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13 Best Ways to Make Money on Reddit - No Experience Needed

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Feb 02, 23, updated Jul 12, 24

Reddit has over 36 million visitors daily. And if we sum up all the visitors from mobile and desktop, Reddit gets an average of 1.7 billion visitors every month. Hence, it offers tremendous potential to get your product or service seen.

Then, what does this exactly mean for you about how to make Money on Reddit?

It means that growing an income online is highly possible, meanwhile challenging. However, no worries at all! Here you're about to learn the fastest and easiest ways to make Money on Reddit.

In this article
    1. r/BeerMoney (Make a Quick Buck)
    2. r/forHire (Find a Job Online)
    3. r/WorkOnline (Learn Money-Making Skills)
    4. r/Freelance (Like Upwork and Fiverr, but Easier)
    5. r/HireAWriter (Become a Paid Writer)
    6. r/DesignJobs (Get Paid for Your Designs)
    7. r/ProgrammingTasks (Best for Skilled Programmers)
    8. r/QMEE (Easiest Way to Make Money)
    9. r/SlaveLabour (Find a Job Online Quickly)
    10. r/SignupsforPay (Sign Up and Earn Money)
    11. r/Startups (Discuss Startup Problems and Solutions)
    12. r/WallStreetBets (Become a Successful Trader)
    13. r/Jobs4Bitcoins (Get Paid in Crypto)
  1. How To Avoid Getting Scammed on Reddit
  2. Video Tutorial – How To Make Money On Reddit
  3. Make Money on Reddit FAQs

Best Subreddits for Making Money – 13 Recommendations

Subreddits are online communities within Reddit where users of common interests congregate. This allows you to find specific audiences where you can sell a unique product or offer a service.

Targeting a particular group of people based on their interests means eliminating many uninterested customers. Thus, you waste less time and less money in the process.

Here are the top 14 subreddits offering the highest potential to make money, especially for beginners.

1.    r/BeerMoney (Make a Quick Buck)

beermoney make money online

The word "Beer" in BeerMoney refers to making a few dollars on the side. This is excellent for inexpensive everyday needs, for example, beer. r/BeerMoney won't make you rich, but it can offer opportunities and ways to make Money on Reddit without too much work.

The main benefit of this subreddit is that it’s full of people who know different ways to make quick money on the side.

As you dive into the posts, you'll discover online money-making sites that only sometimes pop up on the first result of a Google search.

Consider this an advantage over so many others looking to make a quick buck.

r/BeerMoney moderators take care of their community. They have rules, making the subreddit more appropriate for new members. It currently has 1.1 million users. You’ll always find hundreds of them active at any time of the day.

2.    r/forHire (Find a Job Online)

redditors for hire

This subreddit gives users a chance to find paying gigs online. It's also a great place to find ongoing work that can even cover most of your living expenses.

This is a severe community with strict guidelines. There's an excellent chance to get banned if you abuse the rules and end up breaking most of them. However, because of the types of people this subreddit attracts, chances are also high to make money with their help.

In a word, r/forHire is a highly rated subreddit with hundreds of thousands of active members. Just stick to their guidelines and you’ll learn how to make extra money on Reddit in no time.

3.    r/WorkOnline (Learn Money-Making Skills)

find online jobs on reddit

This is a very useful subreddit where you can learn some new skills. Skills that will help you land a good-paying online job.

It's not a self-promotion subreddit. Attempting to promote your products or business will get you banned. So instead, use it to connect with its 450k+ members and learn as much as possible.

Unlike the clutter of Google and Youtube, subreddits like these only talk about certain topics. So, by using r/WorkOnline, you won't waste any time.

4.     r/Freelance (Like Upwork and Fiverr, but Easier)

freelancing subreddit

The r/Freelance subreddit is a massive source of knowledge for freelancers. It's the perfect place to learn about launching a successful freelance career.

Aside from its 300k+ active members, this subreddit has already answered tons of crucial questions. For example, you can read up on topics such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Finance
  • UpWork

In addition, this subreddit is perfect for guiding you if you're a beginner. You can always refer to it whenever you stumble upon a problem—for example, communication issues with a client.

5.    r/HireAWriter (Become a Paid Writer)

writing jobs on reddit

If you're a writer, this subreddit narrows it down and shows you the best writing jobs. It's among the best places online to find a writing job. Some consider it even better than UpWork or Fiverr.

This subreddit is simple. Employers post their jobs with precise requirements. Then, if you like it, you contact them and apply.

The BEST part about r/HireAWriter is that all hiring posts must include a pay rate. It's a rule that allows you to instantly see how much you'd get paid for a job.

And, even better, there's such a thing as minimum pay rates in this community. So, no shoddy work here that will waste your time.

6.    r/DesignJobs (Get Paid for Your Designs)

graphic designer jobs on reddit

Writing Isn't your strong suit? How about graphic design? Yes, there is a separate subreddit exclusive for designers and those in need of them.

This subreddit has several strict rules that allow skilled graphic designers to be appreciated.

For example:

  • It prohibits requesting free work
  • You won't find a job paying less than $20 per hour
  • Budgets and rates are required on all posts

Because of this, you will save time looking for a graphic design job. In addition, you can see how much the client is willing to pay and what they need. Easy and simple!

7.    r/ProgrammingTasks (Best for Skilled Programmers)

programming services and tasks on reddit

This is a similar subreddit to the previous two, but only for programmers. You'll likely find a job here if you have skills of any level.

The concept is also the same as with the previous subreddits. You can post that you're looking for a job or apply to already posted offers inside.

However, the rules here can be a bit stricter. You're only allowed to post one offer every twenty days. Anything more than that, and you get banned.

8.    r/QMEE (Easiest Way to Make Money)

survey answering subreddit

Here's a subreddit that's PERFECT for anyone without a particular money-making skill set. If that's you, don't worry. Learning is a lifetime thing.

So, QMEE offers people the chance to earn extra money on Reddit by doing simple tasks online - such as answering surveys.

All you must do is sign-up and start clicking away every time QMEE sends you a task to complete. Then, you collect your earnings and spend them in any way you wish.

It's that simple!

9.    r/SlaveLabour (Find a Job Online Quickly)

complete tasks for pay on reddit

This is a popular subreddit with close to 300k members. It is like a freelance site. Here, you can bid on various job offers, complete them, and get paid. Most payments will be low, but they are many and relatively easy to assemble.

It's tough to get scammed on r/SlaveLabour as well. The community has strict guidelines. However, if you follow them, you won't get scammed and will get paid.

Examples of a few types of jobs you can complete include:

  • Designing T-Shirts
  • Be someone's virtual assistant (VA)
  • Writing
  • Lead generation
  • Consultations
  • Guitar Lessons
  • and much more.

10.    r/SignupsforPay (Sign Up and Earn Money)

signups for pay subreddit

There is a high online demand for people willing to sign up for some subscriptions, programs, platforms, etc. The r/SignupsforPay subreddit collects most of them, so you can quickly go through them.

It has a community of thousands of members and is among the top 5% of subreddits in its category.

Your tasks here include accepting an offer and signing up for whatever they instruct you. Follow the community rules to avoid getting scammed, and you will earn some money.

11.    r/Startups (Discuss Startup Problems and Solutions)

a subreddit for new startup businesses

Here's a more severe and significantly larger subreddit compared to most here. r/Startups has a million members. Its purpose is to allow owners of startup businesses the opportunity to grow faster.

You can:

  • Share ideas
  • Find investors
  • Ask for advice
  • Attend weekly educational events
  • and more

The rules here are simple and flexible. It would help if you tried to be nice to everyone, avoid scamming people, and genuinely care about the community and their thoughts.

12.    r/WallStreetBets (Become a Successful Trader)

a subreddit for traders

If you want to learn new ways to make money on Reddit, this subreddit will introduce you to trading stocks.

It's a massive community of 13 million members. They have a Live Predictions feature where experts help you make more educated trades.

A few things to keep in mind about this subreddit:

  • No one will be responsible if you lose your money in trades. These things are never certain, and even experts lose when the odds are not in their favor.
  • Be careful who you listen to. Even though scammers get banned immediately here, you should double-check whose advice you want to listen to before making a trade.

13.    r/Jobs4Bitcoins (Get Paid in Crypto)

jobs paid with crypto on reddit

Finally, in a world where the money-making potential of crypto is soaring, here's a subreddit you can take advantage of.

r/Jobs4Bitcoins offers exactly what the title states - jobs that pay you in Bitcoin instead of good old dollar bills.

Well, payments for the jobs you complete here can also be done in other cryptocurrencies. So, in terms of available tasks, you can find the same jobs as many other subreddits.

The only difference is that the jobs you find here will pay you with crypto. And, if you're lucky, some cryptos have been known to increase greatly in price. So, the more cryptos you collect, the more money you can convert them into. If you're lucky!

A UNIQUE feature of this community is that you can request intermediaries for your transactions. Furthermore, they keep a public list of all their middlemen. So, it's impossible to get scammed.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed on Reddit

There's always a chance to get scammed with money, especially on the internet. However, following three simple rules can significantly reduce your chances of this.

  1. ALWAYS read the subreddit guidelines. And follow them to the point.
  2. Verify the person you're doing business with. Only do business with them if they're willing to share info or their socials.
  3. If it sounds WAY too good to be true, it's probably a scam. The point - be cautious.

Video Tutorial – How To Make Money On Reddit

Apart from what has been mentioned above, we also prepared a video to help you have a more overall outlook on Reddit. In this video, you can learn the basic concepts and ruled on Reddit, such as the working mechanism of Reddit, the Ads and so on.

And if you hope to have a deeper insight into the marketing on Reddit, we also prepared another good article for you:

5 Reddit Marketing Tips that Will Turn Beginners Into Experts

Make Money on Reddit FAQs

Does Reddit pay you for karma?

Reddit doesn't pay you for having more karma directly. Instead, having more karma offers you a chance to earn more money. It represents your value and contribution to the Reddit community. So, it helps you make extra Money on Reddit.

Can I create my own Reddit community for my brand?

Yes, you can create your own subreddit on Reddit where you can invite people to join and learn more about your brand. You can set the rules, create the guidelines, and be in control.

Can I add affiliate links on Reddit?

This can be a delicate subject when it comes to Reddit. Especially for a new account. Try to get at least 500 karma points and age your account a few months before posting affiliate links on Reddit. Also, do not spam them or you will get banned.

Can you get paid directly by Reddit?

No, Reddit doesn't pay its members for using the platform. It's just a place where users can meet, talk, and do business. You can find jobs that pay through Reddit but need help getting paid by Reddit.


Reddit offers endless opportunities to make money online. Unfortunately, it takes time to find the right subreddit to join. But if you keep digging and trying out new things, you'll find something you love and get paid for it.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 12, 24
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