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Top 7 Best Fraction Server Minecraft

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 10, 22, updated May 20, 24

It has been over a decade since Minecraft Factions became one of the most popular multiplayer game modes. The gameplay of each server will be slightly different from one another. However, the game's overall premise is that players form groups called factions within the vast PvP world.

In Minecraft, faction servers comprise a group of players who have claimed a piece of land to build their bases on, and the best ones should be joined. It's possible for players on many faction servers to use TNT cannons to rob, pillage, and loot bases belonging to other factions for adversity. If you search the internet for "best fraction server Minecraft" your screen will be flooded with results. It is because there are plenty of fraction servers available. With so many options, it can be challenging to decide which sever you should choose and play in.

If you are also one of those looking for the list of best fraction server Minecraft, you are on the right page. We will share some of the best fraction servers in this article that you should check out and give a try. So, without wasting any time, let's get to our list.

1.Mox MC


It is no surprise that the Mox MC is also on this list of the best faction servers. The PvP kit that comes with joining this server is absolutely free! The kit will contain many amazing items, including potions and gear. There is also an auction house system available to this faction. The advantage of this auction site is that you can earn money by bidding on high-value items. You can offer these items as auction items to others. In addition, by participating in the auction system, you will be able to bid on other players' items.

2.Cosmic PvP Faction Servers


Several individual faction servers make up Cosmic's PvP network. All of them, collectively known as planets, are completely distinct and independent. The current players are several hundred on each of the three such planets. If you play Cosmic PvP, you will also use a custom client known as the Cosmic Client. This client lets you optimize your PvP FPS with multiple optimizations. Additionally, you can customize textures, voice chats, and minimaps also.

3.MassiveCraft Factions


Founded almost a decade ago, MassiveCraft claims to be the "original Minecraft Factions server." It is managed and run by the same team that created the first Minecraft factions plugin, which is still in use on many factions servers today. MassiveCraft is the founding fathers of the factions game mode, so it should be no surprise that their products are of the highest quality. There are many unique features on the server that you will not find anywhere else, such as custom mobs, bosses, custom items, and questlines. In other words, MassiveCraft is one of the best factions in the game.



With tens of thousands of players on the network throughout the day and millions for its lengthy 8-year lifespan, the Archon ranks as one of the most popular faction servers within Minecraft today. A high level of competition exists in the Archon, offering top factions real-world cash payouts worth thousands of dollars every season. TNT raiding and PvP culture are the main features of the server.

5.Viper MC


With around 10,000 concurrent players on every new map, Viper MC currently leads the Minecraft hardcore factions scene.

This faction was created to be as competitive as possible, making it an unforgiving one. It applies to anyone who dies in the Viper MC. It means that a certain amount of time will be spent preventing you from accessing the server. It is possible to become vulnerable to raids from other players if you die too many times on a server like this. If this happens, all of your possessions will be lost. So, this server is a challenging one, and at the same time, it is very fun to play. Just keep in mind that you don't have to die in the server; otherwise, you might need to start over.

6.Mineland Network


The network offers a broad range of high-quality game modes, as well as exciting quests to keep the experience fresh. In addition to all that, you will also be able to receive skins that work for everyone. With a focus on quality, each plugin and mode was designed independently. A cheat detection feature is included as well. You can build anything you want on Mineland's six creative servers. You can also invite your friends to play with you. There is also a World Rating for this network.



As for VanityMC, it is also very competitive. It is constantly updated with new information and content to ensure that the gameplay experience is as fresh as possible. Additionally, there is a Discord server for the VanityMC. Besides the professional administrators and moderators, this server also boasts of a professional management team. With this, communication within the community is much easier.

Final Verdict

So, this is our list of best fraction server Minecraft. All servers mentioned in this list offer a unique experience and gameplay. There are so many activities on these servers, and some of them are quite challenging ones. We recommend you give all of them a try and see which server suits you the best.

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