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iPhone Photo Burst: How to Take Burst Images

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

When it comes to iPhone camera and its functionality, everyone agrees there is another level of delightful experience while working with it. One of the device’s features includes burst mode. Burst photo mode basically offers sequence of photos taken to shoot a movement with 10 frames per second and that too by holding your finger on the screen. You can take as much as photos you want and then choose the perfect one from lots of options. If you also wish to take burst photo with your iPhone, this post is certainly for you. Let’s begin to get the most amazing burst images without the need of any professional burst mode camera.

Part1: How to take iPhone burst photo

iPhone photo burst is by far a great way to get the candid or we can say a perfect shot from any actions going on. A wonderful thing is you can keep that unique or special one and only shot you discover from countless images. Here is how to use iPhone burst mode to capture the desired shot.

  • Open the Camera app and keep the camera in front of just what you want to shoot.
  • Press and hold down the shutter button for a couple of seconds. You will be able to notice rapidly increasing digits just above the shutter button which implies the images clicked so far.
  • Once done with taking photos, tap on the thumbnail located on just left of the shutter button to see your images.

take burst photo

Part2: How to save burst photo individually

After learning the tutorial on how you can take burst images, here is how you can save those individually.

  • When you click on the thumbnail, you will observe the words, “Burst (no. of photos). Tap on “Select” now and start swiping through all your burst images.
  • Now, select each photo you wish to select. The selected ones will get a blue ticked circle at the bottom.
  • Choose one and tap on “Done” to save the images.

save burst photo

Part3: The best scenarios to take burst photos

1. Action and sports

When we hear about action and sports, the terms like speed, energy, and momentum usually start hovering over our minds. Since sports arouse excitement to a great degree, it would be interesting to take those running, skating or cycling moments using iPhone camera burst mode. Using this way of burst mode, you will be having no idea when you will get the chance of getting that ideal and flawless photo. How would it look when you are running and reached at the highest pace and the same moment will be recorded perfectly with burst feature? Wouldn’t it be interesting?


2. Shoot the best portraits

The iPhone photo burst will fit best when you need to shoot the excellent portraits. Keeping in mind that portrait shots are not a cake walk. The subject can be shy or not static at times or the facial expressions and poses can be weird sometimes. In such case, shooting with continuous shots will be the best option to get a stress free accomplishment of the task. The burst phot will provide more natural and candid appearance to the portrait.


3. Take crystal water and waves

Another fascinating scenario to make use of burst mode is when you are under water or swimming. The waves and crystal water will look amazingly captivating when captured in your iPhone camera’s burst mode. Also, those bubbles in the water and the crystal clear look inside the water will enhance the picture quality. Therefore, an interesting idea to use burst photography is when you are in your swimming mode.


4. Take something valuable moment

We encounter many unexpected moments in our daily life such as a bunch of birds flying together in the sky, baby crawling and nothing can be as special as when baby smiles. These unpredictable instants are so pleasant and what’s going to happen at the next moment is clueless to us. When burst mode is there, the possibility to capture these subjects increases. Also, these kinds of unexpected and precious moments can prove opportunistic when you are planning to begin your photography career and building your portfolio.


Part4: How to disable burst mode in iPhone

Sadly, there is no such availability to disable the iPhone burst mode. You can’t actually turn off the burst mode camera which is quite disappointing for the users. Therefore, be attentive while taking a selfie or any other photo as holding capture button beyond the expected time will unknowingly capture 20-30 images.

Final Verdict

That was all about burst photography and recording the best moment possible. iPhone has always made its impression for its exceptional features and stands out at all times. With its burst mode, one can fulfill their wish to catch the most excellent candid pose which normal photography can’t. Be it, moving leaves due to winds, water splashing or rainy view, the burst mode can help under any scenario. Although iPhone offers this burst image feature and no doubt it’s excellent, but if you are looking for professional photography, this will be not worthy enough. We would recommend you to switch to the motion camera to capture those professional shots.

We hope you had fun reading this article and took as much benefit as possible from it. Thanks for your precious time.

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