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SRT to SUB: How to convert SRT to SUB with 3 Actionable Ways

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 07, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In spite of the widespread compatibility of SRT, one situation still exists that SRT subtitles are not supported and thus do not play on your selected device like in MicroDVD and others.

If you too are stuck in a similar situation, no need to worry as converting your SRT files to SUB format will make your subtitles compatible with your player. So, what kind of tools can help you achieve this?

In the article parts below, we will help you to know about the best 3 ways by which you can easily and quickly convert SRT files to SUB subtitles files. Keep reading till the end.

In this article
    1. BetterConverter
    2. Subtitle Fix
    3. MConverter
    1. Subtitle Edit
    2. BatchSubtitlesConverter
    3. Subtitle Workshop
  1. Editing the Styling of SRT subtitles before Converting to. Sub

Solution 1: Convert SRT to SUB with Online FREE Converters

Online tools are a great choice for users who are in search of programs that do not require any software download or installation. With these tools, you can directly work from the browser and most of them are also free to use. Below, we have shortlisted the popular 3 online tools to convert SRT to SUB.

1. BetterConverter

This is a simple-to-use online tool that can quickly convert your local srt files to sub subtitle format. The process is fast and no registration for the tool is needed.


Steps for SRT SUB conversion

Step1 Open and click on the BROWSE button to add the locally saved SRT file. Alternatively, you can also enter subtitles in the Input space provided.

Step2 Click on the CONVERT button for the program to start the conversion process.

Step3 Once the file is converted it will automatically save to your system.

  • Simple to use online tool.
  • Allows to browse and add the file or input the subtitle.
  • The converted SUB file is automatically saved to the local device.
  • Files up to 10MB can be added.
  • Limited format support.
  • No support for additional features.


Better Converter is an excellent tool for simple SRT to SUB conversion in a hassle-free manner.

2. Subtitle Fix

This online tool allows you to perform an array of subtitles-related tasks like merging subtitles, conversion of formats, expanding and narrowing the subtitles, and more.

Supported OS: Windows and Mac


Steps to convert SRT to SUB

Step1 Open and click on Choose File button to browse and add the SRT file to be converted.

Step2 Choose the rate/fps as desired from the drop-down menu.

Step3 If needed, you can enable the option of removing the HTML tag.

Step4 Finally, click on the SEND button to start the conversion process.

  • Support to a wide range of subtitle-related tasks like conversion, merging, adjusting the timing, and more.
  • The converted file is automatically downloaded to the local device after the process.
  • Conversion is supported only between SRT and SUB formats.
  • Only one file at a time can be converted.
  • A stable internet connection is needed.


For simple SRT to SUB conversion along with support for additional subtitle-related tasks, this works as a great tool.

3. MConverter

Use this online tool to convert SRT files to SUB in bulk. The interface is simple and the process is fast. You can also convert your files to txt and smi format.


Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Steps for conversion

Step1 Open and click on the Browse button to add the SRT file. You can even drop or paste the file to the interface. The option to add the folder is also there.

Step2 Next, choose sub as the desired target format.

Step3 The tool will start the conversion process and the converted SUB file can be then downloaded and saved to the local device or the desired folder.

  • Support for batch processing and conversion of SRT files to SUB and other formats.
  • The entire folder can be added at a time for the process.
  • In the case of bulk files, all converted files can be saved to the local device with one click.
  • The free version support converting a maximum of 100MB files. For larger files, you need to upgrade to the Premium version.
  • Annoying ads on the site.
  • Internet dependency.


Converting SRT files to SUB in bulk is simple and quick using this online tool that supports conversion to an array of other file types and formats as well.

Solution 2: Get SUB file from SRT Subtitles with third-party Translators Software

Online tools are undoubtedly simple and free tools but they come with their own share of limitations like internet dependency, limited features, restricted size, and more. So, for the users who want to avoid these limitations third-party translators’ software is available.

srt to sub conversion

These full-fledged desktop programs need to be downloaded and installed on your system after which they can be used for subtitle translation and other supported functions.

Check the popular tools in this category below.

1. Subtitle Edit

This is a free and open-source tool that is majorly known for its subtitle editing feature and supports an array of additional tasks including the conversion of subtitles from one format to the other. The software also works as an excellent subtitle creator and can also be used for subtitle translation and syncing. Support for around 30 languages makes this tool popular among people across the globe.

subtitle edit

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Steps for conversion

Step1 Download, install, and run the Subtitle Edit software on your system.

Step2 Next, open the desired SRT subtitle file using the program.

Step3 At the File menu, choose the Save option and then select the desired file name and Sub rip as the file type. Click on the Save button to finally save the file.

  • Free and open-source tool
  • Support to a wide range of subtitle editing and other tasks.
  • Allows converting SRT to SUB and other formats.
  • Interface supported in multiple languages.
  • With too many features, the interface looks confusing and cluttered.
  • Need to spend time working with the tool for quick processing.


If you are in search of a feature-packed tool that is also free to use, this is just the right choice.

2. BatchSubtitlesConverter

Another popular name in the list is BatchSubtitlesConverter which is a handy program allowing you to convert subtitles format. As the name suggests, the program supports batch processing where multiple subtitle files can be converted at a time.


Supported OS: Windows

Steps for conversion

Step1 Launch the installed software on your system and then browse and add the desired SRT files. You can even drag and drop the files to the interface.

Step2 If needed, file customization can also be done by encoding the file and editing the frame rate.

Step3 Choose the output format as a subfile. Click on the Convert button to start the file processing.

  • Support to an array of subtitle formats.
  • Batch conversion of subtitles supported.
  • Allows to encode and set the frame rate of the file as needed.
  • Only support Windows system.
  • The free version supports limited conversion. For the full program, you need to upgrade to a paid version.


When you have multiple SRT files to be converted to SUB format, this Windows-based tool will surely come in handy.

3. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is another simple yet feature-rich free-to-use tool that supports more than 60 subtitle formats for creating, opening, editing, as well as conversion purpose. The user-friendly interface available in multiple languages makes the tool popular among users.

subtitle workshop

Supported OS: Windows

Steps for conversion

Step1 Install and launch the software on your system and then open the desired SRT file.

Step2 Edit the file using the supported features as per your requirements.

Step3 Use Save as option to save the added srt file as a sub file.

  • Support batch conversion of SRT files to SUB and other subtitle formats.
  • Allows editing the subtitle files.
  • Allows to edit FPS and also enables an Exhaustive format check feature.
  • Available only for the Windows system.
  • Initially, the tool might look complicated with multiple features.


To open, edit, as well as convert subtitles in over 60 formats can be done using this Windows-based tool.

Editing the Styling of SRT subtitles before Converting to. Sub

In several situations, you would need to edit and style the SRT subtitles before they can be converted to the SUB format. To help you get this task done effortlessly we recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best software. Workable on all the latest Windows and Mac systems, the software is a complete video toolbox that is known for its support for a wide range of additional features including SRT subtitle editing.

The simple and quick interface of the software lets you perform several SRT editing tasks like editing the timecode, changing the subtitles, adding, removing, and merging the subtitle strips, changing the style of the subtitle, and more. Using the software, you can even convert speech to text and text to speech.

wondershare filmora

Steps to edit SRT subtitles using Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download, install, and open the software on your system and then add the SRT file from the Media resource area.

new project created for srt

Step2 Next, you need to right-click on the time and then choose the Advanced Edit option. You can also double-click on the selected SRT file.

wondershare filmora srt edit

Step3 In this step, you can perform various SRT editing actions like editing the time code, changing the subtitles, changing the style, merging the subtitle strip, and more.

wondershare filmora srt files editing

Step4 Next, choose the SRT file on the timeline, right-click the same and then choose the Export Subtitle File option.

wondershare filmora srt files exporting

Final Words

If you are facing issues opening and playing SRT subtitle files on your device, converting them to the SUB format will work as a simple and straightforward solution. In the above parts of the topic, we have discussed different ways and tools for converting SRT files to SUB. Choose the method that is easy, quick, and matches your requirements.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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