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Everything About Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update


For those unaware of this fantastic game, it is pertinent to note that Minecraft is among the best games you can find. Interestingly, it is ever-evolving and has managed to gain highly intriguing features over the years since its first launch. However, it is essential to note that the Minecraft game of today is very different from the Minecraft game of ten years ago or even 2020. For this reason, we will be introducing you to the Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update that is available. Before we delve into the Minecraft caves and Cliffs, bear in mind that there was a massive success with the Nether Update, and now Minecraft gamers will love the Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update. 

More so, this Update will be making its debut in two distinct releases though under one theme and umbrella. This Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update will change the Minecraft game of 2021 dramatically. As stated above, Minecraft caves and Cliffs will make its debut in two parts this year. While the first Update made its debut on the 8th of June, the second Update will make its debut later at the year's ending. Note that the first Update was released as the Java edition 17.0 and the bedrock edition 1.17.0. This edition added some things such as:

  • Copper
  • Mobs
  • New blocks, and even;
  • Geodes

The second part will be released as the Java edition 1.18 and the bedrock edition 1.18.0. It will be providing gamers with:

  • Depth limit
  • Increased height
  • Expanded caves
  • New biomes, and of course;
  • New Mountain generation. 

Bear in mind that the debut of Minecraft caves and Cliffs update was made known during Minecraft Live 2020. As of the 14th of April 2021, Mojang studios made it known that Minecraft caves and cliffs will be divided into two updates. The reason for this division has to do with the complexity of the content and the amount. Also, the health of the team was put into consideration. 

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part One

As mentioned earlier, the first part has already been released, and this was done on the 8th of June, 2021. Also known as the 1.17 version, it is smaller, and it is the less ambitious part of the bigger Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update to come. This part will be coming with lots of enhancements and features that players will ultimately love. Some of the new features to find in the Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update of the 1.17 version include:

1.The Creatures


Some of the creatures to expect are:

  • Glow squid

The glowing squid is spawned underground water sources and even in total darkness. However, since they glow brightly, players can see them coming. 

  • Axolotl

They are non-hostile amphibious creatures that come from the underground water.

  • Goats

Players will find the goals in the mountain regions, and of course, these goals will ram into you if you get too close. 

2.The Plants

Some of the plants to see are:

  • Glow berries/ Caves Vines

The cave vines in these Minecraft caves and Cliffs grow downwards from the ceiling. And they tend to produce glow berries. The glow berries will be used as either a light source or food source. 

  • Azalea Bushes

If players use bonemeal on them, they will grow into the Azalea Trees. 

  • Moss carpet/ Moss block

These are decorative blocks though the Moss Carpet can be gotten from the Moss blocks. 

  • Dripleaf

You will find them growing on either water or clay. If players make use of bonemeal on them, they will get taller. 

3.Miscellaneous blocks

The type of miscellaneous blocks you will find in the Minecraft caves and Cliffs include:

  • Candles

They can be positioned on any solid surface, and they are available in sixteen colors. 

  • Shards/Amethyst Geodes/Clusters 

You will find them underground, and they can also be mined using a pickaxe. 

  • Powder snow

This is a new trap block, as anything that walks on it will immediately sink into it. 

4.Crafted items

This Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update comes with crafted items like lightning rods to protect the buildings from lightning strikes. And spyglass to see things from afar. 

In all, this first half will add three new mobs and about ninety-one items and blocks. 

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two


Part two of the Minecraft caves and Cliffs Update will be the more exciting half of Minecraft caves and Cliffs. This second half will be released towards the ending of the year 2021. At the moment, there is no specific date for its release. Nevertheless, its release will come with intriguing new features that players will love. Its most significant new features will include many updates to the world generation and doubling the Minecraft worlds' size. More new mobs will be seen, as well as craft items and blocks. 

With this second part of Minecraft caves and Cliffs, some of the features to expect are:


These biomes include:

  • Dripstone cave

The dripstone cave adds both stalactites and stalagmites rather than being wholly composed of the usual Minecraft blocks. However, ensure you do not fall into the stalagmites pit. 

  • Lush caves

This is one biome that adds plenty of colors to the underground areas. It is filled with glow berries and blocks covered in green. This cave can be found when players seek Azalea Trees. The trees grow above them in the overworld. 

  • Deep dark

The deep dark biome is not for the faint-hearted players. This means that once the cave begins going dim, you will need to leave this part. The dim lights are a sign that the scary warden mob is close by. The warden mob is a new addition. 

6.The Creatures

The Creatures that will be found in this part are:

  • Wardens

They are the latest mobs that live underground and respond swiftly to vibrations and movements. They are to be avoided as they deal plenty of damage to players and come with an increased health pool. 


You will find the sensor/skulking block in this part. They are positioned underground in the terrain of the warden. These skulk blocks are set off by vibrations and sounds. You will be amazed that they emit a Redstone signal whenever they are triggered. 

In all, players will love this yet-to-be-released version. Nevertheless, other features that are to come with part are not yet known. 



On a general note, lovers of Minecraft will have an exciting adventure when playing the latest Minecraft caves and Cliffs. As you enjoy the first release, be sure to be readily prepared for the second release.

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