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Best 5 GIF to Video Converters Online [No Need to Download]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 13, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

GIFs or Graphics Interchange Format files are one popular type of animated image in interactions nowadays. However, it is not always supported on all platforms, for example Instagram.

Converting your GIF files to MP4 videos not only allows you to easily share videos across all digital platforms, but also reduces file size, making your newly converted clip even easier to upload and share. Fortunately, there are many third-party applications and online services designed for this purpose. But no installation and good compatibility with most browsers can be really big advantage of an online gif-to-video converter. You're no longer tied to your office or to the specific computer that has the software.

Here, we cover the main options that are available for online use.

In this article
    1. Online Converter
    2. EzGIF
    3. CloudConvert
    4. Convertio
    5. Adobe Express
  1. Pro Tip: Converting GIF to Video with a Desktop Solution

Best 5 GIF to Video Online Converters [Free Online Software Included]

We evaluated and tried many available tools to prepare this list to find the best GIF to video converter online. Finally, we compiled the top 5 options for you to try and detailed their uses, benefits, and prices.

1.Online Converter

Online Converter is one of the most usable online converter tools for various types of file-to-file conversion. It supports conversion services for various formats, including video and image formats. You can make further customizations using this, like controlling the speed, adding effects, or other images.

online converter

Ratings: 3.6 stars of 5 (TrustPilot)

Price: Free

Main Features:

  • Add the original file format easily and choose the output style.
  • Customize conversions for specific platforms/devices, like iPhones, Kindle, and Xbox.
  • Add effects like color gradation and blur to videos.
  • Easily include a custom watermark.
  • Accessible through browsers on any device type.
  • Simple interface and conversion categories for quick changes.
  • Multiple video formats are supported.
  • This GIF to video online converter only converts GIFs into WEBM video format.
  • Limited advanced functions are available.

Best For: Users who want a to-the-point, fast, and simple online tool for GIF to video conversion can use this tool.

2. EzGIF

This GIF to video converter online tool is one of the best in the market due to its high-quality and diverse functions. While you can only convert files under 50 MB in size, for GIFs, it is relatively suitable. You can freely access the app and get quick conversions daily.


Ratings: 100 out of 100 (Scam Detector)

Price: Free

Main Features:

  • Adjust the speed of the video file.
  • Rotate GIF files for the output file to prepare a smooth sequence.
  • Slit, merge, and cut the added files.
  • Add any file from the device for conversion, with no downgrade in quality during the output.
  • Other formats are supported, like MNG, APNG, and WebP.
  • You can add an image URL for conversions.
  • Quick conversions are possible.
  • Batch processing is not allowed.
  • You can add files under and upto 50 MB in size for conversion.

Best For: Regular users who want a simplistic and lightweight tool for various file conversions, like GIF to MP4, can use this.

3. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a high-quality online tool that people can try out for different conversion services. The platform works on different browser types and includes strong security algorithms for a secure user experience. You can easily add the file from your saved files on your device or cloud and handle the process within seconds to minutes.


Ratings: 4.5 stars of 5 (Capterra)

Price: Packages- USD 8 to USD 3,283 and Subscriptions- USD 8 to USD 2,314 per month per conversion minutes.

Main Features:

  • You can customize your plan subscription/package as per personal needs.
  • Start an unlimited number of concurrent conversions.
  • Include file for conversion from cloud storage, device, and URL.
  • Supports multiple third-party APIs for additional functioning.
  • High-priority customer support.
  • +200 file formats supported
  • The maximum time for processing the conversions per file is 5 hours each.
  • Payment is based on minutes per conversion and file and can get higher for heavier conversion.
  • Only 25 conversations are allowed per day for free.

Best For: Users who want to create multiple conversions simultaneously with no laggings can use this online tool.

4. Convertio

Convertio is a simple GIF to video online converter that users can easily try to change multiple GIF files into other files. With this online tool, users can expect an unlimited range of daily conversion minutes and a similar maximum conversion time limit for each file. Additionally, users can expect high-priority customer service here.


Ratings: 4.9 stars of 5 (Capterra)

Price: Light- USD 9.99/month, Basic- USD 14.99/month, Unlimited- USD 25.99/month

Main Features:

  • Customize the codec, aspect ratio, and other settings.
  • Multiple video formats are supported.
  • Add or drag-and-drop files from the device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • Include files up to 100 MB maximum file for conversion.
  • Works on various devices, like mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • Cloud-based operation.
  • Takes around 1-2 minutes on average to convert files.
  • Internet connection and a cloud account are required to store, convert, and share files.
  • Only 25 concurrent file conversions are allowed under the lowest plan.

Best For: Companies, professionals, and regular users needing quick, smooth, and ad-free GIF to video conversions can use this.

5. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a top-rated GIF to video converter online that people can use for various editing, video creation, and conversion processes. Schools can use this software for the students to access and train with content editing. There are diverse pre-set assets available for this.

adobe express

Ratings: 4.5 stars of 5 (Capterra)

Price: Free

Main Features:

  • Choose the type of content and use its pre-set format like social media posts, ads, banners, logos, etc.
  • Create custom files in video/image format.
  • Pre-set library of assets, like stock images, for editing.
  • Multiple formats are supported for output/input.
  • Multiple auto sign-in/login options, like mail, Facebook, and Apple ID, are available.
  • Access to a wide range of fonts.
  • Diverse pre-templates are available.
  • Adobe Stock library does not offer editorial/Premium features.
  • Video/webpage-based tools do not have access to a huge collection.

Best For: Professional-level video makers or schools can use this software for editing and file conversion uses/training.

Pro Tip: Converting GIF to Video with a Desktop Solution

While the online tools are usable, but, downloading effective software to your desktop or mobile device might be more accessible to you in the long run. For this, you can use a high-quality GIF to video desktop converter instead, namely Filmora 11. You can adjust various aspects like the speed, aspect ratio, background sound, and title. Also, you can merge multiple GIF files, trim clips, and export the file into different video formats, including MP4, AVI, etc.

The process for the conversion is the same on both Mac-based and Windows-based Filmora versions.

How to convert gif to video with Filmora?

Free Download
Free Download

01of 08Download, install, and then launch the Filmora software on your device.

02of 08Click on the “New Project” button on the home page.

click on new project

03of 08Press the “Click here to import media” area.

press click here to import media

04of 08Add GIF files that you hope to convert. You can add more than one GIF file.

add gif files to convert

05of 08Drag, hold and drop all files to the timeline at the lower section of the software.

drag all files to timeline

06of 08Click on the Edit icon and add more settings to the video if you want.

click on edit icon

07of 08After making all changes, click the Export button on top. Click on Local > MP4. Make your file export choices like saving location, name, etc.

click on export button

08of 08Press the Export button to download.

Final Words

Indeed, there are multiple online tools available for GIF to video conversion. Options like EzGIF, CloudConvert, and Convertio are highly user-friendly choices. For more advanced uses, you should try out Filmora software and prepare an intuitive and engaging video.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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