of MacOD Sierra where users are free to share tasks between there Mac devices and iPhone. If you wish to move anything from one device to another quickly then this universal clipboard will allow you to use a quick AirDrop feature where Command-C and Command-V can be executed in a much-advanced manner. Yes! Now it is possible to copy something from you Mac using Command-C and paste it directly on iPhone using Command-V within a fraction of seconds.

3. Unlock your device with Apple watch:

The hands-free feature is now little advanced with the auto-unlock facility that is added to serve Mac users with more convenient controls. The touch ID allows users to unlock their Mac device automatically without entering any password as it can be done by Apple watch directly. It is going to be a good time-saving feature for busy business owners who often find turning off their computers just like some kind of time wastage.

Learn how to use Unlock your device with Apple watch >>

4. iCloud Drive desktop access:

Earlier, the cloud storage was not that useful just because of difficulty to access folders from any location. The cloud-based solution was not useful for all till now but this time Apple came with the best software update that allows users to move everything to iCloud for easy access as it can be now accessed from any computer using It is now possible to gain access of your iCloud documents using iOS devices, any Mac or Window based units but the condition is that you must have enough cloud storage with you to access this feature with ease.

Learn how to use iCloud Drive desktop access >>

5. Apply Pay Facility:

One more advancement to macOS is the ability to access Apple Pay directly on your personal computer. In case if you are using Safari or are working on any other website that provides support to Apple Pay then it is possible to use the iPhone as well as Watch to make payment. Instead of entering the pay credentials every time now you simply need to use your iPhone, watch or Touch Id and everything will be managed within a fraction of seconds.

6. Storage Optimization:

The major idea behind the storage optimization with macOS Sierra is to save more space and avoid the warnings like low disk space etc. With advancement to software, now you can move all files to iCloud that are not required for a longer time on your system and hence clearing much space in your local storage. These files can include all documents, full-resolution type photographs, screenshots and many more. It will help users to access complete storage space in a much efficient manner and documents will be kept much safer. The latest applications allow nonstop file-sharing ability with a much faster response.

Learn how to use Storage Optimization >>

7. Additional care for your precious Memories:

MacOS Sierra provides more support to your photographs storage as now photo app can be used for better face recognition so that old photographs can be easily located on the system. It becomes much easier to browse photographs using the geotagging features available with the latest update of software as it will automatically group images on the basis of some specific criteria related to place, travel, people and many more.

8. Cool update for Messaging:

The macOS messages are now available with Tapbacks that allows users to generate quick reply without wasting time on typing all the time. The Emojis will make your task much easier and they are almost the same as that of Facebook emojis. Along with this, now messages will be supporting rich links and whenever people will send you URL then they will automatically appear on your device with all important info in form of an image that includes the title of the article over that URL and many more.

9. Picture in Picture:

This is also an amazing addition to macOS Sierra but to use this advancement you are advised to watch videos with the help of Safari’s HTML 5 type video player. It allows easy scaling of videos to any size as per need and makes everything handy with all easy to use stuff.

Learn how to use Picture in Picture on macOS Sierra >>

10. Tab:

It offers much advanced multimedia functionality where users can access memories Tab for a magazine like a view on their device and it will automatically sort topics as well as people on the basis of set criteria.

11. iTunes:

Now your MacOS is going to allow you to make your personal DJ with iTunes application and it is compatible with safari too. It allows users to have more fun with their devices and use them to maximum extend with all added advanced features.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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