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Is Product Review Vlog Paid

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Every time I talk to a friend, they always ask me if everything I do on YouTube is paid? Or are the products that I’m doing a review is sponsored or paid?  So, in this article let’s talk about this most ask questions.

With more people looking to make extra money these days, many companies have taken advantage of this and pay people to test their products before sending them to market.

What you need to understand is that companies are only looking for certain people to test product not all are qualified but there are certain that is willing to do some product testing or product review vlog.

Being a paid product reviewer is now easier than ever before, but it does take a little work and sometime good timing to get the right opportunity. Not only does being paid product reviewer get you some extra money, but you also get free products too!

In this article
  1. What is Product Review Vlogs
  2. How to Get Paid to Review Products
  3. How Much is Product Reviewer Talent Fee

What is Product Review Vlogs

When you think of YouTube reviews, you tend to think of videos where the YouTuber lays out the details of the product, perhaps talks about the kind of use cases you would want it for, and maybe even compares it to similar products. In reality, review videos can be ridiculously over the top or unconventional. But nevertheless, gives the viewer all the information that a review would give.

Product Review or Product testing is a way for companies to get real user feedback on a product or service before pushing it to market. To do this, companies ship you a free physical product to use in exchange for a candid review. At the end of the testing period, they typically let you keep the item. Some might even pay you in cash. But in case-to-case basis, most company varies to pay content creator when the channel audience statistics are good.

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How to Get Paid to Review Products

You must have a channel that is stable in a sense with good statistics especially in the audience

There are companies that want you to have at least 1000 Subscribers on your YouTube channel and at least 1000 followers on Facebook page, Instagram and even TikTok account. Companies also choose YouTubers who they think can do what they want well. They also look at the audience statistic of the channel, from there they will also know what product they are offering and how much payment they can pay for the review.

One of the great things about YouTube, both as a source of income and as a creative outlet, is that there are so many ways to be successful.

This kind of work is not easy, especially when you’re doing a skin care products review there are times that the products is not suitable for your skin type, you can feel itchy and sore. So, you have to be very carefully in accepting products to review, do some research about the product ingredients, you know your skin type so it is easy for you to identified if it’s good for you or not. It’s not because you will receive free products and payment for review, immediately you will accept the offer, you must consider the product if its compatible to your skin because at the end of the day it’s your skin, it’s your channel who will sacrifice if you make a wrong decision.

The next universal thing you do is be honest with your viewers when making sponsored content.

This applies to YouTubers of all stripes, but even more so when we’re talking about YouTubers who review products. If you have been paid to do a particular review, regardless of whether the review is 100% honest and not flattering at all for the product, even if all the company did was send you a free product to do the review with and aren’t actually paying you, you need to tell your viewers.

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How Much is Product Reviewer Talent Fee

As a YouTuber, talent fee is the fee given by the companies when a person reviews their product. The payments depend on your channel status and other social media account.

Sometime companies ask you to cross posted your review to all your social media account because based on them there are also followers on social media that is not a subscriber. They also want a wide market for you to post their products.

As for the charging of the companies, it depends on you, if you think your skills in vlogging are enough, then you can ask for higher payment but if you think the price is reasonable for your hard work just go for it. The companies will still negotiate with you regarding the price so you should open to that and should level the price you charge to the company with your work. Sometime they also offer an ex-deal, meaning half of the payment is products then half of it is money. Example you ask for payment like 100$, 250$ of that is worth of all products and the another 250$ will pay thru your preferred bank. So, you will receive a lot of product amounting of the asking price. The question is, what will you do of those products? You can have it for your raffles or giveaways for your channel in that way you can attract more viewers and subscriber and you can also sell that to convert the products into cash. But also check the contract if that way is allowed, because sometimes companies also have restrictions regarding ex-deals. Remember to always read carefully the contract before signing so you won’t have any problem in the long run.

My Example of Rate Card

Rate of (Amount) for

  1. 1 YouTube Vlog about the product
  2. 1 IG repost of the YT Vlog (to be posted on feed)  cross-posted to Facebook
  3. 1 IG Story
  4. 1 TikTok Video

Things to Remember to do a Quality Product Review Vlog

In order for you to have paid product reviews you need to consider the following

Quality Videos

You need to make quality videos, because of course the companies don’t just look at the channel statistics, they also check if you make a video that approved to their standard. The video you make is will be used or posted to their website or other social media platform that is why work hard to make your video stand out to the company.

Perfect Equipment for Vlogging

Have at least the equipment for vlogging is good because of course it’s embarrassing for the company that you will receive payment and then the video is blurry and the audio is noisy. It’s about time to invest in the vlogging equipment if you receive such offer, that’s for the quality video’s sake. 

Quality Content

It’s not just the video only that are good, the content should also be well made, think about your work carefully so that you don’t embarrass the brand and your subscriber. It’s not just that you review a product on the channel, you should also think of other ways to create quality content be creative and wise in making good content. Remember there are a lot of Youtuber that same content as you.

Editing Software

In order to say that you have made quality content and quality video, when it comes to editing your work must be done well. There are people who are good at editing, they give so much time and effort to make their video creative to stands out to other channel.  As you know there are a lot of vloggers doing the same kind of content, so in order for you to stand out, you must put an effort to your editing.

Wondershare Filmora one of the most trusted video editing software when it comes to make quality videos. If you wish to perform 4k video editing on your computer then Filmora is an excellent choice. You can use the essential tools to cut, split or crop your videos, it lets you combine and add images, stickers and special effects. Filmora provides the means to add music, voice overs and sound effects to a clip. This features of Filmora will help you create a quality video for your product review channel.

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Free Download
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Product review videos are an excellent way to earn money through YouTube, in no small part because a love of the subject matter is not necessary for success. Honesty is perhaps more important than usual in for reviewers, however, since the risk of being caught lying is substantial. If it gets out that you are being dishonest in your reviews, you can essentially kiss goodbye to any hope of making money with product reviews on YouTube.

Just remember that companies are paying for your time and honest so they can bring products to public that are going to perform well, your input makes a difference for everyone not to mention you get free products and make extra money at the same time.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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