How to Use Siri in macOs Sierra (The Complete User Guide)

Sep 21,2016• Proven solutions

What is Siri on MacOS Sierra?

Siri is making a debut on Mac this September, along with new and fresh capabilities that are ideally designed just for the Mac desktop. This new feature is making your Mac even smarter. Now, macOS Sierra will help you in rediscovering the best photos you have; shop more conveniently and faster online, and work more between devices seamlessly. It’s capable to help you free up your valuable storage space. Now, your Mac will be doing even more things for you, so that you can also do more things with your Mac.

Just like you, Siri can also do great things on your Mac. Let’s talk about the big news today. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been working on because you now have a very intelligent personal assistant who is just one click away. Siri has handy features on iOS which are now on Mac, together with fresh ways of helping you with the things that you do on your desktop every day.

  • Ask Siri to do its Own Thing while you’re Doing Yours
  • Siri on Mac defines what multitasking is all about. You can now work on things, like accomplishing a document, while you ask Siri to send messages to your coworkers saying that the document is on its way—not having to stop what you’re doing.

  • Let Siri Locate your Files
  • Working with and on files is a huge part of using Mac and Siri makes it with just a snap. If you have forgotten where you saved an annual report, you can ask Siri search for documents you have recently opened and filter the results to the ones with the word “annual” as titles.

  • Keep Siri Results in an Easy-to-Find Location
  • You can pin Twitter results, sports schedules, or files related to a big project just right in Notification Center. Everything stays updated—so you always know where you can locate trending topics, important documents or game times.

  • Search, Drag and Drop
  • Search for information and images by just asking. Then drag the results right into the window of your desktop. Drop images from the web into the Pages document to make it pop, or a Maps location into an invitation to get a party started.

How to Setup and Activate Siri on your Mac

Apple will be introducing Siri on Mac with the macOS Sierra OS update, which is the successor of the current OS X El Capitan. Sierra is going to be a free update for Mac users once it’s released publicly this September.

  • How to Setup Siri
  • As you install macOS Sierra, you’ll be asked if you want to Enable Siri. Highlight the “Enable Siri” checkbox then click Continue.

  • How to Activate Siri
  • Siri will naturally allow you control different features of macOS with your own voice, same as what you can do on iPhones. There’s a built-in voice search that will lead to the OS update with the slew of other voice commands of Siri for Mac. On the iPad and iPhone, Siri is activated by holding the Home button down.

What can you do with Siri on macOS?

Now that Siri is already on your desktop, you can most probably yap at her the entire day. Here are the things you can do with Siri:

  • Search and Productivity
  • One of the best reasons that you’ll surely like using Siri is its search and productivity feature, you can now easily search for your files by just asking Siri find the specific files you will tell it.

  • Siri on Social Media
  • If you already had your social accounts synced and linked to your macOS Sierra (About this Mac > System Preferences > Internet Accounts), you can now post by just simply speaking.

    For twitter, you can just say “tweet” and the things you want to say. You can append hashtags! Just say “hashtag” plus the words you want to highlight. For Facebooks, it’s just simple. Just say “Post to Facebook” then the content of your post and will be posted directly on your timeline.

  • Photo Fun
  • With the great job of Photos in keeping track of your images in macOS Sierra, you can simply ask Siri to display your photo from a specific time or place.

  • Open Apps and Dig into your Settings
  • With Siri, you now have the control to activate settings on your Mac. By simply saying, “Change the Screen Brightness”, the brightness controls will show up or say “mute volume” then it will mute the computer’s volume. You can also command Siri to put the computer on sleep, or just activate “Do Not Disturb”.

  • Message Someone/FaceTime
  • Siri will be staying updated with your messages, too. You can tell her to send a message to someone by saying, “Message (Person)” then your message. Same with FaceTime, you simply ask her “FaceTime” then the name of the person you want to do a video chat through FaceTime.

  • Stuffs you’re Used to
  • Siri on Mac desktop is very similar with the one on mobile. You’re free to ask about what are the latest movies that are showing or ask if people do enjoy the movies. Ask her to remind you about things like calling your mother once you arrive home or ask her to be a constant reminder for you to revisit documents you’re working on.

More on Siri’s Settings

You can cover other adjustments on Siri’s Settings like:

  • Language

    –English is the default language but you can always change it to other languages in this setting.

  • Voice

    – Siri’s voice is similar to all female Americans but you can change it in this setting if you want to hear a male American voice, or British, Australian, or South African.

  • Voice Feedback

    – In this setting, Siri will be providing voice responses to your queries.

  • Mic Input

    – If you have an existing external microphone, you can select it through this setting.

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