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Pinnacle Studio 25 Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

Studio is a video editing program that is currently in its 25th version and has consistently gotten faster and more potent over time. The software's creator also creates the video editing program, with occupying the more expensive end of the market. It has top-notch editing features and effects including stop-motion video, multicam editing, and motion tracking that are targeted at hobbyists with near-professional skill levels. Thankfully, it doesn't have the challenging learning curve that comes with professional video editing software.

pinnacle studio 25

The current version's new features include 8K compatibility, intelligent object tracking, blend modes, and personalized audio noise reduction. Version 24's face motion tracking with mosaic blur, redesigned title editor, and enhanced keyframe controls are further recent feature updates. Version 23 before it brought several significant new features of its own, such as batch processing, clip nesting, animated GIF creation, color LUT presets, and selectable color vectorscopes.

In this article
  1. Will your PC handle Studio 25?
  2. What Blend Modes are there?
  3. What does Smart Tracking mean?
  4. What versions of Studio 25
  5. What are the benefits of Studio 25?

Will your PC handle Studio 25?

For UHD, multicam, or 360 video, you'll need an Intel Core i7 4th generation or later or AMD Athlon A10 or above. You'll also need at least 4GB RAM, with 8GB being suggested, and Windows 10 (64-bit).

To get started, you must first download a little installer stub application, after which the large full program is downloaded. You'll need a quick internet connection and lots of disk space because the download is over 2GB in size and the installation uses up 3.6GB of your hard drive. Of course, a large disk is necessary if you're editing 4K video. Additionally, MultiCam Capture Lite and MyDVD are installed by the installation.

When you launch the program for the first time, you're invited to the User Experience Improvement Program, which transmits anonymous usage data back to the firm; turning that off if you're not interested is simple. The Import option allows you to record and open media files, a dialog box informs you next.

It is simple to choose the forms of importing you require, whether it be from a DVD, computer folders, stop- motion, a snapshot, or a multicam, because import occupies the entire application window. The software supports 4K multimedia import, and you may star-rate and keyword-tag video during import to make it easier to find afterwards. By looking for specific words in the filename, the search bar also aids in locating content that hasn't been designated in this manner.

MultiCam Capture is one of the options in the Import mode. This launches a third-party application that enables you to record both your computer's screen and any attached or built-in webcams. You may start and stop recording using function keys, and the tool creates distinct, synchronized clips that you can add to your project bin. The editing interface in is attractive and versatile. It has a black and gray color scheme with flat, 2D icons. Project Bins are a feature of the program that let you save all the content for a certain movie project, including clips, images, and sound files but excluding effects and transitions.

What Blend Modes are there?

Because Blend Modes are so widely used in the business, it was always a somewhat odd that Studio didn't actually permit their use prior to this edition. Blend modes are actually a fantastic method to see what makes unique from the competition.

The majority of editing programs at this level often have three or four blend options that may be turned on or off, and then we are done. There are 16 distinct Blend Modes in Studio, each of which has fine intensity control and may also be fully keyframed.

You may merge masked regions, generate light bleeds, create overlaid effects, and many more color and exposure effects. Each Blend Mode combines the color and brightness values in a selected clip with the values in an underlying clip using a unique complicated formula.

What does Smart Tracking mean?

These days, motion tracking is a major deal, and any video editing software worth its salt either already has it or will be adding it shortly. The implementation in Studio is superb.

It includes smart masking capabilities that let you pick an item and precisely tweak the selection. The tracking option is automated for you, but it can take some time. If necessary, you have options to edit and fix the tracking later.

The ability to manipulate the backdrop and mask independently, together with the addition of color correction and other filters, is the next step in developing really original appearances. You can totally eliminate the backdrop with more sophisticated choices, add text layers, or even duplicate the masked object. It's an effective tool that performs as promised and as anticipated.

Speaking of masks, those tools have been improved to make object selection simpler. You can now create the best masks using both raster and vector forms. It's a brilliant idea to use a mask to track an object, as was indicated before. We enjoyed playing around with that function.

What versions of Studio 25

There are three versions of Studio: Studio, Studio Plus, and Studio Ultimate. All of them let you work in 8K, albeit the first two have some restrictions. The Ultimate version was examined. Studio, for example, has some color correction capabilities, simple 2-camera editing for multi-camera work, and keyframe controls but only allows you to work over six tracks.

With 24 tracks, 4 cameras in multi-camera mode, basic motion tracking features, blend mode, an advanced audio editor, and batch processing, Studio Plus ups the ante. Alpha channel support, Smart Object Tracking, 360 Video Editing, and Video Masking are all included in Ultimate.

What are the benefits of Studio 25?

There were already some decent audio editing features in Studio. The audio part of the timeline may already be expanded, and you could do a lot of your work there, such as adjusting the audio of each layer or switching on keyframing to regulate the levels over time.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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