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How to Get a Faster Live Streaming on Periscope

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

In the recent times, Periscope is becoming one of the most popular faster live streaming apps which allow people to reach their viewers in real-time by broadcasting videos at any place where there’s Internet connection. It is one of the most used apps on mobile. How is your experience with live streaming on Periscope? Is it slow or fast?

In order to increase live streaming speed or improve live stream quality, this article will let you know hoe to get a faster live streaming on Periscope.

Part 1: Have A Speed Test On Mobile

It is vital to test your mobile speed if you wish to have a faster live streaming. Your live video completely depends on the performance of your internet. There are several apps, particularly designed to test the accuracy of the Internet performance of your mobile connections, and the 3G, 4G, LTE, EVDO, and EDGE networks. You may check how fast your mobile data works, irrespective of the place you are located or traveling. In this article, here are 2 app recommendations to do a speed test on mobile.

Speedtest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is considered one of the topmost speed test mobile app. Now, testing the speed of your mobile is easy and needs just one tap Internet connection to test its performance. Ookla has a global network server which shows accurate speed test results everywhere. The features of the speed test mobile app include-

  • Easy sharing of results
  • Get a detailed report to track the speed tests from past
  • Recheck to assure the speed test results that were promised or troubleshoot
  • Mobile carrier coverage maps
  • Learn about the upload, download, and ping


Speed Checker

Particularly designed for the mobiles, Speed Checker is a reliable and easy to use app. It measures quick and accurate upload, download, and ping (Internet) speed upto 1Gbit. Whichever part of the globe you reach, the Speed Checker app’s worldwide servers shows exact results everywhere. It is great for the VoIP users and the gamers to test and improve live stream quality. The features include-

  • 4G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GPRS
  • Speed accuracy upto 1Gbit
  • In-built data cleaner and Android memory
  • Filter and sort complete history
  • Easy speed test result sharing


Part 2: What is The Minimum Speed For Periscope Live Streaming

According to Periscope Media LLC., the minimum upload speed required to broadcast/stream your own video is 2MBPS. But, if you want to have a better experience, you will need more. A research and test results reveal that Periscope requires 10.4 MB for viewing a 2 minutes video on an average that is equal to 5.2MB per minute. So, for faster live streaming, the data requirement on Periscope remains the same.

Part 3: How To Get A Faster And Better Live Streaming Quality

Here, I am sharing few tips in order to fine-tune your expertise in video creation on Periscope and take your video live streaming to the next level. To reach the heights in broadcasting, the following streaming habits are essential to follow. With the increase in online video streaming and people getting more and more hooked on the live videos, try to follow the points below for a faster live streaming experience for your audiences.

Part 4: Delete Cache Files On Your Phone

The internet files and cache data covers a big space on your mobile phone. It weighs down your device making it heavy for any other videos to open. While closing a browser or a tab, the OS deletes thousands of small sized files that are automatically downloaded in order to open the web pages. When you do not close the browsers properly and shut down your device, the files stored automatically weighs down the browser, effecting faster live streaming and loading speed. Thus, prior to doing live streaming, open the browser settings and delete the recently used history and other provisional Internet files in order to increase live streaming speed.

Part 5: Connect WIFI When It Is Available

For any heavy file download or live streaming, mobile data usage can ruin your experience and it is also too much consuming, whether data or time. However, with WIFI, the live streaming becomes easy and seamless. Generally, if you check the speed, the WiFi is much faster than normal mobile data speed. So, it is always recommended to connect the wifi whenever and wherever available.

connect wifi

Part 6: Use Third-Party App

If you want a faster live streaming on Periscope, the third-party apps like Speedify can be of great help to increase live streaming speed and improve live stream quality. Poor internet speed can completely destroy your Periscope experience. A reliable and fast mobile connectivity has become crucial for live streaming on Periscope. With the new feature of broadcasting completely handsfree, Periscope requires an adequate bandwidth for live streaming. So, the third-party apps are the best ways to ensure a seamless connection on your mobile and faster live streaming.


We are all aware of the importance of the Internet speed in the recent times. If you have a faster live streaming speed, your experience will obviously get better. Each and every second is important and it all depends on how good is your internet speed to stay afloat without a glitch and make things easy and fast. For faster live streaming on Periscope, internet speed becomes vital. Use the above info to speed test mobile and improve live stream quality for a faster live streaming without interruptions.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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